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Default Re: South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...

Again apologies for the late updates.
Day 6

We were up and ready by 5:00 am in the morning, left the room by 5:30. Stopped over for a tea and smoke and left Rameshwaram and we were out of Ramanathapuram by 6:30 in the morning.

The ride was again splendid with awesome early morning breeze and scenery giving us company.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135206d1391658139rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4005.jpg

We planned to reach Madurai by 8:30. We were riding fast here, i could make out that Jeevan was having a blast riding in the early hoursÖ.for some reason I was not really enjoying, my stomach was not really helping, and a painful Toyota Etios guy was trying to overtake us and I could clearly see that in his mental condition of trying to be in the lead was trying to overtake vehicles recklessly and he had a couple of close calls. This kind of further dampened my mood, I was not really in the right state of mind to ride, i was having a bad feeling that something could go wrong today.

Fortunately nothing happened and we continued to ride, and just before entering Madurai, we stopped for a tea at around 8:00 am. I was feeling very low and I even told Jeevan that I wasnít really in a good mood to ride. Jeevan is one of the few guys who can liven things up, he was like ďDonít worry cheta, nothing will happen Ē Ö.by this time he had given me a nick name of ďchetaĒ, brother in Malayalam. However even his enthusiasm was not really helping, so actually called my wife to check on her and how she is, I didnít want to tell her about how I was feeling low and was not really in the right mood to ride. I was looking for someone to lighten up my mood, so I turned around to Jeevan looking for some help. When I looked at him, he was munching away on a banana and I immediately realised ďNope, not the right guyĒ.Anyways he patted me and told letís move, once on the bike and watching Jeevan ride kind of lifted my spirits and the Dukeís fun character really helped

Continued our ride to Madurai and then there was this painful Scorpio who was riding very rashly and wanted to stay ahead of us at any cost, he had really pissed us both. I knew that I really wanted to overtake and make that guy eat my dust, but I refrained, but I could see that Jeevan was also pissed off. At one point Jeevan turned to me and gave me a signal that he wants to overtake that guy. Several times on the ride I had told Jeevan not to get into any kind of drag races with anybody at any cost, and thankfully he is a very sane rider and he also had avoided from drag racing from the numerous guys who wanted to show us that their better than us, but the Scorpio guy was at a different level. I thought for a sec and signalled Jeevan, go aheadÖ. Jeevan within secís was out of my sight and went chasing after the Scorpio, the traffic was getting thicker as we approached Madurai and I immediately realised the mistake I had done, I was looking for Jeevan and wanted to stop him, i was worried about the worst case scenario and was cursing myself for encouraging him. Now even I had to ride really fast to find jeevan and stop him, I was weaving through the thick traffic to try and find Jeevan and stop him and couldnít see him, after about 2 or 3 minís I saw Jeevan was riding comfortably on the road, I caught up with him and noticed that he had given up on the Scorpio guy. Later Jeevan told me that the Scorpio guy was very very rash, and he didnít want to take any chances with that guy. Thankfully Jeevan took the right call.

It was almost 9:00 am when we entered Madurai and we hit Maduraiís traffic, and we were trying to find our way out of Madurai to find the road to Pollachi. Plan was to meet Ronnie and his team at Valparai by 6:00 pm that day. It took us almost an hour to get out of Maduraiís chaotic roads, we were lost in a couple of places, but finally we were out and on to the 4 laned NH7 which would take us to Pollachi via Dindigul. Once we hit NH 7, we wanted to make up for the lost time in Madurai and we hit the road. We decided to stop over at one point for Breakfast and by the time we were done it was already around 11:00. Breakfast done, we again hit the road, the roads were excellent , before Dindigul we took a left on to the state highways which would take us to Pollachi Jeevan asked me to lead here, I told him that I am a slow rider and I wont go over 70 or 80. Jeevan told itís OK you lead, I also donít want to ride fast. So i decided to lead, but was no where near 70 or 80Ö.

