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Old 24th November 2006, 15:52   #1
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Default Swift Stock Tyre Costs Rs.1250 Only

One of my tyre got damaged upon hitting a rod. Replaced it with the spare tyre. Have been running on this for quiet sometime & purchase was due.

Visited a local tyre dealer to purchase the stock tyre (JK). He does not deal with JK and asked whether he could purchase one for me. Thought he will have a margin of 100-200rs & asked him to proceed. Luckily that guy gave me a call to confirm me on the prices of Rs.3200/- per tyre. I never purchased any tyres before, but somewhere felt this is on higher end.

Asked him to hold the purchase, went to the website to get the list of dealers & spoken to all of them. Everyone quoted Rs.2600/- expect Majestic tyres (EGMORE).

Majestic quoted me Rs.1250/-, also explained that JK has slashed the prices as these tyre specs holds good only for Swift and Opel Corsa ( dont know whats the logic behind slash in prices). Again spoken to dealers on price slash & they said everything is rubbish as the vendor is trying to sell me used tyres.

Went to majestic tyres for replacement & was shocked to see the replacement trye (full of small stones on the gaps of threads). I rejected that piece saying that I wanted a brand new one. After lots of argument, called the owner of the shop & was provided a brand new one.

Many guys upgrade their tyre after running with stock tyres for few kms. Chances that these tyres will be sold as brand new one. Please take care of this while purchasing the tyres.
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Old 24th November 2006, 16:42   #2
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Glad you spotted the googly before you got bowled
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Old 25th November 2006, 12:20   #3
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For 1250, its obvious you were getting a used / exchanged tyre. Even your brand new piece, I suspect, is a slightly used one. Theres nothing wrong if it was off a Swift which went for a tyre upgrade within the first 100 kms.
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Old 25th November 2006, 12:38   #4
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its a great deal if u get the tyre at that cost as GTO said, remember the old days when people use to upgrade to fat imported tyres which were actually way past their life coz wider rubber was un available? those were atleast 10 k kms uncer them, compared to that 100km tyres at this price is a good deal, just make sure manufacturing date is not too old
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Old 25th November 2006, 14:35   #5
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I for one upgrade the tyres from all my cars the moment I drive them out of the showroom. I take care not to drive the car more than 50kms. on the originals. That way i get a good exchange price & the person buying my tyres doesn't get a raw deal either.
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Old 25th November 2006, 17:08   #6
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Thanks for this info ... Surprise ... This is indeed surprising tactics...
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Old 26th November 2006, 23:38   #7
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when i bought my car (used ), it had great tyres, which is pretty unusual, specially because i got it from the dealer. so i tried to check for the date, but the tyres were inversed, so the date was on the inside wall. but i had a gut feeling that the tyres are old. the test drive confirmed that. i noticed later that one was a 1995 dated tyre, made in japan & the rest were all 1997. my car was regd in Dec 1998. of course i was compensated for that.
so what i am saying is that if the tyre is not too old, then it is ok, but if it is, then it is not worth buying it even for a very low price, as safety will be compromised.
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Old 29th November 2006, 00:04   #8
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Exclamation Bad vibes

The least Majestic should have done is to tell you that the tires came off another car, even if they were run only 30 kms; instead of a long fictitious story of JK Tire slashing prices (like it was going out of business!). Usually the owner (Anil) is upfront and frank. Most likely you came up against one of his staff. Still, that doesn't make it allright.

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Old 4th December 2006, 00:40   #9
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Majestic didn't lose any money by giving you one for 1,250 as that is the dealer cost at which JK has dumped these tyres in the market.Prices may vary acroiss dealers as the company acted wickedly and sold diffrent lots to various dealers at diffrent prices.But right now if you hunt around you'd get 16/80/R14 JK Ultima's for 1,250 but I suggest you keep it beside a Goodyear/Bridgestone or Pirelli of the same size and see the diff in rubber compound and tire width.
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Old 27th January 2010, 12:54   #10
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Own a Maruti 800 , 2005 model with 4 speed and have clocked around 31,000 kms. The front tyres has worn out from the inside and I was advised that there is an issue with suspension that needs to be rectifed.

The rear tyres are fine, but I am planning to replace all the 4+1, with MRF ZVTS and do the suspension checks and balancing.

Since this is my first tyre purchase, help/guidance on approximate cost and the 'THINGS' I should be aware of to avoid being cheated and then having a 'bad taste in the mouth' feeling.
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Old 27th January 2010, 14:59   #11
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You just revived a 4 yr old thread my friend

Post your query here

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Originally Posted by sachinj12 View Post
You just revived a 4 yr old thread my friend

Post your query here


Thanks Sachin...I have checked Ram's thread and 145/80R12-74S is what I will go for...thanks for the help...
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Old 27th January 2010, 22:25   #13
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I got JK Tornado tyres of a Brand New Ritz for my Swift for Rs.1000 each under exchange of old tyres. This was about 2-3 months back.
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Old 4th February 2010, 00:38   #14
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Last year I purchased two stock tyres of Swift for 2200 rupees. Must have been used only for driving from the Showroom to the tyre shop. Good deal, I think. If I have to purchase stock tyres for any of my car, I would do the same again.
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Old 4th July 2010, 14:58   #15
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Originally Posted by Sanjay1707 View Post
Last year I purchased two stock tyres of Swift for 2200 rupees. Must have been used only for driving from the Showroom to the tyre shop. Good deal, I think. If I have to purchase stock tyres for any of my car, I would do the same again.

I asked for the price of Swift VXI tyres at a shop today. The shop owner said that in the stock sizes, there are only 2 brands - JK & MRF. He quoted 2350 for JK & 2500 for MRF. And I didn't bargain because still have some time to go before I change my tyres. So 2200 for even slightly used doesn't seem that much of a bargain.

Anyway, are these good prices? Are there any other choices in the stock sizes other than JK & MRF.

I have been reasonably happy with JK - I have crossed 40000 kms in 3 years & the MASS said that it will last for 10000kms more atleast.
Also, my spare tyre had problems & JK replaced the spare tyre under warranty without much hassles.
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