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Good pictures.I went to Anakapalle last friday and was to take this route Khamam Rajmundry road but last minute changed my idea.Started Hyderabad 1pm reached Vijayawada 6.30pm as the Temple road was closed for Dussera lot of diversions and reached Eluru road 7.45pm.Stopped at Rajmundry 10pm at a hotel near railway station.Started 5am reached Anakapalle 7.30am.
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Thanks everyone for the comments!

I will post the next set of pictures in the evening, once I am back home.
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OK, back to the story..

We approached the Chinchinada bridge around 20 min after we left the ferry. Since we were coming from Razole, we didnt have to cross the bridge to reach the APTDC resort. It was on the same side of the river, and a little downstream.

Though the resort is on the left side of the bridge, the turn-off to the resort is on the right. And there are two points at which you can turn off to the resort, and both takes you along very narrow roads through coconut groves, which eventually merge, and turn left to go under the bridge along the banks of the river to the downstream side.

A little further on the road, we saw the APTDC board ( it just says "APTDC Houseboats", and we took the right turn and an immediate left turn through an elevated dirt track which eventually ended at the gate of the Haritha Coconut Country resort.

The resort is new. It looked bright and new from the outside. The parking lot was full of cars - I could identify at least 4-5 Hyderabad registered cars. It was a long weekend, and the resort was full. Of course we had a room booked in advance, so no worries there.

It was around 1.30 by the time we reached the resort, and we checked in straightaway. The check-in process was quick, and we were taken to our room on the ground floor.

The room was reasonably spacious and clean. A good effort by APTDC, but not without issues.

To start with, the water in the bathroom flows backwards and it takes the poor doormat to stop the water getting into the room. As a result, the doormat is constantly wet. A simple issue of getting the shape of the floor right to allow the water to flow where it is supposed to.

Here is a picture of the room.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3262.jpg

The resort, as I said earlier, is bang next to the river and have a number of rooms with a decent view of the river. It also has a pool and a kids playing area.

Here are some pictures of the resort.

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3212.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3213.jpg

View of the Chinchinada bridge from the resort
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3214.jpg

A houseboat.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3211.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3215.jpg

The pool, viewed from the room.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3264.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3268.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3271.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3276.jpg

Some more observations about the place:
  • Yes they have houseboat trips from the place, and other small boats too. I wasnt keen on boating, and thus didnt enquire about the details.
  • The pool has a kids area, and as of now, looks reasonably clean.
  • The dining area is a bit of a let down. The food we had is by and large ok - we had lunch and breakfast buffet, and a made-to-order dinner. The issue is that, since the resort was full, there was a general rush for tables and they were running out of food at the counter every now and then. Somehow I feel that they havent paid much attention to the dining experience. It looked more like an office cafeteria. You have to pay at the counter, get the plate from the counter itself and proceed to the buffet.
  • There is a room service menu in the room, and after I did a survey of the restaurant I decided to order food at the room. I was told that there is no room service! I was a bit confused, and went to the restaurant to enquire further. It turned out that they do have room service on regular days ( ? ) but they just dont have enough staff to maintain the service on peak days and weekends. What the hell. I think this is where APTDC has to be a bit more professional.
  • Oh yes there is a bar too, I wasnt too keen so I didnt venture out there.
Anyways, we had a decent lunch ( veg buffet ), and then had a quick nap and then around 4 pm proceeded for a short drive to Antarvedi, where this branch of the river meets the Bay of Bengal.

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Wow! What lovely pictures to begin the day with. Waiting for more. Green room lol!
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Great narration with useful information as well! We were once on a spur of the moment trip to Vyzag & could not find any accommodation at all in Rajahmundry - everything was full!
I guess APTDC really needs to meet the 21st century at least midway - their booking processes are painfull & I have had a similar experience at most of their properties as far as dining goes.
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OK, the story continues..

We left of a little after 4 pm on Day 2 to visit Antarvedi before sundown. I had an idea of where the place was from the map I had, but I hadnt counted for the fact that there will be a number of smaller roads and smaill junctions along the way to confuse the issue.

So we got on to the main road and proceeded towards Razole ( the direction we came from ), and soon approached a T junction where we took a right turn to Antarvedi. ( left goes to Razole. ).

