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Default Mumbai -> Marwar, Rajasthan. 3200 kms, 13 days in an XUV500

Trip Summary
Route: Mumbai – Vadodara – Mt Abu – Jodhpur – Bikaner – Jaisalmer – Vadodara – Mumbai
Days: 13 days
Distance: 3,200 kms
Vehicle: Mahindra XUV 5OO W8

Route Summary
23-Nov-13: Mumbai to Vadodara – 420 kms; 8 hours (1 stop of 1 hr and 1.5 hrs of delay in traffic, see detailed section); NH 8 (Chembur-Thane-Virar-Vapi-Valsad-Navsari-Surat-Bharuch-Karjan-Vadodara; Just following the NH8 and bypassing all the towns mentioned); Overnight at Vadodara
24-Nov-13: Overnight at Vadodara
25-Nov-13: Vadodara to Mt Abu – 390 kms; 8 hours (Sightseeing around Gandhinagar/Sabarmati for about 3 hours); NE1, GJ SH41 and NH14 (Vadodara-Ahmedabad via Expressway-Gandhinagar-Sabarmati-Mehsana-Palanpur-Abu Road-Mt Abu); Overnight at Mt Abu
26-Nov-13: Mt Abu to Jodhpur – 360 kms; 10 hours (Deviation for Ranakpur with sightseeing of 2.5 hours); NH 14, NH 162 Ext, MDR 40, NH 65 (Mt Abu-Sirohi-Khiwandi-Falna-Ranakpur-Sadri-Nadol-Pali-Jodhpur); Overnight at Jodhpur
27-Nov-13: Overnight at Jodhpur
28-Nov-13: Jodhpur to Bikaner – 270 kms; 6 hours (Deviation for Osian with sightseeing of 2 hours); SH 61, MDR 37 and NH 89 (Jodhpur-Mandore-Osian-Panchori-Nokha-Bikaner); Overnight at Bikaner
29-Nov-13: Overnight at Bikaner
30-Nov-13: Bikaner to Sam Sand Dunes (Jaisalmer) – 375 kms; 6 hours (Sightseeing around Gajner for about 1 hour); NH 15 (Bikaner-Gajner Lake-Phalodi-Pokhran-Jaisalmer-Sam Sand Dunes); Overnight at Sam Sand Dunes
1-Dec-13: Overnight at Jaisalmer
2-Dec-13: Overnight at Jaisalmer
3-Dec-13: Jaisalmer to Vadodara – 650 kms; 11 hours (2 stops of 45 mins each for breakfast and lunch); NH 15 and NE 1 (Jaisalmer-Barmer-Sanchore-Palanpur-Mehsana-Ahmedabad-Vadodara); Overnight at Vadodara
4-Dec-13: Overnight at Vadodara
5-Dec-13: Vadodara to Mumbai – 430 kms; 8 hours (1 stop of 1 hr and 1 hr of delay in traffic); NH 8 (Vadodara-Bharuch City-Ankaleshwar City-Surat-Navsari-Valsad-Vapi-Virar-Thane-Chembur)

The next section provides greater detail about our trip including our daily adventures.


Day 1: 23 November 2013 (Saturday)
Drive: Mumbai to Vadodara
Start time: 6.45 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH8
Total toll paid: Rs. 435
Average Speed: 51 kmph (including breaks); 73 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 420 kms

The kickoff to the Rajasthan trip; we are passing through (and spending a couple of nights in) Vadodara, to stay at our aunt’s place. Given that I had never driven more than ~250kms in a single day, and never did so much driving for so many consecutive days, we were apprehensive. We made some ground rules: No driving after 8pm; will not try to be Superman and drive ahead when tired; will let RC drive once in a while to take a break; she will not sleep when I drive; and will not get annoyed and shout when someone else drives rashly. J

That set, we started from Chembur at around 6.45 am, took the Eastern Express Highway and exited Mumbai via Thane. This is a slightly longer route than through the Western Express Highway (and exit through Dahisar), but given my preference to avoid western suburb traffic as much as I can, it had to be Thane.

The roads were great, mostly 4 and 6 lane; traffic was not much, and it was mostly trucks on the road. We found the favourite folder for music and before long, we were on to our first break at a food plaza just near Valsad (Sugar and Spice, quite big, difficult to miss given that it has signage from about 20 kms ahead).

