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Originally Posted by ranjitp1 View Post
Nice description,kept me hooked.Thanx for sharing.

Have a q for you,I see mention of the LP in all your tlogues,which edition of Lonely Planet do you have?The road guide or something else?could you please let me know the precise title.Thanx
Ranjit: Its a Sept 2007 published 12th edition "India" gifted by wifey on 30th Sept 2007. 1236 pages. I was always like "Rs.1000/- for a book, forget it, we can manage with the net". Though I knew it beats the net hands down. Its my bible. Before 2007 I used to take photocopies from Peter's (office colleague - also chennaitrekkers fame) book. My recommendation - just buy the latest edition - forget the rest.

Below is the link to the 13th edition of Sep 2009.


And the next is due Sep 2011.

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So back to the TL. We reached Panathoor (little sparsely populated) which is 25 km from Kanhangad and the last outpost in Kerala. Further there was a small red-mud road which took us into tall vegetation on both sides of the road and no people around for another 30 km till we reached Bhagamandala. From the last snap there is a road left - 38 km to Madikere and say 10-ish km to the right (dont remember the exact km) to reach Talacauvery.

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana1.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana2.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana3.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana4.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana5.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana6.jpg

Christmas to New Year - East Coast to West Coast - Circular trip-pana7.jpg
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We reached Talacavery at around 1 pm and were glad to see many humans. The road from the junction is a bit of a climb with good views.

Name:  Tala1.JPG
Views: 871
Size:  93.3 KB
Name:  Tala2.JPG
Views: 843
Size:  127.0 KB
Name:  Tala3.JPG
Views: 839
Size:  61.0 KB
Name:  Tala4.JPG
Views: 849
Size:  90.0 KB

At the site itself there were lot of cars parked on the incline on both sides of the road. Ah! Karnataka vehicles. We are in KA. Had to walk from the car-park to the main entrance and then there are broad steps to the temple premise. There is an interesting walk via well-laden steps to the topmost point in the area. At the top due to the misty rain the views were all blocked. It was drizzling however the climb was refreshing.
Name:  Tala5.JPG
Views: 823
Size:  86.8 KB
Name:  Tala6.JPG
Views: 854
Size:  88.8 KB
Name:  Tala7.JPG
Views: 821
Size:  97.7 KB
Name:  Tala8.JPG
Views: 815
Size:  98.2 KB
Name:  Tala9.JPG
Views: 1121
Size:  61.0 KB

At around 2:30 pm we were at the enterance after the visit. All were getting a bit hungry. The molaga-bajji, ulli-bajji, TC, maaza at the tea (Rs 100/-) stall close to the car-park in that rainy weather was most pleasurable and of great relief.

Name:  Tala10.JPG
Views: 852
Size:  75.6 KB
Name:  Tala11.JPG
Views: 845
Size:  82.7 KB
Name:  Tala12.JPG
Views: 826
Size:  87.0 KB

We reached Raja seat in Madikere town at 4:00 pm. This is a view point with a garden. Over to MX6 for all the history behind the Raja and the seat!

Name:  Raja1.JPG
Views: 1109
Size:  132.6 KB
Name:  Raja2.JPG
Views: 916
Size:  72.6 KB
Name:  Raja3.JPG
Views: 841
Size:  83.8 KB
Name:  Raja4.JPG
Views: 847
Size:  93.9 KB

Couple of snaps of the Madikere town from the main road just outside Raja seat.

Name:  Madi1.JPG
Views: 827
Size:  67.7 KB
Name:  Madi2.JPG
Views: 816
Size:  95.6 KB

At around 5 pm we reached Hotel Hill Town after checking LP and luckily we found a triple bed (she said it was the last available room and just vacated) for Rs. 1422/-. So close to New Years and getting a room, we were lucky.
Nice rooms - LP does not fail. Nice parking area too with a garden area, liked it. Madikere town as such is not all that super, however its probably a place where one needs to stay for a week and that too not in town but in some nearby hills at a home-stay. However, we always think "can we stay for a week at a place without travelling for more than 10 km a day, when we are on a vacation away from home?"

Name:  HillTown1.JPG
Views: 783
Size:  89.5 KB
Name:  HillTown2.JPG
Views: 786
Size:  118.6 KB
Name:  HillTown3.JPG
Views: 797
Size:  143.2 KB
Name:  HillTown4.JPG
Views: 786
Size:  29.3 KB

At 6:00 pm the restaurant below opens and we ordered for cutlet, omelette, frites, Coffee. These snacks are jumbo sized. Rs 190/-

At 6:30 we all go for a walk to the town for some shopping or "We got XXX from Coorg when we had been there during Christmas"!!! Cinnamon, kismis, pepper, kaju, kuskus, mustard, TC at "Coorg Cardamom Corporation". Good store, great buy. Folks in the family are still gaga about the Coffee from Coorg! Rs 330/-

Name:  Town1.JPG
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Size:  56.5 KB
Name:  Town2.JPG
Views: 931
Size:  48.3 KB
Name:  Town3.JPG
Views: 824
Size:  35.0 KB

Room service dinner at 8:00 pm. North Indian curry/roti/rice/salad - Rs 350/-.

