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Default re: Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread

Originally Posted by pcpranav View Post
Xylo current ODO = ~143700 KM. Yoko has already run over 62K KM (period about 28 months),

overall Im happy with Yoko, esp the grip & braking. Though Im quite regular in Alignment & Balancing tasks, off-late I have seen some uneven wear in some areas, will get it again checked. As told by few tyre shops in recent times, and also I feel, they will still last quite long. hope for the best.

Hi Pranav,

Glad to see your Xylo is munching miles well and the Yokos are still holding good even after 62K KMs. Now we know the real verdict of Bridgestone vs Michelin vs Yokos for Xylo. Geolanders win hands down.

My Tusker has not munched miles like earlier since I relocated to hometown and the Michelins have seen only 30K KMs of action in 31 months after buying. They are holding good till now but I feel they have easily crossed 50% life and might have to consider a replacement in next 20K KMs.

So certainly life is lesser than Bridgestones and Yokos. And also the Unidirectional nature of Latitude Cross would trigger early change as the outer edge gets worn out faster for front tyres. No regrets as it really improved Tusker's ride quality and handling and no significant cost escalation compared to Duelers.
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Default re: Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread

Date: 27-May-2016.
Vehicle : Xylo, ~154200 KMs ODO

The Change – though partial !

The Yoko on my vehicle had already crossed ~72K KMs, and the only puncture happened few months back, as reported in this thread earlier. The threads were still decent, though at some places it was bit uneven, but nothing to be extremely worried about. Gripping and braking was pretty decent. I had expected the tyres to run more ~10K KMs, but fate has something else !

I was to travel Vadodara for some personal work, and started from home at 8.30AM – already running bit late. I sensed the tyre pressure were not OK, and stopped at one of the regular tyre shop. The guy announced that Rear-Right tyre had a puncture as pressure was too low. Even before dismounting the tyre, we saw a big screw stuck in the tyre! The tyre was dismounted, the screw was removed and puncture was repaired. At that time, I noticed at a small area (near to the main puncture) of tyre was bit swollen – the guy said that “…. Air has been captured, and tyre will not service for long, better to change soon”. On further diagnostics, we found another two more punctures near the same area, and they were repaired too. Upon inflating the tyre, I noticed that particular area got again swollen, and I sensed that somehow air was entrapped within the ply (layers) of the tyres. Maybe the screw had performed this havoc. That would mean a bit uneven tyre surface, leading to somewhat bad ride quality.

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_085933.jpg

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_085945.jpg

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_085954.jpg

After the puncture repair job, I left from there and stopped about 30 KM later for diesel topping at Reliance bunk bit ahead of Vasai. I remember stepping down of vehicle and casually inspecting the tyres – all seemed OK. I continued driving for another 30-35KM and stopped at Shree Dutt food mall (Manor), and relished vada-pao and cold lemonade, and even at that time I didn’t notice anything unusual in the tyre. I was driving good 80-100 speed.

I continued driving another ~75 KMs, speeds in range of 80-120 and just before Vapi GIDC area I stopped vehicle on roadside for a bio-break. When I saw that tyre, I was just surprised and astonished! This area has really swollen like a big bubble. I touched the bubble and it was very soft, just about to burst. I lowered the air pressure, and poured some water to cool the tyres, waited for 10 minutes. A lot of thoughts were running in my mind, mainly – Thank God, that it didn’t burst while I was driving. I called my family and updated of the situation.

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_114820.jpg

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_114843.jpg

I switched-on the hazard lights (c.k.a. parking lights!) and slowly started driving in 2nd gear, just hoping to reach sound few KM to a type shop, as I was just reaching Vapi. A lot of passing vehicle was pointing me the tyre, and I thanked them and said that I was aware and going to a tyre shop. Within this condition, I didn’t take the two flyovers and slowly located two big tyre shops on other side of road, where I parked my vehicle. Minimum I had to change two tyres (default specs 215/75/R15), though changing all 5 tyres was a distant thought, if not now then in coming months for sure. In the first store, they had only Apollo tyres, which I was not interested.
I went to next store (Highway Tyres) and inquired prices:
>> Bridgestone Dueler AT 693: Rs.6400 per piece
>> MRF Wanderer AT: Rs.5400 per piece

The shop manager asked me to bring the vehicle inside the compound (just few meters to drive) and then proceed for inspecting and new tyres. At this point when I just moved my vehicle, I heard a “phataak” sound, and the tyre bubble bursts ! The tyre was still holding air pressure, and not any air was coming out of the crack. I was extremely lucky, and saved from a potential accident, thank God.

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_123004.jpg
Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-20160527_123017.jpg

I decided to go for MRF Wanderer. I explained the entire situation, and also history of tyres. The shop manager was a very nice person and he carefully inspected all the other tyres and commented that for now I put only 2 new tyres (on the front) and rear two existing can be changed after few months but not too long. Soon the tyre replacement was done. Since I wasn’t carrying that much cash, the shop manager even arranged one of his staff to take me to nearby ATM on their motorcycle. As a final price I paid Rs.10400 (i.e. 5200 per piece), and guy said he wouldn’t give such discounted rates to local customers, but I was a good exception. For alignment and balancing he referred to nearby shop, but have to pay extra for it.

MRF Wanderer AT - looks good:
Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-img_20160528_142525727_hdr.jpg
Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-img_20160530_093708840_hdr.jpg
Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-img_20160530_093718661_hdr.jpg

I drove to the nearby shop and its staff had gone for lunch. Time was 1.15 PM, and even I had my lunch to next door restaurant. The alignment and balancing was done, costing Rs.500 and more than one hour time. Now I started for my destination, and the drive was very good. By late evening I reach Vadodara. In the local drive, the vehicle feels bit bouncy, and I sense improper air pressure – will get it corrected today.

I have also decided that within few days itself, I will get rest of tyres (3, incl almost unused spare BS-D-AT) to MRF Wanderer. That’s no point just dragging the old Yoko, which has served me very good. And better I enjoy the ride quality of the new ones. Hope the MRF serves me very good.

The rear Yoko, doing their final duties, thank you :

Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-img_20160530_093757335_hdr.jpg
Mahindra Xylo : Tyre & wheel upgrade thread-img_20160530_093820592_hdr.jpg

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