Everything was a song till we crossed Surat, reached Bharuch area, and there seemed to be a big jam on the Sardar Bridge. A passerby said that the road is jammed for the next 10 kms, and we laughed it off (later realisation: joke’s on us!). After spending half hour, and inching forward less than 1 km (no jokes), we asked a truck driver if there was a deviation somewhere. The only deviation possible was to drive on the wrong side (of the National Highway), and there was a gap in the divider some few hundred meters ahead. Cutting the long story short, we missed it. More enquiries off the peanut vendors, and we found out that the divider was broken some 2 kms ahead, and we could make our escape there. Another half hour spent, and we took the right turn, drove wrong side for about 20 mins, and hit normal roads again.

From what the locals said, and how many other smart cars took the wrong side upfront, this seemed to be a daily phenomenon. We were amazed that something this crazy was not covered earlier on travel forums / missed entirely by us. (It was missed by us, by a wide margin. I saw multiple references to this jam, and suggestions to go via Ankaleshwar after the return; one even on Facebook!) It was easily over 1,000 trucks on the road (we were in such a shock, we didn’t even click pictures), and they were just standing there; moving 100 meters every 10 minutes.

But post this, the roads were silk again. We reached Vadodara, and did some sightseeing in the evening, also spent the next day there with my aunt’s family. On the whole, super excited about what’s to come.

Sights seen (in Vadodara): Sur Sagar Lake, Mangal Market, ISCKON temple
Star attraction: EME Temple

Day 3: 25 November 2013 (Monday)
Drive: Vadodara to Mount Abu
Start time: 7.45 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NE1, GJ SH41 and NH14
Total toll paid: Rs. 340
Average Speed: 47 kmph (including breaks); 74 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 857 kms

This was really the first leg of our journey since Vadodara was almost like staying at home – we wanted to leave as early as possible, were thinking around 6am. But aunt said breakfast, and who am I to say no? J We ended up leaving around 7.30am, took the Vadodara-Ahmedabad highway and zoomed our way down to Amdavad. I realise one can’t tell a story about this road, it is straight, no bumps and you’re there even before the mood is set.

Crossing a couple of tolls, we bypassed the Ahmedabad city, went to Gandhinagar instead. Our first scheduled stop was Akshardham Temple. But the temple is closed on Mondays! We were turning around, and saw this big temple looming in the background. Went there instead, and it was the first beautiful Jain temples to be seen on this trip – it was empty and it was beautifully constructed. And it also taught me that wearing shorts means no entry into the actual temple premises. While I roamed about the premises, RC went in and came out all amazement.

More excitement followed: we were driving back towards the next stop (Mahatma Mandir, curiosity won, after seeing about 1,000 direction boards for the place). I was driving, RC was trying to click a picture of the Akshardham premises from the passenger seat. We were asked to stop by a gentleman who called out to his colleagues “shooting ho raha hai idhar”! And to think that we didn’t even have a DSLR! After a smattering of broken-stringed Gujarati from me, after noting down our names, address and vehicle number, and after asking us if we were carrying any guns, we were let go with a warning that no pics are to be clicked of the temple.

Camera was promptly put into the bag. Mahatma Mandir was a convention center in making, and we didn’t even get down from the car. Next stop was Sabarmati. It was wonderful. The pictures of Mahatma you may find on Google, but the place has a feel to it. It really does.

On the way from Sabarmati to Mount Abu, following a small detour, is the stairwell of Adalej. We found it quite by mistake, and what a place! Beautifully carved stone pillars, layer by layer, done up in such symmetry that you can see the various levels standing on the staircase. It was beautiful. Going by the number of visitors, it was rather less popular for how beautiful it was. There was just a group of college students who are at a stage where going to new places equates to getting new profile pictures for Facebook J

After Adalej, we took the GJ SH41 and hit NH 14 after that. Till we exited Gujarat, we bypassed towns (big ones: Mehsana and Palanpur), there was intermittent traffic but nothing to stop an average speed of close to 100kmph. And once the NH starts, it was just so pretty! Roads which seem to extend to eternity and on which I wouldn’t mind driving for as long.

We got confused between Google Maps and our car’s navigation and missed the turn to Abu Road; used the old fashioned way to get directions: asked someone. Started the drive up to Mount Abu around 2.45pm; reached the top around 3.30pm.