We started riding and I found the roads to be really good, so I increased my speed and I was really enjoying it.

Anyways we slowed down continued the ride until we took a detour and entered the foot hills area of the Annamali range. Now what can I say about this place, the place is very beautiful, the roads were very narrow, very very less traffic, the cool breeze here was a welcome relief from the hot conditions we were riding for the past 2 hours. In fact it was so good, we practically slowed down. It was around 2:30 now, and we had made good ground and were really happy with our progress, thanks to some really good roads. We didnít decide on slowing down, but the place was so beautiful I slowed down and Jeevan was not complaining at all, we decided to stop in one place, and I could see that Jeevan was also enjoying this beautiful place. We were about 40 KMís from Aliyar dam, and the time was around 3:00 pm.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135207d1391658275rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4007.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135208d1391658280rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4009.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135210d1391658348rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4013.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135211d1391658352rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4014.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135212d1391658357rideourlivesuntilnow20131227dscf4015.jpg

We were enjoying the beautiful scenery and on the way to Aliyar dam we were looking for a place for Lunch, but we couldnít find a good place, so we decided to have lunch near Aliyar dam.

Finally we reached the Aliyar dam which is the starting area of the Ghat section of Valparai

We were excited to hit the curves, but we still hadmít had any lunch, grabbed and ate whatever junk we could , had some cool juice and we left. We knew we will be hitting curves very soon, and from our experience from what we had in Yana, we knew that this is going to be a blast, at least Jeevan was sure, I wasnít as my stomach was not really cooperating.

So we entered Valparaiís ghat section, wow what a feeling to enter the Ghat section and the incoming curve really sets the mood, and it actually really invigorates your senses, and it puts your mind to really attack the curve, my mind was really not in the right sense to even ride but one look of the curve can get your adrenaline rushing. I looked back to see Jeevan, that waste fellow was breathing down my neck, he was already hunkered down and barrelling down to hit that curve, this was more than enough for me to let my guard down at hit that curveÖ.and the first curve is done. I immediately knew this is going to be a lot of fun. (One photo from a previous trip)

Name:  135214d1391658660rideourlivesuntilnow20110814_dsc0374.jpg
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Name:  135213d1391658604rideourlivesuntilnowimg_20131227_1540012.jpg
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South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-135215d1391658746rideourlivesuntilnow20110814_dsc0368.jpg

We stopped over and were laughing at the amount of fun we were having and Jeevan told me that downshifting right at the curve was wrong. Agreed. Lesson learnt. We gave each other a high-five, and I could make out that Jeevan was ecstatic and he was raring to go.

We restarted our bikes and we were back on the curvy roads, the fall had not broken my spirit, in fact I took it as a learning experience and continued on, and then we saw they were waiting for us. The Cops. Yes they pulled us over at a Ghat section and started asking for our documents, fortunately we had all of them, which silenced them and we took off. But they had their share of blood, where they harassed some Kerala college kids and fleeced 300 Rs out of them for having insurance that expired a day ago. Anyways it was the college kids mistake. Moving onÖ.

Finally we reached Valparai

Click image for larger version

Name:	135215d1391658746rideourlivesuntilnow20110814_dsc0368.jpg
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Once we reached Valparai, we called Ronnie who asked us to get in touch with another YRC rider Josh. Decided on a place to meet up. We decided to have lunch and wait for the YRC riders to come by. Josh was the first to meet us, and told the others are out sightseeing and will be back here in another 45 minutes. So we were waiting for them and finally they came. The mad bunch of guys...the YRC guys are absolute fanatics when it comes to Yamaha and they have their rides with all the modifications to prove it. Introduced each other and we all fuelled up our bikes and decided to ride to stop over for the day. YRC guys have a way of attracting attention, and they love it . The whole regrouping before starting a ride really gets peopleís attention, especially with all those LED lights and stickering and what not. It was an absolute blast with these guys. After taking the ride formation, we were about 16 bikes I guess, i dont remember the exact number, we all rode to the stopover point and it was already dark. Watching a streak of lights of the Yamaha bikes taking on those curves in the dark was an absolute pleasure. I was very impressed with how well co-ordinated these guys were. The ride took about 30 minutes. Once stopped over I commended and Ronnieís group and Ronnie told wait till thereís light and these guys will go mad

