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Default Yercaud meet missed; Consolation prize- Drive to Jarkalmadagu dam

The Yercaud trip did not happen inspite of trying to rush up work and try and make ourselves free. So, it was a very disappointed me that was woken up by Patchyboy on saturday morning asking if I am in.
Even after work on Saturday, I was contemplating driving off at night and land up in the middle of the party at Yercaud, but again my wife had brought home work and told me that even Sunday was a working day for her.
Sunday morning, woke up and my wife got busy in front of the computer telling me not to disturb her for a few hours at least. I went out and washed the Accent having nothing better to do. Around 10 am my brother (member Vaseem on the forum) calls me and asks if I've heard of Kalawara Betta, I told him that I'd heard of it and it was somewhere near Chickaballapur. He then asked me why don't we drive out to that place for a photo shoot, I was game.
My brother and family arrived by lunchtime and the initial idea of packing lunch was forgotten and we all sat down to a Sunday meal. I walked out with my brother to show him the Accent which he had not yet seen (as in TBHP 'seen') inspite of being present at the meet where the GQ trip was discussed. On his next visit home, we had gone off to Vellore to see the Golden Temple, so we stood outside comparing the two black cars.

Eye to Eye
Name:  DSC03464 Medium.JPG
Views: 1322
Size:  90.8 KB

Accent with the Optra Lurking in the background
Name:  DSC03463 Medium.JPG
Views: 1011
Size:  99.1 KB

The SX4
Name:  DSC03462 Medium.JPG
Views: 990
Size:  92.9 KB

Meanwhile his kids were eager to set off and bulldozed their aunt (my wife) into agreeing to join us on the drive. Kids have an amazing power of persuasion, my wife had refused point blank when I asked her if she would accompany us when the plan was made.

So, 3.30 pm saw us starting off in the two cars with cameras and tripods.

The Start
Name:  100_0116 Medium.JPG
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Size:  104.3 KB

The moment we turned into the new airport road it started raining and I was cursing the weather for not permitting a photo shoot with clean cars. Luckily the rain stopped just after a few kilometers into our trip.
Being Saturday afternoon, the airport traffic was mild and I captured the SX4 on the highway.

Highway Cruiser
Name:  DSC03465 Medium.JPG
Views: 990
Size:  46.1 KB

The Accent on the Hghway
Name:  100_0117 Medium.JPG
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Size:  36.9 KB

Soon we were crossing the Nandi Hills turning and stopped by next to a small lake for an initial capture of the cars.

The Mini Convoy
Name:  DSC03472 Medium.JPG
Views: 978
Size:  58.6 KB

Name:  DSC03482 Medium.JPG
Views: 974
Size:  51.5 KB

We set off again and on reaching the Nandi Temple arch we turned left from the highway and drove the 3 odd kilometres till the temple, the route to Kalawara Betta also known as Skandagiri, is the road which goes towards Chickaballapur from the Nandi Temple, so on reaching the temple we have to turn right along its compound and another right after the
first corner.
A few kilometres down this road we come to Muddenahalli, which is the birthplace of Sir M Vishweshwariah. At this village we asked for direction and turned left.

SX4 @ Muddenahalli
Name:  DSC03485 Medium.JPG
Views: 1346
Size:  95.8 KB

Just about a kilometer down this road we reach the foothils of Skandagiri, since none of us were in a mood to trek, we decided to continue ahead to a small dam in a place called Jarkalmadagu. This was an unheard of place and my sis in law had googled out the dam location.We again stopped to ask for directions and saw a nice pond with some kids swimming, they wanted me to click their snaps and I obliged, some of them were in their
b'day suits and on showing the snaps they were thrilled, I teased them saying that the snaps would appear in the newspaper the next day they were like " saar, we will fall at your feet, but pls don't publish our snaps in the newspaper", they were a very lively bunch though, chatted with them for some more time and clicked some snaps and then it was time to move on.

View of Skandagiri
Name:  DSC03486 Medium.JPG
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Size:  64.0 KB

The swimmers
Name:  DSC03487 Medium.JPG
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The Cars
Name:  DSC03488 Medium.JPG
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Size:  120.9 KB

Another view of the hill
Name:  DSC03490 Medium.JPG
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Size:  82.3 KB

....will continue.
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Wow, so you had fun.

Man, the black beauties are so attractive. How do you maintain it? Wash it every other hour
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A kilometere or so ahead from the Skandagiri foothills we turned right into a mud road which was almost like an off roading trail. But just around a corner we came across a beautiful spot and we decided to halt there for the car photoshoot. Now some pics of the micro shoot.

