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Smile 3 States in 3 Days ! (Biking)...

Flash back:
Oh my god! It was more than Family planning... Hmm, much more than Investment planning. Had no clue who was in, who was out.
Yeah, we guys were planning a Trip for more than 6 months. For some reason, we did not make it. You wont believe, even 2 guys got married in the mean time, but our trip was in some old post man's bag! Nah, nothing happened and no one talked about it.

Earlier days in May, 2007 we had planned to make it on the 3rd week. You know by how? 4 bikes and you do the math, with Riders and pillions. I felt nothing was productive. 7 of us were in before we made it. Let me name them. 1) Jogy 2) Vimal 3) Fred 4) Rohan 5) Jai (me) 6) Vinay 7) Nitin. ((8) We planned for a mechanic too lol, if we were making by 3 BULLS) 9) Prem. The best part was that, destination was not decided.

First week of May 2007, we had high hopes that we are going to make it, some where some how. Second week, Fred left to Kerala. I felt there was going to be a comma for the trip. I didn't know that I was wrong. The high hopes vanished in thin air. Rohan said, “We shall at least go to "Wonder La". Vinay says “We need to HIT the highway ". 2nd weekend of May was over. As usual, plans & usual talks, nothing shaped up yet!

Nitin was by my side. He said “Sir, the both of us will go, if no one is coming ".

Finally looked like the D week arrived with a D day on it - Fred was back from Kerala. Man! He came back with some sprit inside. He dumped his exams and said, we WILL go! Thanks for the evil / holy sprit in him that said YES.

I said, "We ill take a Scorpio" - Fred said NO. “Bus ?" Noooooooooooo ! Prem said “call it off this time “Fred Said " Noooooooooooooooo". Suggestions were shot like Taj's Chef for dinner. Ooty, Bandipur, Mysore, Dodamakali, Wonder la & Wonder what etc etc. Decided on Wayanad ! Tuesday - 15th May, couple of phone calls, arranged for accommodation and stuff. Oh yeah, We decided to go that weekend (20th May) ! Me, Jogy, Nitin & Vinay got a 3 day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Rogan & Fred with a 2 Days off.

* Vimal did not want to do Biking.
* Prem developed an unusual crystal ball in himself and could not make it.

Zeroed in on:
* Wayanad.
* 3 Bikes and 6 people.

Criminals List:
1) Jogy 2) Fred 3) Jai 4) Nitin 5) Rohan (105 Kgs of Good health) 6) Vinay.

* Royal Enfield TB - Fred's.
* 150 CC Pulsar - Jogy's.
* 180 CC Pulsar - Vinay's. (Ported, Polished, Self Tuned, Shaved, Creamed and what not ? It has so much of juice...).

Left to Right - Rohan (Red - Scarf), Fred (White Scarf), Vinay, Nitin (Green Jacket), Jogy, Jai (me) (Back Jacket).

D Day Arrived :
Route : Bangalore - Maddur -Mandya- Mysore - Gundulpet - Sultan Bathery.

Day 1: 20th May 2007.

We all work for a reputed MNC. Basically, coolies for Americans. Yes, ITES industry. So Fred & Rohan had not slept the previous night. Hmmm...

Ding Dong : 6 AM : People assembled @ Vinay's Place. I was picked up from M.G.Road by 6:10. We start by 6:15. Stopped at the
Shell pump, on Mysore road. Bikes were fed with 12 Liters of Premium Beer each ! Roads were wide open, waiting for us for
the past 6 months. I know this is a BIT too much. Sun just got up.

Fred was pushing the Bullet with Rohan @ the back. Thump, Thump and Thump... Noise was so soothing I guess. I was riding behind Jogy. I should say I were betting myself with an Amateur driver. lol. Just kidding. He squeezed each and every bit from that 150 CC. I pity his bike. Vinay was Jogy's wing man. Basically, Jogy was made to be driven in the middle all through the trip, because he was always pre cautious (antonym). Nitin was behind Vinay with a Huge Back pack.

Man ! They asked me to travel light. Now, people have packed even Wash room slippers and say they are traveling light... lol

Silencers were absolutely not silent & Tacho's were busy red lining on each and every gear. Major threat in this road were the Cycle wala's and pedestrians. Having peanut sized brains, they run from this side to the other side betting their lives.