Instead of spending time looking for a hotel, we went straight to Dilwara, as we were told the temple closes by 6pm. Dilwara is beautiful. Exceedingly beautiful. I had come here in the past, but it was RC’s first time and she was quite the Alice in wonderland. It was almost like they knew how to turn marble to clay: the statues, the many grooves on the structure are so intricate; like someone put thread in a needle and ran the designs through on a cloth. We spent a while in the temple. It wasn’t crowded at all; although it looked like a school picnic was happening there.

In contrast, the sunset point was too crowded; we got there just about in time to catch the sun go down. From there it was hotel; we ended up at the same hotel I had stayed in some 5 years back, and the same room too! Walked down to Nakki Lake from there in the night; it had a Matheran-like vibe to it, but it was much cooler (for the lack of a better word), and chillier (in the true sense). It was extremely relaxed, despite all the hawkers and the stores selling everything from everywhere.
Hit the bed pretty soon. Tomorrow would be to Jodhpur.

Sights seen: Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham Temple’s gate, Adalej ni vav (all in Ahmedabad / Gandhinagar),Nakki Lake, Dilwara, Sunset Point (in Mount Abu)
Star attraction: Dilwara, Mount Abu and Adalej ni vav

Day 4: 26 November 2013 (Tuesday)
Drive: Mount Abu to Jodhpur
Start time: 9.45 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH 14, NH 162 Ext, MDR 40, NH 65
Total toll paid: Rs. 85
Average Speed: 37 kmph (including breaks); 50 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 1,265 kms

RC was sceptical about going up to Gurushikhar, given that it was absolutely off the route to Jodhpur. We went, nevertheless, 17 km uphill from Mount Abu on a road that is as curvy as anybody’s favourite Bollywood heroine J. The views on the drive itself made up for going: gorgeous tree shades and the sky a never-seen-before shade of blue. If we ever needed confirmation that the trip was a good idea, and we should do more of the kind; we got a thumping one here.
Given it was still very early, there was practically none else on the top, we stayed there for some time, taking in all the gorgeousness. And then down, quick poha and samosa at a still in Mount Abu and off to Jodhpur.

We got a lot more traffic than any other day so far; many 4-lane roads were blocked on one side for construction/widening; rendering them 2-lane. And there were so many trucks; speed suffered a lot. And as luck always has it, the traffic just increased suddenly everytime RC took the steering. She got all sorts of hyper (and got short with me; which wife doesn’t?) by the time we were some 200 kms away from Jodhpur; about 12.30pm by then. We were referring to our to-see list in Jodhpur, and noted that Ranakpur must be on the way now. Given the short-ness of tempers then, we weren’t sure if we should take the fairly long diversion and go there.

We went, thankfully. It was ~60 km after taking a right from NH 14, but what a place, what a place! It is beautiful beyond words. Probably 3 times the size of Dilwara; and that much more spectacular. Nothing I write can equal how the grandness of the place can stun; if I had to pick one place in our trip where human skill created something that can breath away, it would be this.

We weren’t clear about which way to take to Jodhpur from here; a taxi driver there mentioned a new mega highway, which is so new even tolling didn’t start. Asked us to go via Nadol; we got to Nadol no sweat; but the roads kept getting narrower and we passed primarily through settlement areas and not highways. And then we were stopped by police for checking; apparently there was increased patrolling since the Rajasthan state elections were so close. They checked for weapons again (none, except wife); and we asked one of the checking men for the road to Jodhpur. He asked us to take the Mega Highway; what’s more: rode his bike for 20 minutes through one-lane paths, with some peacocks by fields, to lead us to the entrance of the highway.

The Mega highway was a cool stretch, smooth roads, no traffic. By the time we hit the NH, however, it was getting dark; and the unpleasantness of 2-lane roads with lot of truck traffic came back. After crossing Pali, Google said we were passing by Bullet Baba Mandir. We stopped over and it was time for aarti. It was a colourful thing, with people wearing multi-hued safas were doing the aarti, and loud drum beat. The story of Bullet Baba may sound bizarre for a non-believer, even a non-native for the region; but the following somewhat belies the doubts.

By now it was really dark; we were still on a 2-lane road (actually 4-lane, of which half was blocked for construction work), and the traffic only got heavier. What’s worse, the lights of every oncoming vehicle were on high beam and practically blinded by eyes. Easily the worst way to drive. We re-agreed that we will not drive after dark; after today.

