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Default 3000 km trip...in one weeek

The Prologue

so it all stared when my dad told that we all will go for a shorttrip.As we never did a looong trip in our scorpio,so this time we planned to go, my dad is a bussiness man normally he never gets time for to go for tours and all.so this time he took time of week..

The Planning

so we planned to go to oooty first then to kearala(eranakulam) and on returning we thought of goin to tirupathi

The journey

on sunday after noon we stared our trip..me my brothers dad and mom..went to petrol bunk filled up the tank..till the tip
here our journey stared i was the one driving it was preety nice the vechicle got recently serviced it toook 1 hour to come out of the city limits..then after touching the high way we cruised took the vechicle at around 100 to 120 mostly was enjoying the drive the...aoud 9 pm we reached putaparthi. actually it was not part of out plan but we stared late so at was already 9 when we reached putaparthi..and banglore was more 140 km far from their, we didnt want to drive in the night so we halted their in AP tourism hotel punnami it was so nice....


then next day morning we got up took bath..we to see swamiji..sat in the ashram for around 2 hours but bad luck swamiji didnt come out...
we stared from their at around 11 like that reached banglore around 2pm like that .then we straight headed to iskan temple..but it was closed at thattime they said it will get opeend at 4 like that so...mean while we thought of roaming in the city and have lunch at nice hotel..and near the temple we hired a guide as we donno the routes in the city...went to a nice restaurant to have lunch..after having lunch roamed in the city.. i really liked the citynice roads ..it is so planned...the traffic also moves quickely.after roaming in the city we reached the temple ..went inside ..after the darshan ..we stared off to mysore at around 7pm like that here are the pics takin before starting to mysore.

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04449tb2.jpg

banglore tp mysore road was really nice with divders and lightining ..took that beast up to 130km/h as my dad was telling me to go slow..so didnt thought of going more then that.so on the way meet an innova guy was irritating me so i also irritated him for som time by not giving him side.. then at a junction that guy took left turn and went off now the road was empty didnt find any vechicles near by....so reached mysore by 10pm ..after reaching we checked in to a hotel donno the name it was a nice hotel..

tuesday :
went to see the mysore palace and some other places their in mysore..first we went to the badrakali temple their it was on a mountain had some ghat roand s and all.. here i took a nice pic of a monkey drinking frooty

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04477nv5.jpg

[COLOR=#333333]ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04474pf0.jpg[/COLOR]


so after seeing the mysore palace we stared to otty..at around 4 like thatas it was full of ghat roads we wanted to reach ooty before it gets dark.we reached the bandipur forest at 5:45pm and paid 30/- at the check post their .. the roads we so nice really tempted me to go fast but it was forest and their were steep turns didnt took any chances on the way saw deers, peacocks and ..and slowey reached out side the forest reached another check post it was the border ..that fellow took my name and vechicle number and told me too take some route and told it is the short cut route to oooty ..then we reached a junction..their were two routes ..one was the short one so we opted to go in thatway..it was a 30 km ghat road i guess....it has 36 hair pin bend roads was so dangers and it also started raining slowely

will continue the rest later..............

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You long distance drivers are really slugging it out, what ?! A 4000 kms Alto, another 950 km Alto and now a 3000 km Scorpio !
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Mag, during my trip to Kerala from Bangalore last Christmas, when we started out, my car had done just 3K kms. When we got back, it was close to 5800 kms. All that in just 10 days.

i really liked the citynice roads ..it is so planned...the traffic also moves quickely.after roaming in the city we reached the temple ..
zenopio, were you referring to Bangalore here? Strange, i must say. Anyone who stays here would agree that the traffic here hardly moves, and is also quite unruly. I personally used to feel that traffic moved faster in Hyderabad.
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so their were 36 hair pin bends..really scary and it stared raining at that time i when i completed the ghta section lastly their was a steeep road.. here at one stage i by mistake put the 3rd gear instead of 1 st gear ..man the car stopped at that moment i really got pissed of put the hand braks and revved and removed the leg from braks th car was moving back words thank god i finally i got through it..then we reached ooty by 7pm ..then we got in to a h otel named LAKE VIEW it was nice one.took reast that night ..


the day was so bright in the morning itself it was sunny really liked the climate.

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04529nn7.jpg

after having break fast we all set to rome in ooty went to the dolphine nose. man it was so fogggy and the roads were also so thin only i car can pass at a time ..the road was not at all visible at the top ..i managed and we finally reached the point..bad luck counldt see any thing as it was figgy...:( it was too early to go their i felt it would have been nice in the after noon i guess..

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04531ax3.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04533cc9.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04535zg7.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04538uu3.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04541ya7.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04555px9.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04567eb0.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04569aj4.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04570bb7.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04574vz5.jpg
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zenopio@- Nice Travelogue and excellent pictures.

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Originally Posted by zenopio View Post
so their were 36 hair pin bends..really scary
I've heared a lot about these hair pin bends. While going to Nandi hills we get some steep curves. How difficult are the curves in ooty than in Nandi Hills (Just to get an idea)?
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How difficult are the curves in ooty than in Nandi Hills (Just to get an idea)?
naah dont compare these two. Ooty is bliss and yes I mean real curves .

Nandi hills is nowhere close to the ghat section here. I would rather do a comparision between the Wayanad-Calicut ghats and the Ooty ghats.

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