The road was narrower than the NH 214, but the condition of the road was still good. We soon reached another T junction, and I had to get down and ask directions. I was asked to take the right turn, and I continued, past a fairly busy town called Malikipuram. The road continued along a canal, and I realized that we were on a road that showed distance to Narsapur.

Narsapur? I thought Narsapur was on the other bank of the river? Anyway, I thought I will take that route and see where it goes. Anyway I didnt see many other places mentioned in the map in that area. So I went along this fairly decent stretch of road, ignoring some turn-off towards left. Big mistake.

Oh and it didnt help that I couldnt read or speak Telugu. So I dont know what other boards I missed.

Anyway, we soon reached the end of the road. As I had started to guess, it ended at the river, a comparatively narrow part , which was connected to the other side by ferry, and possibly to Narsapur.

I finally got down and asked for directions to the Antarvedi light house.

I was asked to turn back and go a couple of kms and take a right turn after a Mandir, and keep going.

I did that, and got into a really narrow road with twists and turns along coconut grows and small junctions with shops on either side.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3220.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3225.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3227.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3230.jpg

I had to ask for directions a couple of more times, and eventually drove past a fairly large temple, and some very narrow stretches through a fishing village where fish is kept to dry on the road ( I had to drive around them carefully ) .

A little further past some vacant area dotted with bushes, and we reached the light house.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3250.jpg

We walked across to the light house that was situated in a compound with some houses ( quarters ) around , and found a person with a ticket-book in his hand.

I had learnt by then that one could go all the way up to the light house for a fee of 10Rs per head. This guy however told me that its already past closing time, and they have to start the lights soon. I thought I would have to return disappointed, but he suddenly had a change of mind and allowed us to go , on the condition that we return quickly. We had to pay 25Rs for the Camera too. ( I have a sneaking suspicion that photography is prohibited and that 25 Rs goes directly into his pocket - he didnt give me a ticket for the camera if I remember correctly ).

W were suddenly faced with the daunting task of climbing up the lighthouse which suddenly started looking quite tall. We went inside and could see steps going up ( its a proper concrete staircase with landings after every 10 steps or so. And this lighthouse is a square one , not round as one would imagine. ).

I silently cursed myself for not exercising regularly. This challenge was compounded by two constraints : 1) We had to reach the top quickly as light was fading and the guy had already asked us to be fast, and 2) I had to haul up my 2 year old son too.

Well, off we went, and believe it or not, We reached the top without much damage. I was puffing and panting like a steam loco, and my wife seemed to be in slightly better shape. The last flight of steps onto the top level was a steep steel ladder and I had to struggle a bit to climb it with my son clinging on to me.

Anyway, we came out on top, and boy, the view was worth all the effort we took. We could see all around us, the river, the sea, the sunset, and the beach below. Here are some of the pics I took.
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3239.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3242.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3243.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3244.jpg
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We could also view the mechanism of the rotating light closely though I couldnt spend much time inspecting it in detail. Here are a few photos.

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3238.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3241.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3240.jpg

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3245.jpg

Oh, there was this guy on top, who obviously was an employee, with whom I could converse briefly while I was here ( the language issues notwithstanding ). From the discussion I could understand that the lighthouse has full power backup that switches on automatically. The source of lights are two ( or three? ) small tubes, with a huge reflector system. He gently turned the whole light on its axis, and it kept on rotating for quite some time on its own momentum.

The light was fading fast, and we thanked him, and got down to level ground.

Once out of the place, we drove a little further down to come on to the beach - well not exaclly at the sea side, a bit inward, but we could view the mouth of the river from there.

A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3251.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3252.jpg
A weekend drive to Konaseema-img_3258.jpg

The light fell very quickly from then on, and we quickly came back to our car.

The drive back to the resort was much quicker as we were guided on to the correct road by a few villagers that took us to Malikipuram pretty quickly, and from there on to the resort.

That was the end of Day 2.

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Default Re: A weekend drive to Konaseema

Mr Big Zero you are a big hundred. U made my proposed trip so easy now. I too am driving in my Santro (just 2 years old) in July 2nd week on starting on a Monday. Now i know what I can expect from APTDC and enjoy my trip with my wife. Thanks again. Shall post the latest after I come back.
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Default Re: A weekend drive to Konaseema

Thanks drgvrao!

In fact I missed completing my report - I had a few more pics , let me check if I can post them and complete the travelogue!!
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