Once at the stopover, we freshened up, Ronnieís group had arranged for a camp-fire plus drinks plus dinner, an awesome combination for ending the day on the high note. So we rode to the hotel, had dinner, spent time there around the camp fire, had our share of jokes and drinks and we called it a day. Due to shortage of parking space, some bikes were parked at the Hotel and some near the rooms. So after a decent meal, we headed back to the room, where YRC guys got into their character and were pulling each otherís legs and were having a blast. I was not exactly in the right shape as my stomach was not cooperating with me, hence I left the group and decided to call it a day. I could hear the Jeevan and the whole YRC group were having a blastÖ..
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Default Re: South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...

First of all sincere apologies for the late updates.Please accept my sincerest apologies

Day 7

Josh from YRC is good at one thing, that is waking up people. As decided the previous day he was knocking on everyone's door at 4 am.
I woke up with a bad stomach from all the junk I had been eating for the past few days.
Anyways we all were awake by 7:00 am as against the plan of leaving at 6:30 I guess, don’t remember the exact timings. But we were late.
On the previous day we had decided to park some bikes in the Hotel and some near the rooms we were sleeping. As I woke, I told Jeevan I will ride pillion with him, but Jeevan’s bike was parked at the Hotel, so I decided to take him to the Hotel on my bike. So I was waiting when Reynold from YRC came and asked me if I could drop him to the Hotel as he also had to pick up the bike. This was start of trouble for me…
I agreed to drop Reynold , and we started riding and I did the same mistake of changing the gear right at the corner, but this time I completely lost balance and took a fall. In the urgency of trying to prevent the fall, I crashed on my bike’s tank and hurt my groin area. Ouch!! Anyways Reynold and couple of other YRC riders had caught up with us and helped me and lifted the bike . Reynold was trying to move the bike out of the road and he was unable to find the gear lever. I was in pain and was lying down on the side. I could see Reynold walk towards me with something in his hand. I couldn’t believe what he was holding in his hand, he was actually holding the broken gear lever of the bike, and the gear was stuck in 2nd gear. I was like no man not here, where I cant even find a mechanic. The guys told it was a minor issue not to worry, anyways I decided cant do anything now, so decided to ride in 2nd gear upto the Hotel and park it and worry about it later.
The moment I saw Jeevan I was sort of relieved, as I knew he was very good with bike mechanics, told him about what happened, he immediately replied not to worry we’ll go to this Athirapally falls and we’ll look at it after we come back. Encouraged by his words I rode pillion with him.
As we entered the check post, we had to do some clearance with the forest department and soon there was a puncture of one of the bikes. I was like this doesn’t seem to be a good day to ride, and also my stomach was making me a bit impatient. I also knew we had to come back by 4:00 pm, if I had to take my bike to Valparai to a mechanic , as Valparai was atleast 25 KM’s away.

Anyways we started riding were greeted with some beautiful Valparai scenery.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-137406d1393136230rideourlivesuntilnow20131228dsc_1513.jpg

The ride to Athirapally falls is good, but a good 10 KM’s has some bad roads, which can tire you a lot. Anyways we rode for about 2 hrs and we reached Athirapally falls. I was pillion here, and some pics from the ride, below shots were from my cell phone.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-137408d1393136513rideourlivesuntilnow1_img_20131228_075210.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-137410d1393136519rideourlivesuntilnow1_img_20131228_075235.jpg

Name:  137409d1393136517rideourlivesuntilnow1_img_20131228_075217.jpg
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South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-137412d1393136522rideourlivesuntilnow1_img_20131228_081746.jpg

We reached Athirapally falls around 11:30 AM. Some photos from this beautiful place.

