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Thumbs up An Exciting Journey from Hyderabad to Goa by Road

On a hot mid-day after finishing our Lunch and while having tea & chatting on the Garden of our office, one of our friend suddenly told "To beat the heat of this summer Lets go to Goa ". This line clicked our mind and we decided to go to Goa. The date got finalized and the members also got finalized. I had given the chance to plan for this trip. I happily took the challenge and started the planning. Total of 13 members of our team were interested for this trip. So we finalized to go by road and will travel with my Baleno and with one Scorpio of one of my friend. I collected the contributed money from all the members and the date finalized to start for Goa was 20th April 2007. The plan was to take a half day off from office on Friday and start traveling. By the time the date comes, some of our friends got some urgent work and could not make it to come to Goa. So 8 members were left to go. We then decided to drop my Baleno and travel with one Scorpio.

The Start day

We all finished our work by 1 PM and were ready to start for Goa. Our friend who is the owner of the Scorpio was suppose to join us at my residence directly after doing a quick check up of the vehicle and the plan was to start from my Home. We all reached my home and were waiting for our friend to come. Suddenly we got a call from our friend that during the car service, the papers of the car were washed out and he is trying to get the duplicate copies of the papers from his residence and we may get late. Finally he reached us at 4 PM and by 4.30 we started. There was heavy traffic starting from Miyapur till Patancheru. By the time we reached Budhera, it was around 7 in the evening. People were enjoying the ride and suddenly we heard some BoooM sound....Our Tyre was flat.

We got down and tried to replace the spare wheel. One of our friend was very good at replacing the wheel(Though he did it for the 1st time) and went bellow the vehicle to fix the jack(nobody knew where to fix the jack).

Finally the Tyre was replaced and again we started. By the time we started again it was around 8 PM. The plan was to fix the spare wheel first at any near place and start then. After 10 mins ride we reached Budhera Market and asked the mechanic to fix the wheel. But it was too damaged that we could not use it again. We could not find a place to Buy a new Tyre and Tube. By this time some of the Guys decided to come back to Hyderabad and cancel the trip. Finally we decided and came back to HYD. But three of our team members left there critical works and came with us. I could see from their face that they were very upset with our decision. There was a pin drop silence in the vehicle while coming back to HYD. Due to a public meeting of Chandra Babu Naidu near Patancheru, there was heavy traffic on the road. By the time we reached Patancheru, the meeting finished and we were lucky enough to be the last Vehicle in the row and people thought we are part of the Chandra Babu Naidu's group and without any traffic Jam we reached Miyapur. It was 10.30 PM. Our friend left with two of our friends in his Scorpio. The remaining Guys were too upset and finally I told them "Let's Go to Goa" Believe me they jumped from the places where they were sitting and everyone were happy. I was the only driver who can drive and I could not dare to take my Baleno driving alone all the ways. Finally we called one of our other friend and started in his Indica. It was around 10.30 PM and I had not done a check-up of my Baleno, because we had decided to go in one Scorpio. My friend had just done the service of his India on the same day and the Indica was new. Finally we started again to Goa on 11 PM from Miyapur.

The Actual Trip

Being it was 11 PM we did not face any traffic and the Indica was roaring on 80-90 KMPH till Zahirabad. We decide to take the following route.

At Zahirabad we had our Dinner and Started again. My friend was driving and I was sitting on the co-pilot seat with Laptop guiding the route. I was lucky enough to get the wireless signal for the INTERNET for the real time location finder.

We We followed the interactive maps of "Mapmyindia.com" and believe me we had not asked anyone on the route upto Goa. The maps were well described turn by turn. I had broken the maps into parts. 1st part was from Hyderabd till Solapur. The roads from HYD till Solapur was very good. Though there were trucks on the way, still we could manage to drive in 90-100 KMPH. Nobody stopped us at Solapur. I had read from Zappo's post that the cops will stop at Solapur to check if the vehicle is of outside state.

From: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
To: Solapur, Maharashtra
Total Distance: 296.1 Km

Start at Hyderabad - go 0.09 Km
Continue on Ameerpet Main Road NH-9 - go 0.26 Km
Turn right on NH 9 Ameerpet Main Road - go 0.74 Km
Turn slightly left on NH 9 Panjagutta Road - go 1.72 Km
Turn slightly left on NH 9 Ameerpet Road - go 1.07 Km
Turn right on NH 9 SR Nagar Main Road - go 3.22 Km
Turn right on NH 9 Musapet Road - go 2.09 Km
Turn left on NH 9 Kukapalli Main Road - go 22.58 Km
Turn right on NH 9 - go 263.66 Km
Turn right on NH 13 - go 0.51 Km
Reach NH 13 Solapur - go 0.16 Km
End at Solapur

From Solapur till Bijapur we took the NH13. This was also too Good road. Every where there were marking of Boards. So no needed to ask anyone the route. We stopped near to Arakeri to have some tea and started again to Bijapur.