Ding Dong : 7:30 AM : Breakfast stop @ Maddur. Hogged some Idli's & Maddur Vada's.

Ding Dong: 8:45 AM : Reached Mysore. That was pretty quick with a 35 minute break. That was an amazing Sunday morning. The roads were excellent from Blr till now. We did not take the By-Pass road, instead we entered the city. Mysore was clam and lazy. That was again a quick get away from the City.

From there, We head to Gundulpet. Had few stops for Tender Coconut, Cigarette's, Water etc. From there was a narrow 2 lane road. Opposite traffic was heavy.

Ding Dong: 10:45 AM : Reached Gundulpet. From here we glide to Sultan Batheri, the stretch was too good, with bad patches just for a few kilometers. Traffic was almost none. Seldom, there were a few lorry's here and there. It was an amazing feeling, when i realized that I was on the trip. Alas, We enter God's own country ! Wayanad !

Ding Dong: 12:30 PM : We reached Sulthan Bathery. Yahooooooooooooooo. Met Fred's friends, reach the hotel. Rohan was hungry. Nitin wanted to save ourselves by feeding him, before he turns to be a cannibal. Some one gives a chilled idea of having chilled beer before lunch. There you go, guyz got sprit from no where and 10 mts from there, there was a carton of beer. lol Done with it, we head directly to the restaurant. Food was surprisingly amazing. We were all full till neck. With less or no breathing room to do any thing, we all crash by 2:30 PM...................

Ding Dong: 5:30 PM : Yes, Alarms start to ring by 5:00 PM, 5:15 PM, 5:30 PM.... mmmmhmmm... No one was bothered. Finally we got ready by 6:15 PM, decided to go in to the woods. 6 of us and 3 of Fred's friends join us with a Ferrari Red Palio 1.2. It looked spanking new ! Later I learnt that, he was damaged badly and just came back from Garage. Now let that be aside, bought booze and sat near a flowing stream in the woods. Sun had already slept... 15 Mts down the line from then, we were warned about elephants that way. The car's alarm went off. To save stuff and us, decided to relocate. We head to the border, settled on the Bridge in pitch dark. Spent another 2 hours there, talking home, ghost and bull stories there. After a while, we head to see some wild friends of Jogy in the forest. We spotted a Samba Deer and no luck further. It was already 9.00 PM and we decided to go back to the hotel. You know that, Rohan is hungry again. On the way back, people turned to be Michael Shumacker's. I should admit that, I was scared on each and every turn. Hmmm... Almost 15 KM's drive from the Hotel. Reached straight the restaurant, ordered for Heap of maida made paratha's, Chicken stuff & Beef Stuff. It was extraordinary, stomach & heart filling dinner. Filled gas and we head to the hotel. Have not i told you the secret yet? yeah, tomorrow we are going
to Ooty ! yeah. 6:00 AM we start.

It was 10:30 PM when I heard Rohan & Vinay snoring away to glory !

Usual Dialogs:
Jogy: " I want to buy a sports bike "
Jai: " Hmmm... Whom am I sitting with now? "
Nitin: " Jogy is Crazy "
Rohan: " I want to reduce my weight, I can't stop eating. Is there a way? "
Vinay: " My bike can take a bullet "
Fred: " Come on Boy's let's go ! "
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Smile Day 2: Contd...... Part A:

Day 2: 21st May 2007
Route: Sulthan Batheri - Devar Shola - Gudalur - Theppakad - Masinagudi - Ooty.

