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Default Photologue: Mussoorie


(before the 2014 year ends, lemme attempt a blog for journey did in Jan14 !)

I had to visit Dehradun for some official work in Jan14 and took the opportunity to explore the area. I started my trip from Mumbai to Delhi for few meetings, and then from Delhi to Dehradun, all by flight. The airport at Dehradun, named Jolly Grant, is about 25 KMs from the city.

I had booked my stay in Hotel Madhuban. This hotel is quite an old n reputed property in the city, spread on a large area. Overall the hotel didnt upgrade itself to latest concepts, and the room quality was just ok. The taste of food was good. My room was attached to a large terrace, which I could just step out and enjoy the fresh air.

I had few local friends there, so had a good company. One of the afternoon, we had some free time and watched the film "Jai Ho". That evening my local friend suggested to eat at Ashnan Paratha, which is located bit on the outskirts of Dehradun, ahead on the Rajpur road. On the way there, we saw lot of food stalls across the road. At Ashnan, my friends ordered chicken n moghlai parathas, and I had a veg paratha - it was really yummy and tummy-filling. More info : https://www.zomato.com/dehradun/ashn...taurant-jakhan

The next two day I had some official meetings in the day time, and evening used to hang around with friends. Dehradun is a lovely city, and quite fast on the development path. One evening we went on the outskirts and had delicious momos and soup at the food stalls.

I had extended my stay for two days and planned to visit Mussoorie. My friend got his car and we started by 10.30AM. The drive was a superb one, hilly roads with lots of curves. Just few days back, there was reported lots of snow and we expected a lovely weather there on top.

Few pictures en-route :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8783_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8785_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8788_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8790_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8796_img.jpg

Thats my friend driving:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8798_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8800_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8803_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8804_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8808_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8809_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8810_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8811_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8812_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8813_img.jpg

After about an hour's drive we reached Mussoorie and parked our car in the parking area.

We did find some remains of earlier snow fall:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8816_img.jpg
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8817_img.jpg
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8818_img.jpg

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Default re: Photologue: Mussoorie

Our plan was just simple - roam around, eat local, enjoy nature - till evening and then return back to Dehradun. The market has many shops - woolen clothes, artifacts, food etc. It was 26th Jan (Republic Day), and being a holiday one could see lots of tourist across.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8820_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8821_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8822_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8823_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8824_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8825_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8826_img.jpg

My Friends: (L to R): Paritosh, Deepak, Kapil :

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8827_img.jpg

fresh pomegranate juice :

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8828_img.jpg

these Gulab Jamun was simply delicious, yummy:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8830_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8831_img.jpg

enjoyed these Aloo Tikki (potato balls) at a roadside stall:

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8833_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8834_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8835_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8836_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8837_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8839_img.jpg

(L to R): Kapil and Paritosh posing :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8841_img.jpg

(L to R): Deepak, Kapil, Paritosh :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8844_img.jpg

(L to R): Thats me with Kapil :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8845_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8846_img.jpg

outside a book stall, saw this banner : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruskin_Bond . We thought of again visiting this shop to see Mr.Ruskin Bond.
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8847_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8855_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8858_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8860_img.jpg

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Default re: Photologue: Mussoorie

We were walking, eating, clicking, relaxing in nature. We came across the Rope-way to reach Gun Hill point. There was a small queue for the ticket & boarding the rope-way coach. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach the top, and the en-route from the coach is just lovely.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8861_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8862_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8865_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8866_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8867_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8868_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8869_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8870_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8871_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8874_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8875_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8876_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8877_img.jpg

On the top, there is a small area of flat land where you can find few shops - souvenirs, games, food etc. The view from this place is awesome.

We tried our hands (or eyes!) on archery :

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8878_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8879_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8880_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8881_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8882_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8883_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8884_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8889_img.jpg

Your's faithfully ! :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8890_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8892_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8894_img.jpg

Next shop was offering a game of shooting, with a airgun.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8895_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8896_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8897_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8899_img.jpg

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Default re: Photologue: Mussoorie

I clicked more pics from the Gun Hill point.
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8901_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8902_img.jpg

the small area of Gun Hill :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8903_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8905_img.jpg

Deepak posing:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8906_img.jpg

snowy mountain range:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8907_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8909_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8910_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8912_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8916_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8917_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8918_img.jpg

after spending about 1.5 hours, we decided to go back, taking the rope-way.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8919_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8923_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8926_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8929_img.jpg

using a old telescope, this guy used to show distant places to tourist at a very small fee. he was studying as well in daytime.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8930_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8932_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8934_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8935_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8937_img.jpg

By the time we were talking back for our return, at that shop, Mr.Ruskin Bond has arrived. Many book lovers and routine tourist wanted to get a pic with him.

Kapil :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8938_img.jpg

Mr. Ruskin Bond :
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8939_img.jpg

Deepak and Paritosh:
Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8941_img.jpg

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Default re: Photologue: Mussoorie

We walked further and came across this famous egg omelet shop.
Read more : http://www.tripadvisor.in/Restaurant...tarakhand.html

I ordered cheese omelet and had to wait for 10-15 minutes. The wait was worthwhile for the awesome taste and uniqueness.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8942_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8943_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8944_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8945_img.jpg

Now I found another shop offering chocolate paan (betel leaf), which was good.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8946_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8947_img.jpg

With few parting clicks, now we started our return drive to Dehradun. The sky was looking very beautiful.

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8951_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8952_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8954_img.jpg

Photologue: Mussoorie-img_8957_img.jpg

It was a wonderful day spend at Mussoorie, and hope to visit it again, someday.
The next day I took my return flight to Mumbai, via Delhi. This trip was a good combination of official work and sight-seeing activities.

Hope you all liked my short blog.


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Default re: Photologue: Mussoorie

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to Travelogues. Thanks for sharing!

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