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Default Bangalore-UA-Bangalore 17 day pilgrimage tour in a Safari

This trip plan started 3-4 months back, initially we had a plan to visit Leh. Then we talked to our parents about the trip and my father suggested for the pilgrimage (UA) trip along with them and so we decided for this UA trip.
Vehicle: Safari Dicor LX 4x2
Members: Me, my wife, son (2.5 yrs), younger brother (Avi) , his wife, youngest brother (Surajit).
Drivers: Me & younger brother, youngest brother (if requires).
Good Sleeping arrangement for the members with soft bags, sleeping bags & pillows. My wife & son will be in last compartment, while I’ll be on wheel my co-driver will be Surajit (youngest brother -at night most of the time he’ll be co-driver irrespective of driver) and Avi & his wife will be on second compartment., and it’ll be vice versa when Avi will be driving( 1st & 2nd row will be interchanged). It also decided we won’t push too hard (leisurely drive) since kid is with us and we’ll take stops as and when required.

Day1(24th May 2007-ThursDay)
After waiting so long and plenty of planning, discussion..we are starting our journey today @9 PM from our Bannerghatta road house in Bangalore for a 17 day long driving/pilgrimage tour..little bit apprehensive. The plan is to reach Haridwar on Saturday(26th May) night or Sunday(27th May) morning without night halt and there we’ll meet with our parents who left by train on 23rd May and will be taking some rest @ Haridwar . Only at Haridwar we did advance booking for our parents.
Thanks to NICE we took Peripheral ring road (PRR) towards Tumkur road and reached Nelamangala (outskirts of Bangalore) @10-15PM. It was amazing within 1 hour we traveled from extreme south of Bangalore to extreme north of Bangalore.

Day2(25th May 2007)
Day broke somewhere after Belgaum. Pleasant morning and this is our 2nd full night (1st one was earlier Goa trip) driving and 1st in this trip. Just before Maharatra border we stopped for breakfast/Tea in an A1 plaza. After bath (it took us almost 2 hours) we started our journey again.
In Maharastra(GQ):

We crossed Karad around 10AM, had lunch in Pune and joined express way around 3 PM, we entered Thane around 4 PM. After some enquiry about direction to Ghodbunder road.. traffic was slow till Ghodbunder road, once we are at Ghodbunder road traffic eased out. Joined Mumbai –Delhi (NH-8) around 5-30 PM, had snacks and continued. Some where near Surat we took dinner @10-40PM.

Day3(26th May 2007)
All night with some slow moving traffic we reached Baroda- Ahmedabad expressway early in the morning and reached Ahmeadabad @5-40AM. We missed the bypass road & headed straight to Ahmedabad, it didn’t took much time to cross it early in the morning and reached Rajasthan border @8AM. The landscape changed and traffic was less comfortably we were cruising around 100-120KM. We took lots of break and reached Chittorgarh for lunch, joined GQ in the afternoon. The landscape was arid, trees are bushy short, windy, dusty, altogether it was different exp, crossed Jaipur around evening. Here we decided not to drive straight to Delhi, instead we’ll take some time off in Dhaba so that we don’t have to venture into UP at night. So we stopped in a dhaba @8Pm, informed our parents about our whereabouts and told them to book 2 more rooms for tomorrow in the same hotel they are staying(today only they reached there). We left Dhaba @11-30PM,got some rest in those Choupaya’s.