Ding Dong: 4:30 AM : Got up, got ready in 30 minutes. Jogy had to use special kung fu techniques to wake Nitin and our Great Rohan. Fred wont budge for any of those techniques. Finally after tremendous efforts, we hit the road by 6:15 AM. We left all our so called belongings in the room. It was too good to travel without any strings of my bag attached to me. I sat behind Jogy. Fred heading us & Vinay with Nitin was behind. Winding roads were too good. It was all green & foggy all the way ! This was one of the best starts. I could have never enjoyed this feel, if I were on a car... I forgot to mention, I had a bad accident 2.5 years when I was riding a bike. Since then, I had never ridden or sat on a bike. Hmmm... I am sure I loved this trip. 45 minutes from then, we reach Tamil Nadu border... There were no proper boards. CM Mr.M.K is too busy in Chennai and has no time to paint these sign boards. Our gang leader Fred, who hails from Karnataka takes the honor to clean the Welcome to Tamil Nadu hoarding. I duly thank him for this act. Rohan (Our official photographer) freezes the scene in his camera. Nitin, Vinay, Me & Jogy pose like wild boars.

Ding Dong: 8:30 AM: We reached Gudalur. It's a very small town. I come from Coimbatore and I have never been here. Always had a perception that Gudalur was a big town. We were hungry, found a joint for Breakfast. Done with it. We roar towards Theppakad. Roads were good. We encountered 2 elephants on the way, they were grazing and Rohan exchanged sign language, freezes a picture (I don't know if it's the front or the back side of the elephant). Also we spotted a Wild Boar !

Rohan's weight paid off !

(I don't know if it's the front or the back side of the elephant) lol.

Ding Dong: 9:30 AM: We reached Theppakad. Saw 3 tamed elephants in the Camp. From here to the Ghat section start, the roads were very narrow and tiring. We had the sprits from no where and passing masinagudi, we head to climb. I have driven in this Ghat before and as expected Jogy was pretty disappointed with the performance of his bike during up hill. The ride rule was bent now, Fred and Vinay use to wait for us when we slowly climb and reach them. We stopped at least 4 or 5 times in between. One exhilarating experience I must say...

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Smile Day 2: Contd.. : Part B

Ding Dong: 10:00 AM: From there we reach Ooty finally.

It was one day after the flower show, so it was crowded. Some Minister's visit to that place and traffic was havoc. We head to botanical garden and wait for Fred's Friend (Colin) to pickus up to his garage. 45 mts down the line, Colin arrives on a bull, which looked extraordinary for my group and some thing from the space for me. Colin addresses his bike as "Fella". " Oh yeah this fella had been to Himalayas a couple of times ", Oops ! that gave us a shiver in the spine, If not for our gang, at least for me ! From there, he takes us to his Garage. On the way, we stop for Cigarette and tea. I must admit, tea in Ooty is good. What we saw in his garage was mind blowing. I am not going to write any thing about it. Let the pictures talk....


Colin's Bike.

Ding Dong: 2:30 PM: We bid a good bye to Colin's Dad and Colin. All of us were hungry. We find a decent restaurant and order food. By 3:00 PM, we were all set to go back ! We had plans of doing some off road and dumped the idea ASAP. As it was a serious threat to Fred's bike with 100 Kgs of Good health. We switch pillions, I sat with Vinay and Nitin with Jogy. We
stopped in several places during our climb down, taking photographs. We saw a herd of Samba deer & Wild Bison. Started to hunt for a place after Gudalur, where we could rest for a while. No luck for the next 40 minutes. Then, finally Nitin spotted a place between Bamboo shoot. We parked our bikes, sat there / slept there. We start from Gudalur outskirts by 6:00 PM. It was already dark. Bike rule bill was in place again. Reached Devarshola check post by 7:00 PM. Another 25 KM for our hotel at Sulthan Bathery.

Ding Dong: 7:45 PM: We reached our hotel at Sulthan Bathery. We were exhausted. We really were. After a small talk, I skipped
dinner & crashed by 9:00 PM or so. People opened booze I guess. It was a long day. I know tomorrow is going to be the longest
one too.
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Smile Day 3: Contd....

Day 3: 22nd May, 2007.

Route: Sultan Bathery. - Gundulpet - Mysore- Mandya - Maddur - Bangalore.

