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Default NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

"Boondon Mein Jaane Kya Naya hai"!

Remember this 'Alto Let's Go' Jingle? A very typical voice of Shobha Mugdal and the scenic pictorial shot in the backdrop of cloudy day was a treat to watch and hear! It kind of used to instantly transmit me to the rainy,cloudy monsoon days !

As I am typing this log, this famous ad song comes to my mind in a different way

"Highways mein Jaane Kya Naya hai"!

For me,this has amazing similarity with the original song! Like the inviting fragrance and charm of the monsoon - always same but always so different; Highways also have a charm of their own! They too have been same ...yet so different everytime that you travel ! Its been years that I have been travelling on them, riding on them, driving on them. But everytime that there is a plan or pondering of possibility of going on long drive - I just start feeling the excitement all over again! As if it's my first drive ! As if there is going to be tremendous fun - that I have never seen! I still find it difficult to focus and go to sleep the night before the drive starts! May be that's the love for long drives residing in my blood! May be there are more like me in this world! May be it is some sort of automobile enthusiasm or craze ! May be that is why I am on Team Bhp!

However, more than the 'everytime' excitement and appeal of a long drive, there was one more special reason this time. I was planning to drive our lovely Lunar Beauty - Tata Nano LX from Pune to Vadodara! We had never really taken her on a long long drive like this. Hence, I was really looking forward for the drive. It was going to be a One-way drive. The reason being we were planning to leave Nano at our Vadodara home for around a year.

I and my father were going to be the driver and co-driver. All set right? No, not yet ! We had some unexpected challenges to tackle:

"I heard that you guys are planning to send Nano to Vadodara!"
"Yes, that's correct"
"Will you be hiring a car carrier or would you be sending thru a movers and packers?"
"Actually, we are planning to drive it down!"
"What ? Do you want to get burnt alive? Don't you know that Nano is a city car?
"Well but......."
"No No nothing doing - hire a movers and packers agency"

As the news of our planned drive started spreading, my phone started ringing. Relatives and well wishers from Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara called up and warned us for the mis-adventure. Everyone was saying that it is foolish to drive Nano all the way from Pune to Vadodara. on asking why? following were the answers given:

1. Because Nano is a city car. It is not supposed to be ever taken to highways! Even Ratan Tata says it is a city car - who are you to challenge it?
2. Don't you read news papers? 7 Nanos have got burnt. If Nano burns even during normal city run - imagine what will happen if taken to highways! See we care for you, hence won't let you take such mad step!
3. Too small engine - it is not suitable for highway!

the list can go on and on! I had to explain multiple people that what they are saying is not the case - Nano can be taken to the highways. If we keep in mind its limitations and respect it; it is safe as well! However, it would be impossible to convince people around! I remember having discussed this with so many people that I started feeling like a Tata sales person!

Some well-wishers came out with suggestions:
1. Do not lock doors if you drive Nano on highway! ( No prize for guessing the reason!)
2. Drive for 1 hour and take break for half an hour so that the engine cools properly.
3. Drive only during early morning and late night! Do not drive at all in afternoon. Since during morning and late night it will be colder outside - there will be lesser chances of Nano burning!!

So much for the bad publicity that this car has got! People have got such strong negative impressions that it is impossible to make them understand the reality. Even more irritating is the fact that those who make such comments have never owned or even driven a Nano. However, they still speak like experts! grrrrrrrrrrr...............

But we were determined! Amidst all this chaos we continued preparing and planning for the visit. I looked up the TBHP to find out route info and also get insight into the traffic conditions and road conditions. We created our plan for the drive
- Start from Pune early morning. ( 4 a.m. ). This can help in avoiding traffic of Mumbai and if possible; reach NH 8 Junction (Fountain Hotel ) by 9. Take break and then continue the drive to Vadodara. Keep taking regular breaks enroute. Plan to reach Vadodara by night sometimes.

However, due to the enormous 'pressure' from domestic well wishers, we had to create a Plan B which had taking night halt at Hotel Fountain as the change.

Next was to 'prepare' for the journey. Nano was recently serviced. Hence only check for air, fuel and fluids was required.

On the day before the drive, it was impossible to concentrate on work! Sometimes after lunch I gave up trying to work and instead started checking Nano for various possible problems and fluids. First I checked all the fluids - they were fine. Next was to check for all the mandatory equipments. It was then that I got a very crude shock! What was it? ......to be continued..

Pictures : (Do not know how to put 'in line' text and images)

1. 'Storm in the little tea cup!' Little cute Nano facing immense perception challenges!
2. Will she make it to Vadodara?
3. You know you are in Gujarat, when you see this!
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NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!-ready-roll.jpg  

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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Very nice start of the travelogue. You travelogue will certainly give people more confidence in Nano.

Where is the detailed report.
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Keep your own counsel, that is what you should do when facing a volley of "Don'ts".
Waiting to hear more!
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Good to see another Nano in another long journey. When you go for such a trip in a nano you don't just break everyone else's perception, you get immense satisfaction within yourself (ask me). BTW how long was the journey (in kms)??
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Pune to Vadodara is around 600km. How long did it take you to reach the destination. 12hrs?
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

This is in reply to the people having a perception that nano's are extremely slow, and therefore should not be taken on the highway...

The other day around 8 of us [family members] were returning in 2 cars from Shantiniketan to Kolkata. One car was being driven by my cousin brother and the other by my uncle. My cousin brother was driving his modded 1.6l Optra. He was in the mood that night and was driving pretty fast [at a consistent speed of around 120ks]. We soon realised that my uncle had fallen back a bit so my bro slowed down to maintain a steady speed of around 90-95ks to allow the other car to catch up. Just about then, a car came up behind us flashing his lights. We had not 5 mins ago overtaken a rather fast moving OHC and were guessing that he was wanting to go back past us again. But when my brother gave way, we were stunned to see that it was actually a red nano that was overtaking us at around 100. The car seemed sufficiently stable for what it offers!!

I had always been a nano fan and was very happy to see someone drive it like any other car.
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

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We advise you to read the Announcements and Board Rules section before proceeding any further.

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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Wow! One more Nano travelogue. Nano's are rocking the travelogue in tbhp nowadays. Excellent writeup. Waiting for more.
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Great start. Waiting for the remaining story.
By the way nice alloys and the sticker job looks good too.
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Default Re: NanoLogue - Pune to Vadodara in Lunar Beauty!

Hey Pranav! I am planning to buy a Nano soon........in fact have booked one. I am curious to know about your Baroda trip.
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