Day4(27th May 2007)
We reached Delhi outskirts around 3 AM, after some enquiry we reached Yamuna bridge around 4AM and there I had to bribe police. Incident is like this: While coming out we stopped in a signal and after it’s green we followed UP registered Ascent, then suddenly 2 police came in a bike and asked us to stop, we stopped, he told since we jumped the signal we’ve to pay 500/- as fine, when we countered that we’ve not jumped, only after it became green we started and we were not the first car to cross the signal(there were 2-3 cars before us). Then he suddenly changed his tune & told you have put Sunfilm and its illegal in Delhi, for that you need to pay 1600/-, I told him we are just passing by and we were about the law here.. my family members insisted to settle the matter and proceed. So I told “Sir” let’s settle it, then he very politely asked me 200/- for 2 persons and I paid him 100/- and told “please Sir issi mein kam chala lo”. That guy agreed & we proceeded, almost 100mtr from there some 4-5 policeman asked us to stop again, in the same time those 2 policeman in bike came and told to their collogues that “Sir ji ka sab kuch thik hai” and asked us to proceed. Anyway after that ordeal we came out of Delhi around 5AM and soon we are crossing Meerut and after that light snacks and reached Hardwar hotel around 10AM, where our parents are staying. Took some rest, went to take bath in Ganga (its walk able from our Hotel) and took lunch around 1 PM and gone to bed. After 2 hours sleep, we hired an auto and visited some temples, evening we went for Ganga arati...By hiring auto we made a wise decision, afterwards we realized, there was huge jam on the NH, so the auto zip zapped and took us through some short cuts to our destinations. Returned to hotel around 9-30 PM had dinner and good night sleep.

Day5(28th May 2007)
Still we are in plane, today our plan is to visit Rishikesh and drive towards Yamunotri. We started around 8 AM, through some fine meadows, around 9-30 AM after parking our vehicle in the Ganga shore we were on the way to Lachmanjhula, hired one guide and visited some temples, govt authorized shop for rudraksh. There we met one good soul: upon knowing that we came all the
Way from Bangalore to visit Char dham by Vehicle, he enquired about our driver. I told him we driven our own without extra driver, then he enquired about any exp in driving UA/HP. Since we didn’t have any he suggested either hire 1 driver or drive carefully stick to the left- even if deep gorge is in that side, specially at the bend. No matter how deserted the road is you never know who is at the other end. It helped me a lot, after wards in our journey I noticed in this part of the world
people doesn't honk much even at the dangerous curve, so I followed the rule while driving in the mountains through out and mostly avoided any surprise appearance of oncoming vehicles.
From Rishikesh we started our journey upwards towards Yamunotri around 12-30 PM and had lunch @Narendrapur. We drove through some scenic mountain ranges. Visited Kunju rani devi temple (its famous, from the place we took lunch they suggested to visit the place)..its worthy to visit.. steep ascent . There were around 260 steps, that will take you to the temple and from top of the mountain/temple one can see Rishikesh town & river Ganga's path, it looks amazing.

The temple gate:

Bird's eye view(Rishikesh),was cloudy:

Time is going very fast, we found ourselves way behind our schedules, no way we could able to reach Dharasu. In between we experienced some new fruits.. donno the name..good bird's view of Tehri Dam..River Ganga is giving us company..its amasing to drive in these terrain. Its 7-20 PM, still some day light exist.. soon it'll dark and we don't have much exp to drive at night, more over we were bit sceptical about our night halt..with family, kid, old parents. Started driving faster, we can see some lights at some distance away, thought we'll be searching some hotel there and what ever we are getting we'll be staying .. suddenly after one bend we found two buses created jam..it turned out one bus is trying to park their vehicle in front of a hotel. Soon some boys from the hotel started enquiring about the lodging requirement and to our relief it turned out be decent accomodation (new hotel starting) and offering cheap we booked ganga facing rooms, below mighty Ganga is flowing, as night is progressing..we can hear the roar distinctively.The place called "Pipal Mandi" much before the place where we thought of staying (distance we saw the lights). From the same hotel we had Dinner, it was decent. Between the bus parked in front of the hotel, they left, it seemed hotel is costly and subsequently we found most of the cars hotel people were stoping, after hearing the rate, they were going away. We found it is quite cheap 300/- for a 2 bed room. Anyway next day we planned early morning start, went to bed around 10-30 PM.

Some snaps:

My son wanted to drive:

Day6(29th May 2007)
Our plan was to start 5 AM, but could only start around 6AM. Morning was chill, we could clearly see Ganga is flowing below, the view was awesome and good to hear the flowing sound. Today we'll try to visit Yamunotri(1st of the Chardham).. started in high spirit. Reached HanumanChatti in good time, some how squizzed into Ranachati (Very big jam), about to reach Janakichati(the road ends and trekking route starts from this point)..Vehicle wont move forward.. we had the leave/park it in the narrow road and head towards Yamunotri..little bit apprehensive about the parking(it turned out wrong thing we did), that was very narrow road..it was around 12PM. Just before Janakichatti, there was landslide and police was not allowing anybody go in/come out. Earth movers are at work..police told it may take another 3-4 hours..we thought of waiting for some time..in between my father told he won't come..instead he'll go back to the car and take rest..we were hungry too..what ever food we had almost exhausted..started raining..we had to head back towards car and decided tonight we'll try to stay at Ranachati and next day morning we'll visit Yamunotri.