Reached Jodhpur around 7.30pm; checked into a hotel, near the Clock Tower. It was a scare putting the XUV into the hotel’s slightly narrow entrance; asked one of the drivers to do it. Dinner in the hotel; lovely views of the golden-hued Mehrangarh Fort from the terrace. Sense of accomplishment on having driven safely in near-blinded state.

Sights seen: Gurushikhar (Mount Abu), Ranakpur Temple; Bullet Baba Mandir
Star attraction: Points 1 and 2 above.

Day 5: 27 November 2013 (Wednesday)
Drive: None
Sightseeing in Jodhpur

Loved Mehrangarh fort, with all the glitz. It is exceptionally well-kept, huge and the various jharokhas, and views atop the fort were fantastic. Surprising that Jaswant Thada was so deserted; RC had been here a few years back, and says it was deserted even then.

Personal opinion: Umaid Bhawan Palace is overrated. It is a hotel now, and why should one go to gawk at a hotel? Unless one wants to see the Royal family’s self-advancing photos and commentary.
Markets around Clock Tower were fun; although the prices in some of the stores we checked were ridiculous. Wife did some shopping, nothing major. We walked into multiple restaurants around there, looking for the best views. Came back to Pal Haveli’s restaurant as it was easily amongst the best.

Sights seen: Mehrangarh Fort, Jashwant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Clock Tower
Star attraction: Mehrangarh Fort

Day 6: 28 November 2013 (Thursday)
Drive: Jodhpur to Bikaner
Start time: 9.15 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: SH 61, MDR 37 and NH 89
Total toll paid: Nil
Average Speed: 43 kmph (including breaks); 64 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 1,535 kms

We wanted to stop at Osian on the way, and left Jodhpur after a decent breakfast, around 9.30am. One hour drive to Osian – a couple of temples. I won’t spend too much time talking about them; Ranakpur changed my views about spectacular. What was nice though was walking through the village from one temple to the other. We also wanted to check out a couple of desert camps near Osian, and spent about an hour driving around. The camps we saw were just a few mounds of sand, and tufts of grass; and were not dunes by any stretch of imagination. Decided not to spend a night here, off to Bikaner.

Funny thing was Google maps offered a route which was about 70 kms shorter than the one in our car’s GPS said. We decided to go with Google. Even now when I think about it, don’t know how it could have happened, but Google made us go in loops! And the car GPS was going berserk, showing a distance which was just insane. We asked around for the road to Panchori (since that was the point Google Maps was leading to), took roads which we weren’t sure would lead anywhere, which looked like potential dead-ends, through what looked like path between fields.

Once we got to Panchori, Google and the GPS seemed back on track, led us via Nokha to Bikaner. A point aside: try plotting Nokha on a GPS device, looks like the town is super-planned/organised, with lanes neatly falling into intersecting and perpendicular blocks (uncanny resemblance to Chandigarh).
Reached Bikaner around 3.30pm. The in-town traffic was worse than Mumbai, probably. Checked into a hotel, stayed in, dinner on the roof, early to bed.

Sights seen: Mahavir Temple and Sachiya Mata Temple (in Osian)
Star attraction: Walking through Osian

Day 7: 29 November 2013 (Friday)
Drive: None
Sightseeing in Bikaner

Loved the Junagarh fort a little more than Mehrangarh. We hired an auto (as we did in Jodhpur) to go around the town, which proved to be a great idea this time (not so much in Jodhpur). After lunching on gatta and sangri, we went to Deshnoke (the rat temple), where RC didn’t step into the temple at all. Next stop was the Camel research centre, which was fun and a must visit. Then the auto guy took us through the 5 feet wide roads in the old markets of Bikaner; took us to a couple of temples, an unoccupied haveli. And some local stories thrown in too.

After some shopping (papad, bhujia, suhali, sangri, mangodi.. see the drift? Only food), reached the hotel and called it a night.

Sights seen: Junagarh fort, Lalgarh Palace, Deshnoke temple, Camel research centre, Old market, Rajpuria haveli, Lakshminarayan temple, Jain temple
Star attraction: Junagarh Fort

Day 8: 30 November 2013 (Saturday)
Drive: Bikaner to Sam Sand Dunes
Start time: 9.45 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH 15
Total toll paid: Nil
Average Speed: 65 kmph (including breaks); 79 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 1,910 kms

Left Bikaner after breakfast, stopped at Gajner Palace for a quick tour; especially since it is not very off the NH to Jaisalmer. The entrance fee is slightly on the higher side (Rs.250 per person, includes chai/ coffee/ soft drink), but we rather liked the place. Saw some owls, peacocks and various other birds and a couple of antelopes (or may just be tall deer, or thin cows, I don’t know) on the grounds. The place is also a hotel, but unlike Umaid Bhawan, I thought this place is somewhat a tourist spot too still; there was a guide with us who walked us through a couple of rooms and then left us alone with tea.