Name:  137419d1393136732rideourlivesuntilnow20131228dsc_1534.jpg
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Name:  137424d1393137294rideourlivesuntilnow20131228dscf4032.jpg
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South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-137425d1393137298rideourlivesuntilnow20131228dscf4033.jpg

Name:  137420d1393136740rideourlivesuntilnow20131228dsc_1537.jpg
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It was around 1:00 pm when we left Athirapally falls, and we started riding back. On the way back I and Jeevan and I decided to tail the group again. While riding back we again enjoyed the scenery but at the back of my head I knew we should try to reach the place by 3:00 pm. Tailing the team we could see that the riders were getting separated and after some time, we couldn’t see the leading riders, we decided to continue as the tail. We continued to ride and at one point we could see couple of rider on the side of the road, and I could also see one bike fallen. My initial reaction was Oh No. I asked Jeevan what happened hoping to prove me wrong. Jeevan replied seems like someone has taken a fall. We immediately pulled over helped the guy and we could see that he has missed the cliff by half-a-sec. Trust me it would have been quite bad. Thank God, nothing serious. Rider was safe, bike took some minor damage. The day was not looking good, with 2 mishaps and one puncture. We tried to lighten up the rider’s mood by congratulating on the fall and explaining to him that it was a learning experience. Our priority was to take these guys to the room safely first .
We started riding hoping that no further mishap happens. The same bad feeling of the day was share by another YRC rider, and he too was feeling uncomfortable for that day.
Thankfully we reached the room with no further mishaps. It was around 4:00. I and Jeevan immediately took my bike looked for a mechanic near the rooms, but couldn’t find any so we decided to ride to Valparai in the second gear to find a mechanic.
Before I move further I was have to give a special thanks to Jeevan, as he was truly helpful and I believe without his help it would have been very difficult for me to get out of this mess. He rode with me all the way to Valparai helped me in finding a mechanic and in fact on my request he even went with the mechanic to oversee if the work is done properly. Thanks a lot @jeevan.life .
With Jeevan’s help I was able to get my bike temporarily fixed. A splendor’s gear lever was modified to act as a gear lever for the bike J I don’t have many pic’s thanks to Ron, this is the only image I have.
After getting the bike fixed I and Jeevan rode back to the room, it had been a tiring day for me, with a bad stomach and running around getting my bike fixed. Thanks to Jeevan it didn’t seem as bad as it could have been. Sometime friends can make your like miserable by constantly teasing or pulling you but they make it up by lending a helping hand when most needed .

Once we reached our rooms, we heard that Ronnie who was riding another YRC riders bike had taken a fall . I was like *** man another fall. Good part was there was nothing serious except for a bent clutch lever. Funny thing was Ron had done the same mistake I had done, twice , changing the gears at the curves .......Amateurs!!! *sheesh*
We had a good laugh at what had happened again, an sort of relieved that nothing serious happened and the day was ending and there was no riding for that day. Just glad that we could make it through without any serious mishaps.

Once we reached the room, got freshened up and had dinner and the YRC guys got into character, they started pulling each other’s legs and were having a blast, I could hear that they were making fun about my restroom adventure earlier in the day

Just before sleeping I and Jeevan decided to have a smoke and started talking about reaching Bangalore the next day. Our hearts wanted to ride further, we wanted more. So Jeevan casually suggested lets go somewhere else and I concurred. We decided we’ll decide tomorrow morning and called it a day.
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Default Re: South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...