Yamunotri from a distance:

Head back towards the vehicle. At our surprise we saw our co-driver side mirror is
uprooted..it became pendulam..upon enquiring we came to know that some vehicle is dashed it (we've not folded it--forgot,had to pay the price). Now we were exhausted..hungry..couldn't hold the culprit..had to go for nearest to fill the stomach..so we headed for ranachatti. Surprise..surprise..gear is not falling while engine is on..I had to switch it off, then put in gear and drove till the hotel..1st gear drive was not a problem. We enquired about food, hotel,mechanic.. since it was around 2 Pm , food is not avbl..it has to be cooked, will take 30 min..so we gave order.. and searched for hotel..its avbl..mechanic is not avbl..we've to head back towards Barkot..there we may find some mechanic..tried to call TATA service center..mobile signal is not avbl..landline gone dead for few days. So we decided we'll head towards Barkot..and decide there..what need to be done. With great difficulty I drove in 1st gear only till Barkot(almost 35 KM--its never ending)..we reached Barkot..searched for mechanic and nearby we booked room..after unloading we took the vehicle to the mechanic's place. We explanined the problem, he also tried and told its cluth problem..since Safaris spare is not avbl here..next day morning he has to open cluth plate area..it may take 2-3 hours..then we've to go to Dehradun to get the parts(5 hours journey by bus-140KM)and 3rd day vehicle will be ready..it was major disapointment..we enquired whether any problem will be created if we drive in this condition.. he replied negative. While coming back from the mechanic's place, it looked like the problem solved. Even though problem solved we contacted TATA service center in Dehradun and explained the problem we faced..they insisted to bring the vehicle for inspection..So its decided next day morning we all will be heading Moosorie/'Kempty falls..unload everything in a hotel there..leave family members for sight seeing..me and my younger brother will head towards Dehradun.

Day7(30th May 2007)
Morning while starting the vehicle I faced same yesterday's problem..even my mother is not feeling well, so its decided.. me and younger brother will head towards Dehradun..while other family members will stay back @ Barkot..explore sorroundings. So me and my younger brother started for Dehradun around 5-30 AM..Driving 1st gear only..after crossing 30-40KM..gear started falling properly..so we found if vehicle is on roll for say 30-40KM it'll be fine its own. Started driving fast to compensate the first 2 hours..the road was beautiful..faced some jam @Moosorie..crossed Kempty falls..reached Service center @Dehradun around 11 AM. We told about the problem..promptly it was assigned to one service engineer..but since all the vehicle lifter were engaged, we had to wait for another 1-30 hrs. Finally just before one of the lifter were free..and the work started..the problem found..cluth plate burnt..it was changed..since it was within waranty..we didn't had to pay a single penny..but after completing all the formalities we got the vehicle @5-30PM exact..we had to drive back 140KM..unknown mountain road..some where road might be closed for the night(checkposts).. after certain time(I heard from our hotelwala @Barkot it is 8PM) vehicles are not allowed..Even at the service station manager advised not to venture in the mountain roads so late..instead stay in a hotel at Dehradun and start early in the morning..but we thought lets give a try, since we are already 2 days behind schedule..So its been decided where ever police stops us, we'll stay in the vehicle itself-had enough water, try to arrange some food and wait for day break..service manager adviced us to take lil bit longer but faster and lonlier route..so we started our journey through Herbertpur-Vikashnagar-Barkot..while getting in the mountain road around 6-30PM..police
stopped us and enquired about our destination, route knowledge..we told him and he allowed us proceed..once we are in the mountain road road is almost deserted..very few vehicles are plying.. one place one bike with 2 adults and 1 kid stopped us..they asked not to venture in the road, shown us some some stone is falling from the top(we also noticed)..there was some big rock too..we waited for 2-3 min..it'll be dark soon..then we decided lets speed pass that area..just when it looked almost stoped press the acclerator hard to cross that area..while crossing we heard thug sound..afterwards we recognised its a small stone fallen in the bonnet..after crossing that area.. we drove continously till Barkot..road was very lonely..high speed wind was blowing, specially at the bends..slight dizzle..at last we reached the hotel around 9-30PM. After reaching hotel we found My mother was not well through out the day..from eveining she recovered a lot..family members visited one
nearby temple & explored surroundings. Next day we planned to head towards Gangotri and we'll start around 9 AM.

