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Originally Posted by sudev View Post
Why hypocrite sense of prudery?
No hypocrite sense of prudery...but a feeble attempt at humor . This was the literal translation of "shiva shiva shiva"!

This was better than Khajuraho, where every 10 mins later, the guide would look at the "ladies" in the group and say..."If I may be frank...."

Will complete travelog in next 2 days...
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eagerly waiting. Excellent pics. we team-bhp'ians do owe u one for having shared this beautiful travelogue.
Thank you so much.
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Originally Posted by genesis View Post
and sat down on the steps listening to some more stories
of how over centuries it has survived the ravages of man and nature...
Talking about stories, on the pillars of the Sabha Mandap were carved panels, which depicted incidents from our ancient epics such as

Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani Mountain
Name:  hanuman.jpg
Views: 1337
Size:  119.9 KB

Sita's abduction by Ravana
Name:  sita_abduction.jpg
Views: 1186
Size:  144.2 KB

The churning of the ocean or Samudra Manthan
Name:  samudra_manthan.jpg
Views: 1282
Size:  129.8 KB

We then moved on to the second temple called the Guda Mandap which at one time had housed the sanctum sanctorum
Name:  second_temple_gate.jpg
Views: 1340
Size:  143.0 KB

The outside of the temple was intricately carved
Name:  second_temple_side.jpg
Views: 986
Size:  98.6 KB

With detailed statues
Name:  second_temp_statue.jpg
Views: 1052
Size:  142.6 KB

Our guide explained to us the nuances
Name:  guide.jpg
Views: 951
Size:  148.9 KB

Including the weather beaten elephants which formed the supporting layer of the temple
Name:  supporting_layers.jpg
Views: 940
Size:  156.7 KB

And also came to know that Surya is one of the few gods to wear protective riding gear (look at the feet)

Name:  surya.jpg
Views: 925
Size:  137.1 KB

A spectator looked on with rapt attention(sudev, this one is for you ) as we entered the temple

Name:  spectator.jpg
Views: 894
Size:  110.4 KB

The inside of this one was less intricate than the previous, but the ceiling was a sight to behold
Name:  ceiling.jpg
Views: 863
Size:  117.1 KB

Though the actual sanctum sanctorum is now empty, a quick circulation took us to the back of temple chamber where a now familiar smell caused us to look up
Name:  batmen.jpg
Views: 871
Size:  140.2 KB

And say hello to some other spectators which looked far less attractive and friendly
Name:  batman.jpg
Views: 884
Size:  100.8 KB

Tour over, we left the Guda Mandap and stepped into the now blazing sun
Name:  leaving_temple.jpg
Views: 891
Size:  119.0 KB

Poured a few bottles of water into our throats and on our heads as we admired a newer creation of architecture and science
Name:  nano.jpg
Views: 850
Size:  68.9 KB

and headed to our next stop...Patan...
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Originally Posted by genesis View Post
and headed to our next stop...Patan...
Patan is home to Rani Ki Vav, a beautiful stepwell also from the Solanki Dynasty. After meandering through heavy traffic in town, including the local market (there are big signs when u enter the city and then nothing!), we came up to the compound in blazing mid day heat, bought our tickets (I think it was the grand sum of Rs 5 each) and followed the pathway to the well
Name:  pathway.jpg
Views: 829
Size:  107.6 KB

Where we first read a brief history
Name:  rani_ki_vav_sign.jpg
Views: 943
Size:  155.4 KB

Before getting our first glimpse of the multistoried structure
Name:  rani_ki_vav_top.jpg
Views: 1255
Size:  111.2 KB

Into which you step down staircases
Name:  rani_storeys.jpg
Views: 810
Size:  123.7 KB

The sides of which are graced by sculptured panels

Name:  rani_vav_sculpt_panels.jpg
Views: 831
Size:  155.2 KB

Name:  rani_wall_panels.jpg
Views: 823
Size:  166.1 KB

Which on closer examination have great detail
Name:  rani_maiden.jpg
Views: 823
Size:  123.2 KB

Midway one gets a closer view of the pillared storeys in the middle of the well
Name:  rani_well_pillars.jpg
Views: 814
Size:  128.1 KB

And at the point where it is barricaded there is a view of the far walls and pillars
Name:  rani_vav_bottom.jpg
Views: 810
Size:  129.0 KB
Name:  rani_vav_pillars.jpg
Views: 802
Size:  131.8 KB

Had a photo session with the daughter of a local family who was visiting the well (she insisted on running away from the camera )
Name:  rani_family.jpg
Views: 806
Size:  147.0 KB

Before heading back upstairs taking our time to admire even more sculptured panels
Name:  rani_carvings.jpg
Views: 861
Size:  127.4 KB

Even though we were in a hurry to start off for our next destination
Name:  rani_leaving.jpg
Views: 760
Size:  117.2 KB

Which by then had been decided as...Udaipur!
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Originally Posted by genesis View Post
Which by then had been decided as...Udaipur!
We took a slightly downwards route, through Unjha, Visnagar, Vijapur to Himmatnagar from where the speed track of a highway made short work of the distance to Udaipur and we landed in the lake city on the eve of Diwali.

Hotel found, we settled down at our dinner table on the terrace taking in the view

Name:  40_lake_palace_night_web.jpg
Views: 1310
Size:  79.1 KB

and quietly reflecting on how different all this was from the rugged beauty of the Rann.

It was at that moment we knew deep inside that this was just one chapter and we would soon be making a sequel to...Kutch Kutch Hota Hai!



The final part of this trip called 36 hours in Udaipur (where my innova remained firmly parked) can be found on my blog at Genesis - soumya.org: 36 Hours In Udaipur
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Thanks for the special picture. Man you have such eye for detail and narrative - brief but covers a lot.
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Arrow Too Good

Awesome travelogue.
The photos, the story... everything lived up to my expectations built up from your first post - "Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein"!

Excellent work. There is nothing to complaint about other than excessive usage of clutch, especially since you left the Rann.

I will keep checking the section for more stories from you. Take a holiday soon again.
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