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Default Mumbai to Manipal drive

We (my wife, my driver and I) recently drove from Mumbai to Manipal on December 1st 2010 and came back on December 4th 2010. I did of lot of ground work before leaving. I studied the route map using Google map and Google Earth. In addition I spoke to a few friends and a neighbour. I also visited www.team-bhp.com to gather information. After understating the route and being warned about bad roads, heavy truck traffic and not to miss the scenic beauty on Hubli Karwar road, I decided that I should do the stretch during the day. Based on this I worked on an estimated time for departure and arrival and possible breaks to ensure that both the car and driver were rested.
The excel sheet at the end of this post gives the route that I took with distance and time (both estimated and actual). I could not attcah the file due to some problem which I could not figure out.
With the actual time taken one can easily judge that the road conditions were excellent from Mumbai to Dharwad. The traffic was also thin and we could drive anywhere between 120 to 140 Km per hour in most of the stretches. At some places I had to control myself to keep the speedometer to 120 Kms and lower!
As I had read from the postings in team-bhp that the Hubli Karwar road was bad I was concerned about the driving time that we would take. In fact the initial stretch of Dharwad to Kalghatgi was not too good and I was wondering if the further stretch of road will be equally bad. To our surprise the Hubli Karwar road was exceptional and there was no major truck traffic. We could drive anywhere between 90 to 120 Kms through this stretch. One of the issues we faced was that some of the signboards were in Kannada. Of-course the Indian GPS system worked very well for us. One would wonder what the Indian GPS system is. It is as simple as rolling down your window and asking someone where you are and how to proceed.
As the sign-board was in Kannada, we almost missed the turn from Hubli-Karwar Road, on our way from Idugundi to Kumta. Even the google maps driving directions said “Slight right toward Kochi-Panavel Rd/NH 17”. After seeing the map I knew that this was wrong and it should be a left turn. After a few minutes, a tempo truck told us that is the right place to turn and go. This road is very narrow and not too good. However, there was no traffic at all, sans 1 or 2 motorbikes. I think during the rains it will be simply superb to be in this area, but, I do not know how the roads would be. We decided on the return leg to avoid this road and went beyond Ankola and took the Hubli Karwar road from the point where it meets the Kochi-Panvel road. This decision was correct as we took 10 minutes less driving time though the distance was 20 KMs more.
The road from Kumta to Manipal was initially fantastic and trouble started after we crossed Honavar. Thereafter, one did not know where the potholes would be and the drive was cautious. But the piece of the Indian road engineering expertise was the 14 KM stretch between Bhatkal and Shirur. There was just no road and they call it National Highway!! The traffic threw up so much of dust from the ground that the trees and plants were all coated white. I understand that they are in the processes of relaying this road. One could hope that the road will be there in another 2 or 3 months and then will disappear after the first showers in 2011.
In spite of all this, we could cover approximately 910 Km in a driving time of about 13 hours, i.e.an average of 70 Km per hour. I guess this note could entice people to drive through this route. If you are a larger group, i.e. 5 or 6 cars you should drive during monsoon time just to ensure that there is a back-up available in case of any problems.
Food and Bio-break
We stopped for breakfast after Pune, post the toll station on Pune-Satara road. We went to Mac but later realised that there were other Indian food choice available further up. I am not too sure if all these guys are up and about at 7:30 in the morning. The bio-break stop here was decent. We stopped for petrol at Kholapur at the Konduskar petrol pump after crossing the city. Tea and Bio-break stop is fine here. We reached Belgaum by 12 noon and were not yet that hungry.
Hence, we decided to move on. At the toll booth we found that there was no proper eating joint on the highway and one had to go inside Dharwad or Hubli or make do with a joint about 25 Km from the toll on the highway itself before the Dharwad toll. We ended up doing that. The food was just about OK. The Bio-break facility could not meet any bare minimum standards. God bless Indian women and girls as they hold on to their bladder much longer than the insensitive Indian male who stands-at-ease wherever he pleases.
The Coffee at Kumta was excellent. If you chose to sit as a commoner you were served in stainless steel “Dabara and Tumbler” or in cup and saucer if you went into the A/c room. The A/c room provided you a decent bio-break facility too!! After the back breaking drive from Bhatkal to Kundapur we could not help but to stop and have an excellent Coffee at Kundapur.
I would not know what people would do if they had to us these facilities other than for urinals. I wish a group like bhp took on this issue and address it to its final conclusion. This national shame needs to be converted into a national pride. Of-course this requires training of the users as well.

Toll Booths
The following are the booths and the toll charges paid by us in December 2010 are listed below.
Amount Rs
Satara – Anewadi
Satara-Karad – Taswade
Before Kholapur
After Kholpaur
Before Belgaum
After Belgaum
Before Dharwad
After Honavar