The drive till Jaisalmer was uneventful but pleasant, because of how good the roads were; no dividers, dead straight with hardly any curves, leave aside turns. It was both stretches of 2-lane and 4-lane roads, but they were well kept, and we didn’t see too much traffic. There were a couple of big potholes in the middle of the road though, which practically jump out of nowhere. The car’s suspension was successfully tested a bit there.

We didn’t stop in Jaisalmer city, and drove straight to Sam Sund Dunes, where we planned to spend a night. And the drive was a beauty! Roads which go up and down like dunes themselves, roads which look like a long pattern made in black on beige velvet. We ended up driving off road, just to click pictures. I did all sorts of posing with the car J

Reached the camp around 3.30pm; we checked into one of the desert camps, which was slightly off the highway, with no other camp near-by. Quickly went for a camel safari, which lasted for over an hour; watched the sunset from the dunes. Came back to the camp for dinner and some desi (folk) naach gaana; off to bed. Plans for a jeep safari tomorrow morning, to watch the sunrise.

Sights seen: Gajner Palace and Lake, Sam Sand Dunes
Star attraction: The drive to Sam

Day 9: 1 December 2013 (Sunday)
Drive: Sam to Jaisalmer
Start time: 11.00 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH 15
Total toll paid: Nil
Average Speed: Not applicable, it was a leisure drive
Odo reading: 2,050 kms

We had made an agreement with our camel mahout yesterday, for a drive on the sand dunes early in the morning, and catching the sun rise there. An experience that is hugely different from watching the sunset there: at 6.30am, we were the only people as far as we could see. The driver of the jeep ran us down the dunes (dune bashing eh) in near-perpendicular fashion, and it was absolutely awesome! I cadged a drive, and promptly got the tyres stuck in sand.

We spent more than an hour on the dunes there; came back to the camp via a couple of desert villages. Going to Tanot (the farthest point they’ll allow civilians to) was a possibility, but we thought we’d rather go back to Jaisalmer.

Left the camp around 11am, went to Kuldhara (a cursed village, according to legend) on the way – spooky stories notwithstanding, the place is just ruins, really. Also went to Khaba fort, also skippable.
After checking into our hotel, headed straight to the Jaisalmer Fort. If I could stay at a place for a week at stretch; this would be it. No more need be said.

Sights seen: Sam, Kuldhara, Khaba Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Tazia Tower
Star attraction: Jaisalmer Fort

Day 10: 2 December 2013 (Monday)
Drive: None
Sightseeing in Jaisalmer

We stayed in Jaisalmer; went back to the Fort area, the famous (and stunning) havelis; wrapped up shopping (we did some yesterday too).

Decided the next time we come here, we’ll stay somewhere inside the Fort complex, and not beyond the city boundary (like this time). It is really the quaintness of walking in those cobbled streets of the fort that is the charm of this place. There is an inexplicable sort of buzz, things catch your eye , like these bedsheets, one feels light, somehow. It isn’t neat (not by any stretch of kindness), but it is surely something!

Sights seen: Patwon ki Haveli, Nathmal ji ki Haveli, Salam Singh ji ki Haveli, Gadisar Lake
Star Attractions: Patwon ki Haveli and Gadisar Lake

Day 11: 3 December 2013 (Tuesday)
Drive: Jaisalmer to Vadodara
Start time: 6.45 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH 15 and NE 1
Total toll paid: Rs. 210
Average Speed: 58 kmph (including breaks); 67 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 2,765 kms

This was the longest single-day distance on our trip and an endurance test for both us and the car. Before we left Mumbai the plan was to stop in Palanpur / Mount Abu / Abu Road and reach Vadodara the following day. But with the confidence of having done fine so far, we decided to go the whole distance.