All and all another great day and planning mentally for the next day. Khushalnagar golden temple, Nisargadam, Hassan, Belur. What would be possible only time would tell?
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No big history of which I'm aware of on Raja's seat. Just that it was a place where kings used to come for entertainment. Offering panoramic views all around, it was frequented by kings, and the place offered everything a king could ask for, including security (can't ambush them there).
Currently MX6 is researching on Snakes.
Can someone help him with details on any protocols on entering Romulus Whitakers institution set up in Agumbe?
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Just went through this thread.

Man @Jeev You gate crashed into a marriage party!

Reminds of the Fynman and Mlodinow episode.
Mlodinow is a Berkeley grad, who was doing his PDF (post doc fellowship) at MIT, where his neighbour was Feynman. During a weekend he felt hungry and the only hotel in the campus was closed due to a marriage party.

Feynman forces him and takes to the party in Pyjamas. At entrance they are asked "Bride or the Grooms?" The answer: "We represent the Physics Department" In your case, any way he did not understand!

Also your escapades into each hotel and the way you have described reminds me of Rocky and Mayur on Highway on My Plate!

Good going Jeev. Waiting for more!

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Thanks ampere. Yes the gatecrash was great! Innocent small-town folks. I am proud that we still have such people / community around.

Day 7: New Year's Eve 2009

So here comes the last day of the year. Last day of the year - Hmm - has been an interesting day since the past couple of decades.

- as teenagers, sneaking out to the terrace of our building in Mumbai and taking in couple of gulps of KF (oh no! It was H5 then) before the flat association celebrations began.
- during pg going out with cousins for a night out to Coimbatore downtown and a guy in high-spirits greeting "Chitra Onnatheythi".
- first new years after a job in SFO downtown with brother and Mumbai college mate.
- with bachelor room mates to Dee Cee Manor dance-floor on the turn of the millenium.
- with wifey, sweeta, home-made cake with the 2007 icing and wine got from a christian home in Pursai.

Great moments those! Weather is perfect. Its holiday time. Christmas' gone, New year sets in, birthday follows next - probably the reason I like this season the most (according to wifey)

So, coming back to New Year's Eve. Had an eerie feeling, we are on the move on the eve? And where would we be? At a place we have never gone before and people around us - we have'nt seen them before. A totally new way for me and others. Lets see where we land up at midnight.


7:30 AM - Breakfast - Vada + Poori-bhaji + plain/masala dosa + coffee. 190 bucks.
8:23 AM - Paying the room rent. Had a chat with the guy at the reception. He said he was from Perambra. I thought - I imagined him saying "Via Panathoor, right? I get in and out of Kerala every weekend via that" Damn! And I thought this was my golden route not travelled by anyone and had planned it and asked dreamdiesel about it, etc and this guy does it every weekend. Nah!

As we got out of the hotel we saw the guard saluting us and talking in mallu. Oh! So, the Panathoor route is indeed a well-trodden one. Age: 55? Yes probably. Migrated at age 15. So 1970. So 1970 via Panathoor. And we are here in 2010 planning and plotting for 2 months. No way, Panathoor. They came via Iritty! A short conversation and he is actually a Coorg native guy who learned mallu. What? First instance for sure, First instance in India for sure and second in the world after the Gulf, I thought! Mallus adapting elsewhere is not new, but the reverse!!! Goodness gracious.

We drive around town, not to view the shops or feel the pulse, but actually to get out. Go to the auto-stand and ask for direction. "Malayalam or Tamil" he asks. Second shock! Did I hear it correctly? It should have been "Hindi or Tamil". No I had heard correctly. Upon querying I find he is another of the adapters. Amazing.

Finally we are out and on our way to Harangi dam / Nisargadham. Just out of town I see this. We are all so used to seeing great pics in TLs here, lets see India as it is with a pinch of salt.

Name:  GarbageOutsideMadikere.JPG
Views: 764
Size:  97.8 KB

Some road sections were good and some bad.

Name:  Road1.JPG
Views: 742
Size:  59.5 KB

Name:  Road2.JPG
Views: 852
Size:  70.6 KB

Name:  Road3.JPG
Views: 772
Size:  87.4 KB

Name:  Road4.JPG
Views: 724
Size:  53.4 KB

Name:  Road5.JPG
Views: 749
Size:  107.2 KB

Name:  Road6.JPG
Views: 730
Size:  61.9 KB

Name:  Road7.JPG
Views: 772
Size:  42.1 KB

We take a detour to the left to get to Harangi Dam.