Day8(31st May 2007)
Today we drove lesurely, plenty of stops..took short cut route..some where we crossed the Tehri dam bridge..it was a suspension bridge..one vehicle at a time can cross..we thoght of taking snaps..but became dark..so we continued and reached Ghansyali for the night stay.

Day9(1st June 2007)
Drive till Gangotri was pleasant..through devdar forest..beside Ganga river bank..some small/big water falls.. even one glacier beside the road..good vistas..we reached Gangotri around 6-30PM..promptly my younger brother bokked one hotel..parked the vehicle in the road itself in front of the hotel only..Hotelwala told us we've to pay some to poilce to keep the vehicle safe and within the gate..after refreshing ourselves, went for aarti to the temple its walkable from the Hotel..we were there for almost an hour had darshan..came back..police came..we paid 200/- for 2 nights and 2 days parking..had Dinner..our guide came for tomorrows trekking to Gaumukh..its decided 500/- we needed to pay him + all his food and staying expenses.. afterwards we were regretting about hiring the guide..since it is simple straight forward route. Anyway its decided we 3 brothers will visit the Gaumukh which is 18KM away..rest of the family members will stay back hotel take rest..visit temple and absorb the surroundings..we'll start around 7-30AM.

On the way to Gangotri:

My youngest brother

Day10(2nd June 2007)
As decided yesterday..our guide came around 7AM and we 3 brothers started our 18KM trek towards Gaumukh @7-30AM sharp..the plan is to visit Gaumukh and stay at Bhojbasa..as we entered the trail..we could see the temple in the daylight..it looks awesome..sourroundings are
beautiful..tall snow covered peaks in clear blue backdrop.
On the trail:

Me & younger bro:

First 2 hours we covered good
distance..we met some yatri's..some were visiting just Gaumukh..some were heading beyond it Nandanvan, Tapovan etc..some mule's carrying yatris..some sanyasi's coming down or some going up..anyway after 2 hours we started taking frequent breaks..crossed some streams by walking on the logs(that laid on them)..crossed one Glaciar as well.

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Default Bangalore-UA-Bangalore 17 day pilgrimage tour in a Safari

On the trail:

In between my youngest brother had some problem in his shoe..and in the next stop (Chirbasa-halfway mark) we decided to search for a mule for him..we found..but the guy was not willing to come alone..he wanted we have to take one more..that we didn't wanted at that point of time..its decided my bro will wear slipper instead and accordingly we started. Now he is fine..but the trek started taking toll on us..me, youngest feeling the pinch..younger bro is bit fitter..anyway we crossed more than 1 KM just before Bhojbasa(4 KM before Gaumukh) non stop..it is landslide zone..we also noticed loose gravels..any moments they can fall..after reaching Bhojbasa I had 15 min nap..so tired we were..had lunch & decided to hire mule for the rest of our journey to Gaumukh and back to Chirbasa(Half way mark)..so that next it won't be too hectic to reach Gangotri before noon. We reached Gaumukh around 3-30 PM, we were there for almost an hour and after that we started our return journey..while coming back it was
windy..4-5 places in the landslide zone path was covered with loose gravel..and these are narrow as well..we heard some horror story's from the muleboy..we were very scared while crossing this place..mules were very good on deciding which stone to put their foot so they wont displace..the muleboy left the mule and followed it..somehow we reached Chirbasa..still some left..outside is very chill..we decided to carry on..it was descent and we covered a good distance and decided to stay at Devgarh just 4.5KM before Gangotri..slowly it became dark..we took out our torch and started walking..its almost deserted..sometimes mule groups are returning from Gangotri..our guide told stay together..earlier we saw deers are roaming in this route..and it is part of national park..atlast around 8-30PM we reached Devgarh..there for night stay and dinner they
used to charge 60/- per head..we had good dinner..went for sleep.