Our first stop was at Barmer; for breakfast at a hotel on the highway. The roads were mostly 2-lane, but were very good nevertheless. Kept going after about 45 mins’ breakfast break in Barmer; reached Sanchore, soon after which we entered Gujarat. End of Rajasthan also meant adieu to camels, cows, sheep and any other flocks crossing the road / grazing on the road side / ambling along on the road. Adds to the experience, that.

Entry into Gujarat also meant more vehicular traffic, although the roads were all 4-lane. We were good till Palanpur, after which there was more traffic. Worsened considerably after Mehsana, and particularly in the roads reaching Ahmedabad; even on the expressway the number of vehicles were probably triple the number we say when we took on the way to Mount Abu.
Reached Vadodara around 5.30; aunt’s place by 6pm. Phew!

Next day spent with my aunt’s family.

Day 13: 5 December 2013 (Thursday)
Drive: Vadodara to Mumbai
Start time: 7.30 am
Roads / NHs / SHs taken: NH 8
Total toll paid: Rs. 435
Average Speed: 55 kmph (including breaks); 74 kmph (only driving time)
Odo reading: 3,195 kms

Back to pavilion. Cutting to the chase: we were wary of the Bharuch stretch; kept saying ‘aayega, aayega, dekhna’; and we got stuck in it again! What looked like an innocuous hold up was actually THE jam, and we were stuck.

20 odd minutes of being stuck, and we managed to take the right off the highway into the city; to take the Golden Bridge. When the cop standing at the entrance of the bridge made some hand gestures we didn’t get what he meant; then he pushed the rear view mirror shut with his hand. Hurt me; automatic ones, why shove it so, I thought grudgingly. Then I saw the size of the bridge. 2 SUVs side-to-side, and there probably wouldn’t be place for air to pass through. No jokes.

The bridge lasts between 10-15 minutes, amidst bated breath @ 15-20 kmph. Once out, it was all good again. Traffic kept increasing as we got closer to Mumbai; more than 5 minute jams even before we hit Virar. Took the route via Thane, home by 3.30pm.

And we are home with over 3,000 photographs to show and a million stories to tell. Some of which I have taken the liberty to post here. Hope you’d find it useful in reminiscing about your last one, or planning the next one J

Happy to respond to any specific query or general feedback.

PS: Most of the credit for the writing above goes to RC, my lovely wife.

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Default re: Mumbai -> Marwar, Rajasthan. 3200 kms, 13 days in an XUV500

it would be great if you can share some snaps, along with accomodation details at Jaisalmer and Sam dunes.
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Default re: Mumbai -> Marwar, Rajasthan. 3200 kms, 13 days in an XUV500

Originally Posted by ADI_77 View Post
it would be great if you can share some snaps, along with accomodation details at Jaisalmer and Sam dunes.
There are multiple options for stay in Sam sand dunes, we stayed at a camp called - Winds Desert Camp. This was the only camp which was secluded and away from most of the others. You may want to refer to the review - http://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserRe...n.html#REVIEWS

In Jaisalmer, we stayed at the Club Mahindra Resort as we have a membership there. Except for it being outside the city, it was very good. However, it would be wonderful to stay in one of the hotels inside the fort complex (consider this if you do not worry about parking your vehicle far away)...

You can have a look at some of our pictures in Sam and Jaisalmer here - https://plus.google.com/photos/10718...MzKueH0jZyS_AE
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Default re: Mumbai -> Marwar, Rajasthan. 3200 kms, 13 days in an XUV500

Originally Posted by nik.agr View Post
PS: Most of the credit for the writing above goes to RC, my lovely wife.


So we leave all the hard work to be sorted out by the lovely ladies while we get to do all the fun stuff (e.g. driving in this case ) !

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Great drive nik. Reminds me of my similar trip around the Rajasthan circuit last year. Though we gave bikaner a miss, we had added kumbhalgarh and udaipur to the list! I think the best thing about a trip to Rajasthan through Gujarat is the awesome quality of roads. If the people and livestock using the roads were any better, these roads could have given the US highways some pretty good competition. My highlights in he trip were the drive from jodhpurs to jaisalmer and our night at kumbhalgarh!

Do post some great pics!
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Default Re: Mumbai -> Marwar, Rajasthan. 3200 kms, 13 days in an XUV500

That was a real detailed write up and some lovely pics!

It was a good try to put XUV W8 in sand. I am not sure if AWD would also cross the same. It needs a full 4x4!

It would be nice if you can upload pics here with the captions.
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