Day 8
We decided to ride to Bangalore, as I had to get back to office work . Also I had mentioned to Jeevan the previous night that I dont like the Krishnagiri-Bangalore stretch. In the evening the truck traffic combined with traffic coming in from Vellore, the traffic just becomes insane and people drive just carelessly. Also Iíve had a very scary experience driving that stretch in my car with my wife with me. The people who drive there have no concern for others safety, and I mentioned it to Jeevan that lets reach Bangalore before 7 atleast.
Woke up early and we were ready to hit the road, YRC guys were planning to ride to another location and some were planning to ride back. I and Jeevan had to leave early . We were already late to leave the rooms so I and Jeevan hit the road and were more than happy to take the curves head on.
We reached Valparai and saw that some YRC guys were waiting there, we couldnít spend time with them as we had to move on, so we bid goodbye to them and we moved as we had to meet another friend Ashish. We were having a blast at the curves, it didnít bother that I did not have the best gear lever to work with, I was having too much fun to be bothered by it. As we rode I turned around and I could see Abhi, another YRC ride, who had just joined us. I think this was the best ride we had together. Getting down the ghat section we three were having too much fun, we loved every corner and some corners and the views were epic.

Some views from our ride down.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-139365d1394693776rideourlivesuntilnow20131229dscf4037.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-139367d1394693791rideourlivesuntilnow20131229dscf4039.jpg

On the way down as we were exiting a corner, and we were pulling some nice corners, and as I got out of the corner, I could see a police check post with around 8 cops looking straight at me. I was leading all the way and I did not know how to react, and I just pulled the corner like there wasnít anything wrong, and approached the cops who had already signaled us to pull off the road. The cops apparently received a complaint that some bikes were very noisy and warned us that these noisy bikes will not be allowed. We told them that our bikes were all stock and convinced that were innocent and gladly the cops agreed and let us go through. We slowed down after this point as the traffic had increased. At one point Abhi decided to split with us as he would be waiting for the YRC guys to meet him.
I and Jeevan continued and we reached Aliar dam at 8:30 and we called Ashish that we would meet him in another 30 mins. But to ur dismay Ashish had already left Pollachi. Anyways I and Jeevan were a little bummed out that we missed out on Ashish. We continued the ride, the roads were excellent and we were making good ground. As usual some annoying Innova driver wanted to overtake us, and we were more than happy to let the idiot overtake us and go away.

We continued to ride and at one point we had probably the best breakfast of our whole Journey, we had some nice road side dosaís and we both agreed that this was the best breakfast weíve had in the past few days. We continued on and then trouble hit, I started getting stomach pain, and the past 2 days of trouble was about to explode . We were running short of fuel and we stopped over for fuelling up, I went to the restroom, cleared up my stomach finally. I remember Jeevan was saying you were in for a very long time, but who cares, what needs to go out has to go.

Some views from that place.

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-139368d1394693877rideourlivesuntilnow20131229dsc_1547.jpg

South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...-139372d1394693890rideourlivesuntilnow20131229dscf4040.jpg

It was around 12:30 now, and we continued on until we finally reached NH 7. Roads were good until we reached NH7, we had a smooth ride. Once on the NH7 we continued on our way to Bangalore, about 40 KMís from Salem we decided to take a break and stopped over at a tea stall. It was very hot, and the time now around 2:30 and I told Jeevan itís very hot lets take a break and we also ordered some cool drinks. We waited and we were chatting about how the whole ride had been and we were almost about to complete it. I was telling Jeevan about the Krishnagiri-Bangalore stretch and how I dreaded riding that place. Also we were happy that we were making good time, and once we reach Salem itís about 200 KMís to Bangalore, which would take us about 3 hrs with the current road conditions. As we were talking some familiar bikes and faces started arriving. It was the YRC guys who had caught up with us. It seemed like most of the YRC riders also decided to ride back to Bangalore except for a couple of them who decided to ride on. We waited another 10 mins for all the YRC riders to join us, had some cool drinks and tea.

After a nice long break, i told everybody letís move as I dont want to be riding on the Krishnagiri-Bangalore stretch in the dark. At this point one of the YRC riders Sauban had developed a problem with his bikes headlight and he too wanted to reach Bangalore before dusk. So 2 YRC riders decided to stay close to him and wanted to take him to Bangalore before it got dark.