On the way to Gaumukh:


Return journey:

Day11, 12 & 13(3, 4 & 5th June 2007)
We didn't have very good sleep yesterday night..outside it was very chill..we woke up around 5AM and witnessed the first light of the day in the peaks..it was awesome..started our journey back to Gangotri hotel @5-20AM after a cup of tea.
Place where we stayed

First sunshine:

Reached hotel @7AM..family members were pleasantly surprised by seeing us so early(we suppose to reach by 12 noon)..anyway everybody got up.. freshen up for the journey towards Kedarnath..we could start only at 9-30AM..it was pleasant driving..had lunch @uttarkahi..after waiting for 2 hours in queue to reach Gaurikund..we reached Soneprayag around 5 PM..there one hotelwala approached us, had a look to his rooms and decided to stay there and next day early morning will start for Kedarnath..after unloading some bags and little bit freshning up we headed for TriyugiNarayan (Shiva, Parvati got married here and Vishnu solmonised the marriage)
around 6-30 PM..it was 11KM journey..we reached there around 7PM..after performing puja there..headed back to our hotel for the night around 8-30 PM..its decided we'll woke up 3AM and by 4 AM we will be in vehicle queue, so that we can reach Keadarnath early and comeback to hotel by evening..
Next day morning we woke up at 3AM, but my son(2.5 years old) started crying(stomaches)..he had some problem..we waited till 6AM but no improvement..decided stay back today..as day progreses he recovered bit..we took my son to one medical shop there..as par locals he is the only doctor available there, we explained the problem..told about the medicines we are carrying..he gave 2 medicines and asked us to continue one of our medicine, after lunch he is fully fit..we went see the
prayag(Sone Ganga and Mandakini) in the late afternoon..it is just 0.5KM walkable distance from our hotel..Mandakini's bluish water is facinating to watch..after spending some time in the prayag we headed back to hotel and decided to excute today's plan for tomorrow.
Next day we woke up early..put our vehicle in queue @5AM..as we were waiting for the gate to open (Green signal for the vehicles to move up towards Gaurikund), noticed one tyre got puncture..changed the tyre then and there..after waiting almost an hour around 6-30AM we came out of the gate..after barely 4 KM..we found all the vehicle perking is full..police is telling to drop the passengars at Gaurikund and park the vehicle at Soneprayag..let the driver take the vehicle when darshan is over to pick us up..we told since we don't have any driver,we all will be going for darshan..can he permit us to park in the roadside (some more vehicles were parked there with driver though)..he agreed for Rs300/- and promised vehicle will be safe..paid the money..went for Kedarnath darshan through narrow lane of Gaurikund..after reaching the mulestand..I was quite
amased to see so many mule waiting for the yatri..we boarded on 7 mules started our journey towards Kedarnath..reached Rambara(mid point) had some snax..sourroundings are awesome..some falls on the way..some of them are frozen..some glaciar..aweinspiring view of Kedarnath..the old people walking for their faith..around 2PM we were in the queue for the
darshan..got darshan around 3-30PM and had lunch @4PM..reached hotel @9-30PM..everyone was very tired..we had dinner and crushed on bed.

Day14(6th June 2007)
We started late from Soneprayag for our return journey around 11 AM..repaired our puncture..we had tubeless puncture kit with us but couldn't remove the nail from the tyre, the puncturewala removed the nail and with the help of our puncture kit he repaired..we had lunch in a road side hotel, the hotel(only one in that place) situated in a good viewing point..its in a bend..sheer drop on all side(except road side)..we reached Ghairsain for the night stay (the worst hotel we stayed in our

Day15(7th June 2007)
Morning around 6-30AM we started our today's journey, we crossed Ranikhet around 9 AM and continued towards Agra, found road detoriated considerably as we entered UP. We took Bareily-Budaun-Soron road,just 12KM before entering Soron road improved,new road laying started. It's very hot, we could hardly cross 350KM's today. Evening we reached Soron and decided to call it
a day. Only accomodation available is in Dharamsala, we decided to stay there. Its dart cheap for a cottage 1B/R(attached Bathroom)+Hall+Kitchen its just Rs150/-. We were the only occupants there that day, the old caretaker shown us other 6 bathing rooms and toilets, which we can make use if requires. Its clean and well maintained.

