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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

It's 300/- per puncture in Bangalore and chennai. But no new punctures are created so I guess we get the better deal.
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

Article in golden sparrow online magazine about Pune's puncture scam.
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

I had my first experience yesterday, luckily I escaped without major damage.
Felt one of the rear tyre to be a little low on air, and hence went to get it checked at the HP Fuel Station exactly opposite Apollo Hospital in Jasola, Delhi.
The guy said the air is super low and type is punctured. I didn't have a choice here, hence had to get the puncture fixed. A brand new 1.5" screw came out shining. I don't suspect any wrong doing till this point, because I just pulled over near the air pump and closely monitored what this guy was doing. He then called the 'puncture' guy to help me.
After the puncture was fixed, the puncture guy tells me that I've driven with a punctured tyre and the valve which is used to fill air has got cuts in it. To prove this he put a plastic cap on the valve, and dipped in water. Air was rushing out like crazy. Now 2 options were presented, a cheaper valve for Rs.120 and a 'premium' one for Rs.150.
However all this was a little too much for me, and the last thing I wanted was some cheap product for my relatively new car. I asked him to replace the spare with the punctured tyre and pack-up my stuff. He almost came down to pleading to get the premium one for Rs.100, but get the work done.
I went out straight to the A.S.S near my home, and asked them to check. Within 2 mins I had the verdict, the small plastic cap he used, had a small pin inside, which when tightened was pushing on the pin in the valve and causing the air leak! Nothing was wrong with the valve in the first place!
Felt so relieved, and joyfully drove back home!
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

This article was published couple of weeks back. It is the story of one gentleman who made it his mission to collect all the nails that is spread by the local puncture walas. Surprisingly he collected over 75 KG of nails since the last few years. Kudos to him that that particular stretch saved many unsuspecting motorists from getting drawn to puncture scams. Not to forget about the number of accidents that must have been reduced due to his efforts. Unfortunately he is now leaving Bengaluru.


Early morning, as Bengalureans rushed to work, a man could be seen quietly combing the road along the HSR-BDA flyover, looking for something. With a long stick and in cycling gear, he peddled along the stretch, seemingly oblivious (but not quite) to buses swishing dangerously past him. That would be Benedict Jebakumar, a techie who has been picking up nails — purposely thrown onto the roads — that lead to frequent Punctures, on this stretch. He has been doing this for the last five years – but this Friday will be his last. He’s leaving the city.
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

Please send this gentleman to Pune, he can make a decent living selling the large number of nails thrown by the scamsters to a scrap dealer
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

I don't know if it's a Tyre fraud or if its bad roads or if its pathetic Tyre Quality of Good Years. Over the last 3 months My Ecosport's tires have had received puncture treatment for roughly 23-24 holes. With 2 tires having 9 holes each. I was there for each repair and monitored everything very closely, and the nails, did come out of each hole.

Place: Noida
Tyre Mileage: 30180 KM

although the initial 3-4 punctures along with the valve replacement were clearly spam, as both were diagnosed by the Tyre shops during refills, its the last 18 punctures that trouble me. Thread depth is still deep enough for another 10-15k Kms, but now I am worried, If i should go ahead and buy a Chinese brand tires for low price, or go ahead with my original plan for Michelin. One thing is for sure, It's my first self sponsored car, with my hard earned money, and I am very sad right now. If there is any other puncture, and If i am able to figure out the scam, I will surely
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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

Shocked at all the horror stories about 'puncture scams' ! In some forty plus years of driving (mostly in east and northeast India) I have not faced any ! Now-a-days I find unfamiliar puncture repairers overcharging, but that is all. So except in an emergency I avoid going to unfamiliar tyre-repair shops even to fill air, as most fuel outlets have the free service.

A little initiative and knowledge may save you from many such swindles :

1.Buy and keep a few spare valve cores (Rs. 10/- for tubes) or valve stems (Rs. 50/- for tubeless). If someone insists you have a faulty valve, promptly produce your own stock and ask him to fit it. Not only will the grin vanish from his face, but he may give up the trick altogether !

2. Buy and keep a valve wrench ( I keep one in every vehicle plus one at home). A simple and small tool, it costs about Rs. 10/-, and has four small arms for poking into valve cores or tightening them, plus a centre die for clearing the outer thread of valve nozzles. If a puncture-man insists you have a faulty valve, try tightening it yourself, and in most cases the leak will stop. Sometimes the valve core is not tightened properly and after a few fillings it tends to leak. Even when nothing is reported, try tightening all five cores by yourself to ensure perfect sitting of the cores in the nozzles, but be careful not to over tighten. With some practice one learns exactly how much torque is needed. This tool even comes handy to punish someone who parks in front of your gate or is otherwise being a bother -- simply loosen two of his valves a little so that he gets double flats after some time of slow leaks !

3. Use a puncture repair solution inside tubes or tubeless tyres. These really work, and come in handy to avoid emergencies like a sudden flat at night or in blinding rain or at a remote place. But they work for punctures only, and cannot repair a cut or a 'burst'. These solutions also help sudden loss of control at high speeds. I started using them on bikes, and now have them in 4-wheeler tyres too.

4. Keep a few spare dust caps and always replace if one is missing. Air-fill men either overtighten them after filling causing them to crack and fall off, or fit them loosely with the same results -- always personally check every wheel after a fill. Keeping the nozzle mouth clean prolongs valve life.

5. If possible, buy a tyre pump of your own -- medium priced -- and fill air yourself. They are all made in China and will need replacing after a few years, even those with tyre brands like Michelin & GoodYear -- but worth it.

6. Always keep stepney in good shape. Keep a tubeless repair kit with you. And a spare tube in the trunk, if you run tube type tyres.

With all these precautions, hopefully one will be a smaller target to these scamsters !

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Default Re: Puncture frauds - How do they work?

There is a Scam going on between Shaurya Hotel and Datta mandir chowk road, near wakad. Two kids riding a Bajaj Platina/Discover maybe ( without rear number plate ), will come near you left window and point towards your front tyre.

The same kid tried to play this trick on me twice, I guess they prefer outstation cars.
And worst part they keep riding between these two places looking for a victim.

It is this thread which has ensured I did not get trapped.

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