We decided to leave at around 3:15, fuelled up and we took off. Sauban and 2 other YRC riders took off, and I and Jeevan were trailing them. After some time I decided to slow down as I didnt want to ride very fast, there was no sign of the Sauban and group after that . Well that was until we reached Salem. As we reached Salem, I was making my way through the traffic at a traffic signal and the board above the signal also read Bangalore -- 200 KM i.e when Jeevan honked me and showed that YRC bikes were standing in the road. We immediately decided to pull off and check, when one of the YRC guys, came and told us that Saubanís bike had completely stalled and was not starting. We really didnít know what happened, and I and Jeevan went to the spot and first thing we felt was a burning smell, it could also have been from another vehicle, because we were in a petrol bunk. Our first thought Engine was seized, then Jeevan took over as he has good knowledge of bike mechanics. Everyoneís intial guess was the fuse would have blown, as the lights were not turning on and this must also be causing some electrical failur which was preventing the engine from start. Just then one of the YRC guys told it cant be that, there should be something else. Hence we started throwing all theories in the air. One guy went to find a Yamaha mechanic from Yamaha showroom, a good 30 minís later, all showroomís closed as it was a sunday. Bummer!! . Then we decided to park the bike in a friends house in Salem, so I started calling my realtives and after about 30 minís finally found a place to park the vehicle and Sauban was to come back to Salem, fix the bike and ride it back to Bangalore. Other option was to hire a towing vehicle which would carry the bikes to Bangalore. This was agreed upon, and after 15 minís found someone who would do it. Just then one of the guys around came forward to help us, and asked us what happened. We explained him the situation, and he called his friends who came over opened up the bike and found out that it was indeed a fuse problem and fixed it. My bikes Allenís key came to the rescue here . After a good 2 hours the bike was fixed, we all were very happy that the bikes was finally fixed and we can move on. Just then we realized, we had not yet had our lunch and it was already 6 pm. We also started getting calls that the guys who didnít stop at Salem had reached Bangalore.

Sauban's bike had attracted a crowd.

Name:  139374d1394694090rideourlivesuntilnowimg_20131229_165800.jpg
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We decided to move on and stop somewhere at a good place for Lunch/Dinner. It was around 7, somewhere near Dharmapuri we decided to stop for lunch. We decided to take it easy and have a good dinner. After a hearty meal, I told the guys that the traffic here is going to be insane at this time, letís all stick together, and everyone lets have our left indicators On, so that we can keep track of each other. I would like to confess that at this point I was scared, and my wife even asked me to stay over at Dharmapuri and ride the next day. I knew that was not going to be an option and I asked everyone to stay close to each other, and lets try to move together. It was around 8:00 pm when we left that place and we still had a good 150 KMís yet to cover.

Before starting I asked everyone again, keep your left indicators On.

The Perfect Storm

As per plan we all left together staying close to each other and keeping our left indicators On. Saubanís headlight was not working so the other 2 YRC guys had to stay close to him to light up the street ahead for him. I and Jeevan decided to tail them. But the plan never worked, we were never able to stay together after some time. The YRC guys moved ahead and I and Jeevan trying to weave through the traffic just kept losing the YRC guys.
In the chaos of trying to stay together I and Jeevan ended up even having close calls. I had asked Jeevan to keep his left indicator On, so that i could know from the rear view mirror, where he would be, but he was not keeping the left indicator On and I couldnít know where he was. Without knowing where he was I would try to overtake a vehicle in front of me. This would make trouble for Jeevan bcos even he had to take many risky overtakes just to stay with me. I realized later that Jeevan had his left-indicator On, but bcos of his headlight i couldnt make out the left indicator of his vehicle.
I and Jeevan never were angry with each other in the whole ride, but this stretch had really pissed us off on each other. This was the first time we lost it on each other. I was pissed off that I couldnt track where Jeevan was and Jeevan was wondering why am I making these turns without me realizing where he is.

