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sam:The story teller is missing.Get back on board as soon as possible.
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Originally Posted by spadival View Post
I have a couple (mundu of course) here with me. Waiting for the summer to take them out and wear at home

Ever played cricket while wearing a mundu? I have and it is irritating to tuck it in after each ball. And quick singles are out of question, lest you need to retrieve the fallen halfway thru a run !!
i tried to get this photo from net. but couldnt. Last Sundays Manorama (The one we get in bangalore may be malabar edition) has a photo of Shashi Tharoor playing cricket in tvm wearing a Mundu. He was doing a constituency visit when he found some guys playing and joined them. Report also says that he went on to play football too. And it was specifically written he did all this without 'madakkikuthu' (dont really know how to translate that.)
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Tried to stay out but it is too tempting:

Ever heard of the hit song by Malayali Mc: Mundua Tu Bach Ke Rahi
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Sam : you better come back and shut the mundu mafia's mouth with a pic of you wearing a mundu and threathen them to post a pic of you without one
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Munda kahaan gaya? Come back from Rajkot!
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Default One small step for man..

Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
OK... shall we talk teashops while we're waiting for Sam?

.. one giant leap for mallukind. I hope the pic is appropriate on the 40th anniversary of man on the moon.

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YetiBlog® - Krash Kourse Kerala!-mal.jpg  

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Post Mundu talk

Mundu talk :

Mundu: A great discovery |

The great discovery was mundu, which integrates Windows Messenger, Google Talk and others and to Palm OS version and WinME, as well as Blackberry. Interesting, I'm beginning to think that covers it but what I needed.

thats all there in that link -- nothing more.

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Why isnt anyone talking about lungis
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Originally Posted by rajesh1868 View Post
And it was specifically written he did all this without 'madakkikuthu' (dont really know how to translate that.)
In Samurai's terms its called Half-Mast.

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Sam is being Mundu'ed out of the thread it seems. Threads in the Mundu seems to have stronger bonds ;-)
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Last 3 pages & some of the posts on Mundu's are actually the Best to read & I could not stop laughing after reading some of the posts

Classic one-liners
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I'm back. Somehow this thread became waaay more interesting than I thought it would. Love it.
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Ah! SaMundu is baaacckk! Let the story continue...
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Default Day Four: Evening in Fort Cochin

We're walking around Fort Cochin.

It's not raining but it's muggy and humid. My nose is jammed and I am very sure I am either already very sick, or going to be. We stop at a small chemist's where I buy the necessary medicines, much to Jenny's disapproval.

All these chemicals!
Jenny, seriously, I don't think your homoeopathy is going to help me tonight.
But all this will harm you, kill your insides!
Dammit, it's just some Cetrizine and Vicks! I know what I'm doing!

She looks away in a huff.

The walk continues. We walk into the grounds of the Santa Cruz Basilica.
YetiBlog® - Krash Kourse Kerala!-dsc_9206_l.jpg

YetiBlog® - Krash Kourse Kerala!-dsc_9211_l.jpg

YetiBlog® - Krash Kourse Kerala!-dsc_9214_l.jpg

After another 10 minutes, I realise that my entire body hurts and my head is heavy. It's a feeling that I..

I have fever.

Guys, can we head back to the hotel?
Ashvin looks at me curiously. What's wrong?
I feel terribly unwell, I need to lie down.

We return to the hotel and Ashvin says his goodbyes. Our evening has ended prematurely and I am in no shape to even sit at the Jetty restaurant for dinner.

I toos and turn, feverish and in bed while Jenny tends to me patiently. Tomorrow morning, early morning, too early - we have to leave for Trivandrum, this is our only peaceful evening in Fort Cochin.

This is not how I wanted it to go.
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Default Day Five: Cochin to Trivandrum

It's too early when we wake up.

The taxi is waiting already. I feel a little better, there is no fever but my nose is jammed and head is heavy.

I feel terrible that we have to go. It was difficult getting up and we don't even have time for breakfast.

We walk up to the jetty and stare at a small fishing boat with 2 people on it.

YetiBlog® - Krash Kourse Kerala!-dsc_9215_l.jpg

We stand there in silence. It just feels completely wrong to have to leave like this.

But i am here for work...

20 minutes later we're at Ernakulam Town station. We've reached an hour too early. I quickly get my ticket, similar 2nd class sleeper ticket and we seat ourselves down on some chair.

We need breakfast.

I leave Jenny to try and get something for the 2 of us. My head is throbbing as I visit the scores of bakeries and restaurants outside.

After much struggling I manage to get somebody to make me some mango and pineapple juice.

Withouta sugara?
he looks at me disgusted.
Yeah, no sugar.
No ice.uhh?
No ice.

He looks at me as if I'm mad.

I walk around a bit more. This kind of breakfast I can neither carry back to the platform, nor digest. Nevermind me, what about Jenny?
I pick up a few muffins and coconut cookies. Nothing else looks like breakfast. I also pick up some banananana chips. Ah well.

What is this?

She looks at all the sweet stuff. Isn't there anything else?

The juice is awful. In a little while I get up and decide to check out the station restaurants.

I see some packed and ready to go.
Umm.. What is this?
Porotta Vege Korma.
And this?
Porotta Egge Curry.

I return defeated, tired, sick and just annoyed in general.

We get onto the train, but it's packed.
Let's sit here!
she says. We need to find a window.

10 minutes later, we're still walking from compartment to compartment as Jenny walks with determination. I am really annoyed and want to shoot everyone including her. I don't CARE for the damn window. I'm not well!

She continues walking looking left and right for her chance. Row after row, sleeper after sleeper...

She turns around to look at my scowling face triumphantly.

We can sit here.

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