Day16(8th June 2007)
We started early today @4AM first destination is Agra, we thought of taking Eta route, but one truck broke down just inside a narrow railway under bridge, so we took Hathras road. Today we've to reach Jhansi before 2 PM, as my parents will be catching train from there to Bangalore. Though train was at 3PM, we wanted take lunch together & see them off after that. Around 8-30 AM we are crossing Taj, we thought of visiting it, but due to time consideration & more its Friday(it suppose to be close). We continued towards Gwalior..through Chambal ghati(valley)..Landscape is totally different..highly uneven barren earth..and reached Jhansi well in advance around 1 PM. In this route 4 lane work started and almost fully upto Gwalior its 4 laned. We had very good lunch..headed towards Railway station..the train left around 3-15 PM, we started our journey around 3-45PM only towards Sagar. Road is Ok, traffic is almost nil..outside is very hot. We reached Sagar around 6PM and decided to call it a day(we didn't want to drive at night in this lonely stretch) and decided next day we'll give our vehicle for servicing.. contacted the dealer and the representative promised us by 1 PM they'll give back our vehicle. Stayed in a hotel for the night.

Day17 & 18(9 & 10th June 2007)
Today by 10 AM we are at dealer's place(as they used to work 10-6), that time we were the first customer for the day..very few mechanic reached for their work..by seeing their working style..we assesed they'll take more time than promised 1 PM delivery..anyway the manager again promised he'll deliver before lunch..we went back to hotel..took some rest as today after getting the vehicle we'll have nonstop(no hotel stay) drive upto Bangalore.. got a call from dealer's place and informed
since power is not there they won't be able to clean inside..I told its OK..just clean outside..and give the vehicle in your promised time..they agreed..I decided to get the vehicle, so I left bit early had my lunch..and reached the dealer's place sharp 1 PM..and amased to see the vehicle is not cleaned.. people gone for lunch..I met with the manager and remined him the promise..his excuse is..after calling me..power came and he decided to give us a clean vehicle from inside out..so they
cleaned inside first(if power goes!!)..after lunch they'll clean outside on priority and give me at the earliest possible..at last I got the vehicle @3PM..reached hotel in another 15 min..everything packed..took shower.. and started @4PM towards Lakhnadon..now we took much talked about road..little bit apprehensive though about the road condition..started late with family..have to travel 197KM to reach Lakhnadon(NH-7 decent road)..the road is OK..potholes patched up..lonely..once in a while we can see private cars coming..so roads ahead is navigable..some places road work(North-South corridor) is in good progress..we continued till Narsinghpur and found road is Ok..nothing to worry..as evening is approaching fast..we entered the jungle and hill..highway became 1 laner road..we heard "Pen tiger reserve" is some where nearby..once in a while vehicle is passing by..we continued and reached Lakhnadon around 8-30PM..had dinner..and started around 10PM only.. continued towards Nagpur..after crossing Nagpur we took a wrong turn..15KM extra we travelled..as we noticed came back to the point and continued towards Hyderabad..Day broke after Adilabad..some greenary/jungle..we had very good breakfast in a road side shop and its very cheap..through out AP we had good tea too..reached Hyderabad for the Lunch..had Chicken Dum biriyani..quantity was so huge..after some rest..we started around 4 PM towards Bangalore..we came out of Hyderabad..my brother took the control of the wheel..as I was not feeling well(feverish)..he drove till evening..and to give him some rest..I drove almost 100KM and
gave back to him for the rest to Bangalore..in between we had Dinner,informed our parents(they reached today morning by train) about our probable reaching time around 1-2AM, but we could reach our sweet home around 2-30AM only.