So at one point we both stopped, and Jeevan told me in a harsh tone,
Jeevan : your getting in my way, when your overtaking
Me : I dont even know where you are, your not even having your indicator On.
Jeevan : I have my indicator On, all the time.
Me : I just dont see it.
Jeevan : OK, I will honk at you only then you try an overtake.
Me : OK

This plan also did not work, eventually there were so many guys honking at each other I wasnít able to figure out whether itís Jeevan or someone else. This was getting just too risky and there were reckless drivers all over. At one point, I even made up my mind that I am not able to keep track of Jeevan let me just move ahead. Trying to stay together was just very difficult. At one point I even remember I was on the left lane and I was trying to find from my rear view mirror, where Jeevan is, suddenly from a blind spot in pitch dark , a truck from off the road, with no lights tries to enter the lane I am riding in. It was at the nick of time, I noticed the truck and went to the right lane, which fortunately had no speeding idiot, and overtook the truck and got back into the left lane. This staying together was not working at all. I remember I could see the YRC guys ahead and i was trying to catch up with them and the wind was howling inside my helmet, and the rear view mirror there was this tide of vehicles which were attacking from behind, i Just had ride and stay ahead or the wave would just consume me. But Jeevan was also behind me, all throughout the ride we worked on a plan and always stayed together, but here all our plans were falling apart, and I wanted to complete this ride along with him, and we only about 80 KMís away from Bangalore.

At one point we stopped for tea, and Jeevan had totally lost it, he was not able to stay with me , and I was unable to find where he is. The traffic was just insane. He came to me and he told you go ahead, I canít stay with you. I knew that he had lost it, and I agreed that here no plans were working for us. So I told , OK i will be ahead, dont try to stay with me, just ride the way it is comfortable to you. At this point I was really pissed with Sauban, becase Sauban had mentioned that he had seen the bike was having problemís even before he started the ride, then why did he get it. This was not the way our ride was supposed to come to an end, not because Sauban was careless in getting a vehicle with a problem. Anyways I and Jeevan continued to ride and finally we met up with Sauban and the other 2 riders near Attibele. I didnít want to discuss about how much discomfort it had caused to other riders because of someone elseís carelessness. So I asked Sauban casually that please dont bring a vehicle along for a ride if it already has a problem. No matter which way I put it it was going to sound bad, but I knew I had to say this.
So I told Sauban that from next time do not take chances on such long rides. By this time I realized that Sauban was already feeling very guilty for his actions, and I felt like an a** for trying to explain things to him. My intention was to try and explain a point in a non-offending way, but Sauban seemed to have had a bad day already and I just made it worse for him. Sorry Sauban. This was when the other 2 guys and Jeevan took advantage of this situation and started teasing me about how I would have killed Sauban if they were not there, and would have probably beaten up everyone at the toll booth, lol . And Sauban also mentioned that it was Saquibís fault that the bike broke down, lol. It was also the end of The Perfect Storm.

I just wanted to apologise to these guys again

Anyways we were all glad that we all reached safely, and Saquib was to meet us near Electronics city toll gate, and pick up Sauban. So we all met up near Electronic city , handed Sauban over to his brother . Split our ways and we decided to head back home. We were in Bangalore We reached Bangalore. We decided to meet up near madiwala, which did not happen, as I couldn't find anyone. So I went on and I started to ride to home.

It was around 11:30 pm when I reached home, I stopped my vehicle in front of my garage, and took a good 2 minís to sink what I had just done. I looked at my bike and just smiled. I saw the odometer reading and it was showing 8104 KMís. It was 5100 KMís when I started. I opened the garage, parked my bike, unloaded my luggage, went inside and messaged Jeevan and others that I just reached home. All my friends congratulated us both. I told everybody that I am tired and I am going to sleep. Freshened up, turned off my cell phone and i went to sleep.

To put it in simple words. It was an Amazing experience and thanks to Jeevan for riding with me and all my friends and family members who helped us during the ride.

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Default Re: South India West-Coast Ride. And some more...

Finally the TLog is completed.
I sincerely hope you guys like it

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