The Black Beauties
Name:  DSC03499 Medium.JPG
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Size:  93.1 KB

Name:  DSC03502 Medium.JPG
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Name:  DSC03503 Medium.JPG
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Picture perfect
Name:  DSC03508 Medium.JPG
Views: 841
Size:  79.5 KB

Yours truly
Name:  DSC03516 Medium.JPG
Views: 856
Size:  73.9 KB

Name:  DVC00453.JPG
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Boot camp?? Oh no!! Just some Tbhpians!!
Name:  DVC00444.JPG
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Size:  119.3 KB

After this picturesque spot, we half heartedly moved on to find the elusive dam amidst nice scenery
Name:  DSC03519 Medium.JPG
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Size:  65.5 KB

Everyone we asked about the dam had to say that it was about 6 kms ahead, we had travelled about 4 kms and it was till 6 kms ahead. After many twists and turns and drive through villages with kids gawking we suddenly were on good winding roads with a large waterbody visible ahead. The entire stretch was very scenic but we did not stop for photographs as the light was fading fast and we wanted to check out the dam before it got dark. Finally we reached the place and it was one of the smallest dams I had seen.The saving grace was that it was full and the water was actually flowing over the wall. There was a filteration plant on one side and we climbed up the dam walls to take some snaps.

Jarkalmadagu Dam
Name:  DSC03523 Medium.JPG
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Size:  70.1 KB

Vaseem Clicking away
Name:  DSC03524 Medium.JPG
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Size:  88.5 KB

Another view of the dam
Name:  DSC03525 Medium.JPG
Views: 923
Size:  76.6 KB

The filteration plant
Name:  DSC03528 Medium.JPG
Views: 828
Size:  69.6 KB

The Reservoir
Name:  DSC03527 Medium.JPG
Views: 800
Size:  48.4 KB

View from the top
Name:  DSC03530 Medium.JPG
Views: 840
Size:  78.1 KB

Strange looking building
Name:  100_0194 Medium.JPG
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Size:  61.1 KB

Once the clicking was done it was twilight and we were not sure of the way we had come, so enquired with a farmer nearby and he told us that Chickaballapur was about 9 kms ahead and the road was good. So we decided to go back via Chickaballapur and the 9 kms actually turned out to be about 20 kms.

The final Picture @ Twilight
Name:  100_0207 Medium.JPG
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Size:  59.0 KB

We reached Chickaballapur around 7 pm and the fuel in the Accent was very low, also our
tummies too were growling and stopped at a wayside bajji shop and had bought some
amazing bajjis. Refuelled at Chickaballapur and decided to head home. We stopped enroute
at a dhaba for dinner and were home by 9 pm.

Route to Jarkalmadagu Dam:
Yelahanka- Devanahalli byepass- Nandi Hills Cross- Nandi Temple Arch- Nandi Temple- Muddenahalli- Skandagiri- Jarkalmadagu

Alternate route:

Yelahanka - Devanahalli Byepass - Nandi Hills Cross - Chickaballapur - Take Chickaballapur to Gowribidanur road - travel about 15 kms and then turn left, Jarkalmadagu dam is about 4 kms from here.

Total distance from Yelahanka is approximately 50 kms one way.

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Superb, Lukeskywalker. This would be an ideal quick drive from Bangalore. khan_sultan - Skandagiri OTR?

How is the road from Chikkaballapur to Gauribidanur? I have been on the other turn off from Chikkaballapur - towards Mulbagilu via Sidlaghatta, Chintamani & Srinivaspura and wasn't impressed (only the last stretch between Srinivaspura and Mulbagilu was worth mentioning; referring only to roads here).
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whoh! awesome photographs and a good short drive! The most liked snaps would be with the captions 'Black beauties' & 'SX4'... SX4 in black with those dark tints look really mean huh!

Staying away from town means quick getaways like these - very quick n very often n very hari (he he)...

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Hey Hari, amazing description. The pics made me speechless. Must say it is a nice place for photography too. Your pic with the 2 cars with that background is the testimony !!

I had no clue about this place till I read your travelogue. It can be a nice option as a half day trip for a change.

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Thanks Mjothi, Hrag, Nevertouchme and Abhi.

Hrishi, the Cbpur Gowribidanur road is ok, with only the small ghat section which is very narrow and this slows one down.

Abhi, I was thinking that this would be a good place for a family meet as there is ample parking and open grounds for kids. Only hassle will be that we would have to carry eatables as there doesn't seem to be any places close by for food.
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hmm.. big brother big car small brother small car ..
good, you still managed to wring a drive out of the sunday - even if a shorter one.
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good photos and nice location.

the accent looks puny beside the SX4.
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Hari excellent pics and no compliments for the travelogue , it was too short of a journey to be called one.
Loved the pic of the accent and the SX-4 parked side by side. Good on you mate !!
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thats a nice small drive ... and nice pictures too....
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