**I'll upload other photos later.

Total KM covered (Bangalore House – UA- Bangalore House): 6379 KM
In GQ Mileage I got: 12.5 – 13.96KM/liter (Always AC on)
In hill: 8.78 -10.1KM/liter (with out AC)
Normal Highway: 11.5-12.5 (Always AC on)

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I think this is mother of all travelogues.. (Of course you have some serious competition from roadies here in TBHP ).

Would be nice if you format the text properly and attach the pics.
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good write up buddy.. problems with safaris is quiet normal...
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Very inspiring and extensive travelogue. The effort to type whole thing down here is highly appreciated and above any rewards. These days people dont spend much time on these things unless they are paid for it. Enjoyed every line. Photos are larger size than it can open easily on a broadband speed. So if you could resize the pictures to 800 X 600 resolution and then upload them to the net, it will be a pleasant experience even for people with slow net. Reading it with pictures in between give a real life feeling throughout the trip. Since you have already finished this pilgrimage, I am curious to know whats the best season in the year to do it with the family. Thanks in advance.
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Excellent travelogue dada, just completed reading this in indiahighways...saw the pics now....

Nice pics...ur son on drivers seat of the truck looks cute....


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Originally Posted by shajufx View Post
So if you could resize the pictures to 800 X 600 resolution and then upload them to the net, it will be a pleasant experience even for people with slow net. Reading it with pictures in between give a real life feeling throughout the trip. Since you have already finished this pilgrimage, I am curious to know whats the best season in the year to do it with the family. Thanks in advance.
Thanks shajufx. Now I can't edit my posting , otherwise I could have been tried to 800x600 reso. Best time to visit those areas May end to June end. Climate used to be good during that period, but drawback is huge pilgrimage crowd ( hill shires used to open mid May after a gap of 6 months). After that there is chances landslides & heavy rain. After rainy season gets over just before closing(Deepawali) Sept-Oct is good, crowd used to be very less but it used to be very cold.

Thanks akroy, I am inspired by yours & fellow mates travelogues to do such trips.
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I congratulate you biswajit for taking this long a journey and completing it successfully without any hick-ups!!
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Arrow Three Cheers, Biswahit!!!!


I went thro. your comple account, saw all the photos(took me lots of time to load, it was well woth it)......... wow.. that was some tirp account, something to remember for a long time. Great write up, I am sure it took you lots of time to type and organize.....

Made me remember something like what we did last October, I blogged it in the following URL:

arkz travels

You'd also find account of it here in TBHP,

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...tml#post322374 (Trip Logs Of Uttranchal Trip)

When we went Kedar, Badari circuit was desearted and pretty cold. Through Gaurikund to Kedar was desearted as it was closing time for the shrines. We had about 25 pilgrims there. Same scene in Badri, we got lots of time for the Darshan on Diwali day.

Ideal time would be around August end and September, the crowd will be less, roads drivable and the hotel rates would drop a little. It would be ideal to book through with some good operators, even if it turns out to be more expensive.

Happy driving,



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Yours travelogue is nice well organized. Good to see diff exp in October. Any plan to visit that area(himalaya) in near future?
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Default Inspiring travelogue

Thanks Biswajit............I m kinda inspired and guess got the much needed push to take on a north Indian sojourn........Hey did u get this many leaves from your company or u in business..........Any precautions to take or watch out for?
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Thanks Babupaul. I'm not in Business, but had lots of leave pending & fortunately that time our project work was light. Precautions: I think there is a thread regarding this, have a look please. One thing I can tell you, be positive & you can do it.
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Originally Posted by biswajit View Post
Thanks Babupaul. I'm not in Business, but had lots of leave pending & fortunately that time our project work was light. Precautions: I think there is a thread regarding this, have a look please. One thing I can tell you, be positive & you can do it.
hey biswajit, that was one big write up, it will help a lot, one among them would be myself. I have a plan to do this trip and was always looking up for such writeup's. You were quite daring to travel alone in a single car. But am thinking of going in a group...such that its always safer, few of my cousins will also join our family and in that way atleast a couple of more vehicles will join...
good one man...
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