I could not get a site that could give me the actual number of tolls and toll charges there at, prior to my departure. I carried change with me so that we could tender exact toll charges. If this information is put up at a suitable place on BHP site it would be of help.
Petrol Pumps
These were available in plenty and there was no problem. However, there were no sign boards to tell you how far the next petrol pump is.
I have both video and still photographs. I will try and attach the still photographs that show 2 views on Kholapur-Belgaum Road and one on Hubli-Karwar Road. If any one of the readers want a video they could connect with me.
Mumbai to ManipalStart Time: Budgeted:05:00:00Actual Start Time:05:15:00Start fromReach AtKMEstimated TimeEstimated Total TimeTotal KMActual Time takenActual Total TimeTime ReachedStop OverMIDCPune 142 02:30:0002:30:00 142 02:15:0002:15:0007:30:00PuneSatara 125 01:45:0004:15:00 267 01:45:0004:00:0009:15:00BreakfastSataraKarad 54 01:00:0005:15:00 321 00:35:0004:35:0009:50:00KaradKholapur 72 01:00:0006:15:00 393 00:45:0005:20:0010:35:00PetrolKholapurBelgaum 112 01:45:0008:00:00 505 01:25:0006:45:0012:00:00BelgaumDharwad 80 01:20:0009:20:00 585 01:15:0008:00:0013:15:00LunchDharwadKalghatgi 35 00:40:0010:00:00 620 00:40:0008:40:0013:55:00KalghatgiYellapur 42 00:45:0010:45:00 662 00:30:0009:10:0014:25:00YellapurIdugundi 8 00:10:0010:55:00 670 00:05:0009:15:0014:30:00Idugundi*Kumta 80 01:30:0012:25:00 750 01:25:0010:40:0015:55:00TeaKumtaHaldipur 12 00:10:0012:35:00 762 00:25:0011:05:0016:20:00HaldipurHonavar 9 00:06:0012:41:00 771 00:10:0011:15:0016:30:00HonavarKasarkod 2 00:01:0012:42:00 773 00:02:0011:17:0016:32:00KasarkodBhatkal 37 00:25:0013:07:00 810 00:40:0011:57:0017:12:00BhatkalKundapur 53 00:45:0013:52:00 863 01:33:0013:30:0018:45:00Bad RoadKundapurManipal 40 00:30:0014:22:00 903 00:45:0014:15:0019:30:00End Time*Turn towards Madangeri appx 36 KM from IdugundiAdd:Estimated Time for Additional Breaks01:0000:00Total Hours15:22:0014:15End Time

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Default Help needed for Delhi - Manipal (Karnataka) - Delhi


I am in the initial stages of planning Delhi - Manipal - Delhi in a Chevrolet Beat and would require your inputs on the route and everything that goes with it.

As of now, I am crystal clear about my route to Mumbai, as I did the same circle not so long ago. I would be spending a couple of days in Mumbai. Starting from Mumbai I need your help.

I want your inputs on the route I should take from Mumbai, where halts would be appropriate along with good suggestions of hotels keeping in mind a lady in the passenger seat.

Also an idea on the facilities midway, reliable fuel pumps if any and good places to eat etc.

I can start driving as early as 4 am and can go on till about 7. I prefer not to move a minute beyond 8-8.30 and this time having a copassenger I guess the stoppages shall be more.

I would be spending 3-4 days in Manipal and then would begin the journey home again via Mumbai.

Ranjit has suggested this route. Hoping this is good? Would still require a heads-up on road conditions etc


Please Help

P.S : Mods, I searched for threads but could not find any. Please go ahead and merge if a related thread does exist.

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Default Re: Help needed for Delhi - Manipal (Karnataka) - Delhi

Originally Posted by AbhishekB86 View Post

I want your inputs on the route I should take from Mumbai, where halts would be appropriate along with good suggestions of hotels keeping in mind a lady in the passenger seat.
Hey Abhishek,

Please check out the below thread.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...ml#post2222376 (Mumbai to Manipal drive)

Also try connecting with bhpian - libranof1987. He should be able to guide you on the route.

OT : Are you a Manipal alumini? I am from 2002-2006 batch MIT.

Aniket Tiwari
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Default Re: Help needed for Delhi - Manipal (Karnataka) - Delhi

Hey Aniket,

Thanks a ton. Did scroll through my phone. I guess the gentleman did this in 13 hours so there is no need to stop over the night as such.

Yes I am from Manipal. I was a part of Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration 2005-09. Miss the Manipal days,as much as you do and we're raging to go back to relive our best days.

Also, the Sheela joint is calling. I would love to sit there again

I shall get in touch with libran. Thanks a ton.

Originally Posted by aniket.tiwari27 View Post
Hey Abhishek,

Please check out the below thread.

Also try connecting with bhpian - libranof1987. He should be able to guide you on the route.

OT : Are you a Manipal alumini? I am from 2002-2006 batch MIT.

Aniket Tiwari
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Default Re: Mumbai to Manipal drive

Hi Abhishek,

I have done Mumbai-Mamipal around 5 times in the last 10 years. It takes 13 hours of driving (driving sedately at 100-120 kmph) plus stoppage time.

I have attached tripmeter figures and the rough time taken on the stretch. Tripmeter data is very accurate (GPS verified). Kindly note the following points.

1. The time taken will vary depending on what part of the day the particular stretch was covered.

2. Currently the 6-laning of NH4 if happening from Pune to Satara (140 kms) and Belgaum to Dharwad section.

3. 4-laning is also happening from Kundapur to Udupi section too. This stretch is particularly dangerous to drive in the night and doubly so when it is raining.

4. Assuming 3 stoppages totalling 2 hours, 4 am to 7 pm should comfortably be possible.

5. Yellapur to Ankola stretch is a winding ghat road. It helps to know in advance!

6. The mobile network coverage on NH63 is quite poor

7. The NH17 is not in a very good shape currently.

8. Pumps: There is a BPCL pump just before Shivpur toll, and one around 5 kms after Shivpur toll. This one has McDonal and Dominoes outlet too. Konduskar pump immediately after passing Kolhapur is also well known. Fill-up in Maharashtra before entering Karnataka as fuel is cheaper in Mah.

Hope this helps!
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