From: Solapur, Maharashtra
To: Bijapur, Karnataka
Total Distance: 98.07 Km

Start at Solapur - go 0.16 Km
Turn left on NH 13 - go 97.9 Km
Reach NH 218 Bijapur - go 0.01 Km
End at Bijapur

From Bijapur we took State Highway 12. This road was too Good. By the time it was early morning. The Sun was just rising and the scene was beautiful. No traffic at all on this road. The roads were very clean, we could able to drive at the speed of 100-110 KMPH.

From: Bijapur, Karnataka
To: Athni, Karnataka
Total Distance: 73.28 Km

Start at Bijapur - go 0.01 Km
Turn right on SH 12 - go 72.81 Km
Reach SH 31 Athni - go 0.46 Km
End at Athni

Some morning time pictures and the pictures of the Beautiful roads.

From Athni to Chikodi again we took the SH 12. The road was little full of Cycles and local Tractors carrying sugar cane. But the ride was enjoyable. We had to pass by many villages and could able to drive at the speed of 70-80 KMPH.

From: Athni, Karnataka
To: Chikodi, Karnataka
Total Distance: 75 Km

Start at Athni - go 0.46 Km
Turn right on SH 31 - go 0.32 Km
Turn left on SH 12 - go 73.87 Km
Turn left on SH 18 - go 0.35 Km
Reach SH 12 Chikodi - go 0.00 Km
End at Chikodi

From Chikodi we had to take different NHs and SHs to reach Panaji via Belgaum. After Chikodi, we had to face bad roads of around 10 Kms. The roads are being repaired. Once we reached NH4, then we could able to drive at 120 KMPH. But this was just 44 Kms. This NH is ultimate. I could relate it whether I was driving in any US freeways.

From: Chikodi, Karnataka
To: Panaji, Goa
Total Distance: 179.32 Km

Start at Chikodi - go 0.00 Km
Turn right on SH 12 - go 24.47 Km
Turn slightly left on NH 4 - go 44.48 Km
Turn right on SH 20 - go 17.67 Km
Turn right on SH 121 - go 6.28 Km
Turn left on SH 131 - go 26.32 Km
Turn left on SH 130 - go 35.64 Km
Turn right on SH 31 - go 9.66 Km
Turn right on NH 17 - go 14.36 Km
At NH 17 Panaji, Turn right - go 0.06 Km
At crossing, Continue - go 0.24 Km
At crossing, Continue - go 0.01 Km
At crossing, Continue - go 0.03 Km
At crossing, Continue - go 0.02 Km
Reach - go 0.08 Km
End at Panaji

The plan was not to take Londa road from Belgaum till Panaji(one of the fellow TBHPian posted that the Londa road is bad), but some local people at Belgaum told us that the road is repaired. So we took the Londa road and in between the road was washed out for 6 KMs. This was very bad road. Finally we reached Panaji at 2.30 PM. The total distance from Miyapur, HYD till Panaji, Goa was 755 KM and we reach there in 15.5 Hours. 1.5 Hours was the stay in between.

Will post the Goa Experience and the return Journey in continuation of this post. Getting late to Office.
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Thanks for the useful blog. I am planning something similar. Might start as early as tomorrow. Will wait for your goa experience and return trip.
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That must have been a great experience, I'd love to drive once to Goa. I returned this evening from there. Unfortunately we were booked to/fro flights.
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It looks to be a great trip you had, look forward to the complete details
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Sys_Whiz buddy, everything else is fine. However I am not entirely sure whether you should have copied those "MapMyIndia" route maps as it is in this forum. They have some very strict usage guidelines IMO. In fact in my Goa travelogue, http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...xperience.html I skipped pasting those maps for this very reason.By the way I see that you chucked that unusual Goa route you earlier decided upon on your second try.
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Excellent information sys_whiz. I am surprised you did not take the baleno. trust me, it would have taken you back & forth without a snitch whether you had serviced it or not, thats Japanese technology for you. i had totally abused my M-1000 which had run like a slave to me. i have done 500 km trips without stops without even checking for the coolant & oil levels or tyre pressure. Overall, you had the spirit to complete what you started & thats good.
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Awesome review sys_wiz. Very detailed on road conditions and with distances. This is very helpful.
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Are there any cases like cops catching up out of state vehicles after sholapur. what is the problem when cars have All India Permit.
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Originally Posted by nprasanthb View Post
Are there any cases like cops catching up out of state vehicles after sholapur. what is the problem when cars have All India Permit.
Whatever you do, while taking the bypass at Sholapur a couple of thug cops will stop you over and fleece money in some way or the other
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