Name:  HarangiRoad1.JPG
Views: 783
Size:  89.4 KB

Name:  HarangiRoad2.JPG
Views: 757
Size:  78.1 KB

Name:  HarangiRoad3.JPG
Views: 764
Size:  125.4 KB

We reach here at 10 am and what do we find. As usual, Indian red-tapism, no one is allowed, high-security area, disputed dam, etc... Looked great through the cross-grills. I held those grills just as a cricket-fan seeing a match in India under the hot sun.

Name:  HarangiDam1.JPG
Views: 793
Size:  81.1 KB

Name:  HarangiDam2.JPG
Views: 756
Size:  82.9 KB

Name:  HarangiDam3.JPG
Views: 775
Size:  68.6 KB

We move on to Nisargadhama next and its 10:20 am.

Name:  FromHarangiToNisarga.JPG
Views: 700
Size:  65.8 KB

Name:  FromHarangiToNisarga2.JPG
Views: 727
Size:  83.0 KB

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Default Nisargadham/Golden Temple/Hassan

We reached the car park of Kaveri Nisargadham at around 11 AM. This is a picnic spot - an island - with the hanging bridge entrance, bamboo forests, the river side to cool your feet, elephant rides, machchans (elevated watch towers), spotted deer (in enclosures), a coffee-shack at the entrance. We spent an hour in there.
Name:  Nisarga1.JPG
Views: 1205
Size:  137.0 KB

Name:  Nisarga2.JPG
Views: 776
Size:  136.2 KB

Name:  Nisarga3.JPG
Views: 1879
Size:  135.9 KB

Name:  Nisarga4.JPG
Views: 763
Size:  140.8 KB

Name:  Nisarga5.JPG
Views: 741
Size:  158.9 KB

Name:  Nisarga6.JPG
Views: 2362
Size:  118.5 KB

Name:  Nisarga7.JPG
Views: 815
Size:  76.7 KB

Name:  Nisarga8.JPG
Views: 880
Size:  136.8 KB

Name:  Nisarga9.JPG
Views: 759
Size:  148.0 KB

We have a cuppa and move on to Kushalnagar to see the Golden temple - the Tibetan-origin monument, which is 15 km away, at noon.

Name:  WayToKhushalNagar.JPG
Views: 725
Size:  56.8 KB

12:30 pm we are in the buddhist premises. This was a 40 minute tour inside the premise. Clean area and huge buddha and buddha-like statues.

Name:  Khushal1.JPG
Views: 730
Size:  86.6 KB
Name:  Khushal2.JPG
Views: 740
Size:  120.1 KB
Name:  Khushal3.JPG
Views: 710
Size:  94.6 KB
Name:  Khushal4.JPG
Views: 721
Size:  131.8 KB
Name:  Khushal5.JPG
Views: 708
Size:  136.2 KB
Name:  Khushal6.JPG
Views: 713
Size:  72.2 KB
Name:  Khushal7.JPG
Views: 704
Size:  54.1 KB
Name:  Khushal8.JPG
Views: 709
Size:  111.7 KB
Name:  Khushal9.JPG
Views: 698
Size:  116.0 KB
Name:  Khushal10.JPG
Views: 712
Size:  92.8 KB
Name:  Khushal11.JPG
Views: 683
Size:  65.4 KB

We get into the nearby complex within a small park which houses a few shops selling mementos/clothes and a couple of restaurants. We went in and had meals and made our move to Hassan. The idea to reach Hassan was so that we could go to Belur/Halebidu/Chikmagalur/Shravanabelagola/Bangalore.

The SH91 upbound was ok at the start and then it turned out to be one of the worst section, dont remember if it was on the SH91 or the SH21. We saw a Dam on the way and upon checking now its on the SH21, the Gorur Hemavathi dam. We crossed the dam at 4:21 PM. The entire distance from Khushalnagar to Hassan was around 90 km. It was the worst pt to pt journey of my life.
Name:  BadRoad.JPG
Views: 801
Size:  77.3 KB
Name:  ToHassan1.JPG
Views: 966
Size:  105.6 KB
Name:  ToHassan2.JPG
Views: 831
Size:  77.4 KB
Name:  ToHassan3.JPG
Views: 1055
Size:  56.1 KB
Name:  ToHassan4.JPG
Views: 712
Size:  80.6 KB
Name:  ToHassan5.JPG
Views: 793
Size:  65.7 KB
Name:  DamOnTheWay.JPG
Views: 863
Size:  58.0 KB

We reached Suvarna Regency at Hassan at 5:00 PM. We asked for directions as we landed into town. We had known about the hotel via LP. Thanks, LP. There are not many good hotels here it appeared in this shabby town. We had tea/coffee at 7 pm and ordered for dinner (north-indian thali, 3 plates roti-curry, green-salad, veg-noodles, curd. Rs. 275/-) Dinner was at 9 PM. We were just three hours to the new year and we were at Hassan in this hotel. Initially I thought me and Dad could celebrate with a toast of wine after the tough past week, but wifey was against any form of alcohol and so we dropped the idea. Off to sleep, though there was TV and some New Year's Eve program on on all the channels. Tomorrow it would be some hills and old architectural stone carving beauties.
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