Beep Beep Beep : 4:30 AM: Alarm rang. No one wanted to get up. No one wanted to go back to the expensive state. No one wanted to shell out extra 5 bucks for every liter of petrol. No one wanted to pay extra money for no or less quality food. No one wanted to hear horn sounds and auto wala's pat pat (no more tuk tuk). No one wanted to be boxed in an Air conditioned cubicle. No ! No ! No ! But do we have a choice?? Guess not ! No kung fu techniques. We all were ready, vacated the room and
started journey back to Bangalore by 6:30 AM Sharp. It was not very foggy like yesterday. Driving in those roads were like you were trespassing heaven. No wonder they have a apt phrase " Gods Own Country ! "

Ding Dong: 8:30 AM: We stopped for Breakfast in Gundulpet. Had the usual stuff and got out of the hotel. I saw this one parked out of the hotel. Yeah, Toyota Land cruiser.

Fred was complaining about his bike with 105 KGS of goodness. It was drinking fuellike, if there was no tomorrow. We fill petrol and start again.

Ding Dong: 9:15 AM: We ride towards Mysore. Sun was in an angry mood. Traffic was heavy. Roads were narrow. It was dry. Nothing more to write about this stretch.

Ding Dong: 10:00 AM: We reached Mysore outskirts and find the ring road. It was a amazing drive from then. Quiet a few speed breakers to check, if every thing is okay. By the time we realized we needed a break, we were in Mandya.

Ding Dong: 11:00 AM: Gulped tender coconut water and headed towards Bangalore. Roads were extremely good. Drive was good. Fred was pushing the bike to the Limits. Jogy was already doing it. Vinay was checking on Jogy, if every thing was okay. I saw passing Wonder la & an another recreational place. Reached Kengeri signal by 11:40. Traffic was tight.

Ding Dong: 12:10 PM: I got down near K.R. Market and caught an Auto to BTM. 1:00 PM I crashed.
9:00 PM: @ office, except for Nitin, we condemn Jogy for each and every action done by him during the Trip....

Extreme caution was taken, be it riding, parking or over taking.
No riders went overboard on booze.
No road rage, No speeding & followed traffic rules appropriately.

One amazing trip. Will never ever be forgotten in my life..........

PS: Mods, i dont have the thumbnail option in Photobucket. I apologize for posting pictures directly.
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Very nice report......and good pics also to support it.....you must have a gala of good time......
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awesome man!!!!i am sure you all must have enjoyed a lot.
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Awesome ride and nice pics...You people might have a gala time...Reminded me of my Mangalore & Pondi trip which I did by bike a couple of years ago....

One query, How is the Ooty to Gudalur stretch? Did u do that route in the return journey or came back through the Masinagudi route?


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@nevertouchme ..awesome man awesome , reminds me of my 6 days south india ride last december, these memories last for a lifetime . Man time to hit the roads again .
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Your pics tell the whole story. A fantastic trip well recorded.
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@nevertouchme.. Fantastic report!! Excellent!
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That day I too rode till Mandya CCD as it was a great day for biking. Should have met you earlier that day. Need to read this later as pix are blocked here and hence didnt have fun.
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interesting pix.

thats the elephants trunk...ok..face

and do you have more details about colin's bull?

and one of the sprokes broke?
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Jai, nice write-up, and nice pics. As someone said, time i hit the roads again. Biking is beyond my prime now, and so car it will be.
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Awesome pics and I am sure you guys had good fun Jai. It's the sudden trips that turn out to be so much fun huh?

Makes me want to go riding in the hills again.
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Guyz, Thanks for all your words !

@Low bass : Sure we did...

@Abhi: Bhai, both ways we did only the Masinagudi route. We we informed that Ooty - Gudalur stretch is pathetic. We did not want to hurt our back sides ! lol

@ Esteem: Thanks man !

@ Jk: Not my mistake. I did inform you prior ! that's okay. June 2nd or 3rd week, we shall gow. Well, about colins bike, he does not have 1... lol would be amazed if you want to know how many he has. Starts from 1949 BSA, 2 RD 350's, A diesel one, 2 or 3 500's and 4 or 5 350's. I dont have a count. But come to my place this week end, have all the pics to show ya.

@benbsb29: Thanks a ton Bro. Yeah, zak has a trip in pipe line. I am in. May be you could join too. Check for the thread named " are we ready for the hills?".
P.S: Your ikon (jwel violet) is cute.

@ Sri : Yeah, had enuf fun. Oh yeah, i am always ready. Get hold of the shogun that you restored....

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