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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
The town, the cleanliness, the orderliness - uff it's killer. I would really love to settle down there. Wanna exchange homes, TheOne ?
Absolutely. This place is so picturesque. It would be a dream to live there.

Is this where Hansel & Gretel lived ?

The place is so romantic & fresh.
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Originally Posted by kuttapan View Post
But the direct consequence of this surprise visit was that she expected a repeat performance every other Monday. Needless to say, I happily obliged. My friends used to think I was nuts !!
Thats always the case when you are in Love Kuttapan. Many deeds are done and expected for love.

Me too did some tricks, but not in here. Its all Sam's all the way.

Great coverage Sam, Way to go
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Wink A beautiful Life, lived KING SIZE.


It's a beautiful life your leading. Fullfilling & lovely indeed.

Truly wishin you a longg road ahead. Keep goin'.

Thank you for sharing your emotions with us folks here. We're Obliged.

Next stop - Berlin IFA.

Awaiting as always.
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Old 24th July 2008, 11:10   #109
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Sam, this was fantastic!!

It's better when you write quickly and keep the continuity going. Really awesome!

I wish the two of you the best of love and luck!
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Great stuff, Sam.

Surely you couldn't really have asked yourself if it was worth the trip for such a time? If you have the money and (actually more important) the energy, it would have been worth it for one hour!!!

Those pictures of a neat and tidy Germany look so good --- they look good compared with London, let alone with the garbage on my Indian street! I only ever paid short trips to Germany on business (even same-day return sometimes, occasionally over-night) but I always enjoyed those brief glimpses, and I always found the people that I had to deal with there to be warm and friendly.

So... I wonder when Jenny's weekend trip to Mumbai is going to happen?
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Just saw this article in ny times.
Is ‘The One’ Cocky or Commander in Chiefy?

They call Barack Obama TheOne now.
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Originally Posted by NetfreakBombay View Post
Do they study it in school like we do?
They study English like many ofus in Mumbai study Marathi or Hindi. My exGF (who is/was German) told me she had studied English for 9 years in school.

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I'd do it again in a flash with a huge grin.
But Jenny will never believe me again.

Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
Is this where Hansel & Gretel lived ?
no They probably lived near Baden-Württemberg (Schwarzwald) or in the Harz Mountains which is famous for tales about witches. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born in Hanau so the Black Forest is the generally accepted location.
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Sam, great pics man.

The thing I like most about these Western Countries is the sparse population. Even on a full blown weekday, the roads are akin to what we have on a 'Bharat Bandh'! You can just do your thing and sit around in a park with your loved one without people gawking at you. You can board a bus or a train without the anxiety of whether you'll get a seat to sit on. You can go to a bank or a post office and be pleasantly surprised to see just one odd customer doing his business and you can finish your task in under 5 minutes. These simple pleasures of life are really unthinkable here. What say?
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Other the npopulation, it is size and menality as well.

In a city like New York, where PATH train to 33rd Street reminds you of mumbai locals, you have wast central park which is an oasis in concrete jungle.
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I think the cleanliness is because of the people living in a place. We have winds blowing out here which gets the dust along with it. How much ever you sweep but in the end of the day its always dusty. This is with experience of seeing once courtyard get swept daily. But dust does come along. No idea why but the only thing is the conditions out here are such.
@Sam brilliant writeup and nice memories. Must have been really thrilling. Its just in the will of a person to do something for the person you love.

@NC comments on the ending??
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Amazing, Awesome, an immensely interesting read.

Sam bhai, you are the undisputed god of the blogs around here at T-Bhp. Nothing compares, absolutely nothing.

And its not just the writing style, the way you have reciprocated your emotions thru the words, blending with images, is what hits the right note.

Sigghh.....the memories of that part of the world. For a while I was there in Jenny's sweet little town. I look up from my laptop screen and I am back to reality. I love my country, but seriously, what went wrong?
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WOW. What a place. Amazing travelogue. Excellent pics. I now have more respect for the TheONe, since she is ready to leave the place behind and come and stay in Mumbai.
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Great write up as usual, the Yetistyle ! Sam, let me tell you something from real life (most married men will agree with me): The overflowing emotions, overenthusiastic feel of seperation, dying to be with one-another, adventurous mode of proving your love etc etc. lasts in its true sense until the day you start living together as officially/legally committed couple.

I will give a small example; You want to buy a ferrari, you will dream about it 24/7, picturise driving it around at exotic places with many lovely babes around you (you can avoid babes if u prefer to), the day you own your ferrari, all those imaginary love for it vanishes. You no more waste time thinking about it, because you own it, its at your disposal anytime you want it. May be you can call it acheiving a dream, but living with the dream- realised is different. Just think about the phone calls lovers/ engaged souls make each other, and compare them to the same after marriage, probably 6 months after marriage !

Most importantly, these days will rekindle the memories at a later stage. First meeting with the 'Father' and family is always a cherished memory. My best pick of the whole thread is the photo where theOne sees you outside the office, the expression of surprise truly captured ! All the best to both of you !

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TheYeti and TheOne. great writeup. each blog of yours is a pleasure to read
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So which is the better place to live in ? Mumbai or this one ?
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