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Gawd. Will you guys let go. Just a few posts ago i thought everything was settled but it obviously has not so i will add my two bits.

Please dont find this post offensive as it is not intended in that way. I do tend to call a spade a spade, maybe so just rephrase it.

I have been following the thread with great gusto and enthusiasm and dont think that anyone was, trying to malign anybody earlier on but it is getting to be an all out Kolkatta (please dont point out my spelling mistakes, i know my spelling is bad) v/s the rest of India

It is quite amusing when someone accuses another of a personal attack and is indulging in that very vice. Please let the mod team decide that and if it is found to be so, the particular person will get his due, be sure of that. Please refrain from pointing out what in your view should or should not classify as a per4sonal attack or anything else.

Firstly Srivardhan, thank you for sharing the pics with us. IThis is genuinely appreciated aand you have been told so in print. You tone and attitude on the other hand is not. Please dont feel offended, im just trying to point out some of the objectionable things you said, please ponder over them and im sure you will realise the arrogance underlining your posts.

Originally Posted by Shrivardhan View Post
But there are a few people who think themselves to be maestros. I think this recession has made many people lackly occupied, so they are getting into threads and commenting. People call a Klaxon bell horn a steel tea glass, and quilted design a burfi hahaha. great knowledge.
My friend, just because one does not use the Queen's English, does that make one less knowledgeable?
We all refer to pre 58 fiats as 'Dukkars". Let someone scoff at that and the entire FCCCI club will be after his hide
NHCs are called Dolphin shape....??!!
So calling the design a Burfi or Samosa is not to be ridiculed. I hope you get the drift.

I do not understand what is the problem with people with others. As long as I have my cars, I can even built a multistiory building on it, and nobody should bother, SINCE THEY ARE MY CARS. Whether people like it or not we care a '......' about it.
You sound like a friend of mine from class II who would want to bat the entire play period. His argument "its my bat so ill do the batting. If you dont agree then go play something else"

Sure they are your cars but then you chose free to share them here or not. Right? I personally didnt see reason for you to go ballistic. Similarly if Harit pointed out the Citroen to, not be what it was made out to be, it is right na? If not then it should not have in the first place, been pushed as such. Why should you even care two hoots if you were not trying to pass it off as something else in the first place? We are a community who care and are passionate about it. If there is a defect we are not ridiculing it. We are pointing it out. Truth should prevail and that should not get anyone irritated. If a bluff is called of appreciate the knowledge on this forum instead of sulking.

I was encouraged to further post a few good before and after pictures, of cars which are getting completed now, but im sorry I would do no further. I am sorry fellow enthusiasts (the non-jelous ones),
Well you posted them yourself, they are your cars, you are free to do whatever. But you sound like this forum is begging you to showcase your cars. That my friend, let me inform you is not the case. You may go through the vast Vintage and Classic head. It is an abundance or knowledge and information in which you could add, not by calling people names and trust me no one is jealous of you, i wonder what reason they would have?....(and its Jealous not jelous...see two can play the game..you also made a typo....so what??!!)

I would withdraw from this forum very soon, as I am a hobbiest, no commercial restorer. I do not require any mileage from this forum, nor do I fish for pulicity
Buying unrestored cars, restoring them, and then selling them, is in my words, commercial activity. You may call it by another name. If you do it as a passion, well and good.

as my Dad is a very old enthusiast and required people respect and know him well. My intention for entering this forum was to try spreading the vintage car hobby, and helping the new enthusiats get a taste of steps for restoration. ALL I CAN REMEMBER, IS THE STORY OF SOUR GRAPES.
Dont drag your dad into this . No one mentioned your dad and its very demeaning of you to drag him into something this inconsequential. From what i hear, strangely from those, whom you seem to think have an axe to grind against you, is that your predecessor/s are a highly respected lot and they know what they are doing. How i wish humility and vintage appreciation were hereditary.

Whom you accuse of sour grapes are people with extensive knowledge about the field and also with a collection to envy. We have all known them to share and learn from here and respect others who genuinely wish to share their knowledge on this forum. This is the first time i hear an outburst of "I was going to earlier but now im not..".

Kindly appreciate my constructive criticism here.

Well thats enough friends, and I assure you that I would try not posting further. If any serous enthusiasts need any help, our doors are always open, without any commercial interest. Feel free to email me anytime. Long live this hobby.
Those words are uncalled for. Are you expecting someone to plead against?? WIll that satisfy your ego??
Stay on the forum and share experiences, pics with all. Learn and share your knowledge is the key word here.

Although we do have a plethora of members, we do need more to share their knowledge, not threaten us and it does not take a lot of trying join to get off the forum. It just takes one's will.

Originally Posted by predatorwheelz View Post
Wasif, its amusing to see you classifying the Kanorias as a profession/hobby. Wasnt it you who so famously lambasted DKG when he tried to classify vintage car enthusiasts in another thread?

The truth is (and I very much intend to stir up a hornet's nest here) that Team-BHP has gained a bunch of vintage car enthusiasts, who though extremely knowledgeable and experienced, also happen to have a high-handed attitude that cocks a snoot at all other vintage car enthusiasts all over the country.
Not true at all my agitated friend.(and dont think im trying to fit myself in the exalted club you mention)

Remember the old maxim, when you point a finger at yourself, the others are pointing at you!! Relax. Take it easy and chill!!

Shrivardhan has been attacked time and again on this forum, as have Indrojit Sorcar, Rajiv Ghosh, a certain Morris enthusiast from Chennai whose name I dont remember, and many others on their respective threads.
They have not been attacked, they have been corrected and that will continue to be done with anyone, you, me or anyone else. Do not attempt to make it out to be a Kolkatta v/s the rest of Bhpians club because we are all in this collectively and we do not appreciate Party Baazi.

I dont know Shrivardhan personally, though I do know Rajiv and a few other vintage car lovers in Kolkata (not Kolkotta - Harit, take note). But I do know a good restorer when I see his work. The number of restorations Rajiv & his dad have carried out singly is more than all of you - Wasif, Harit, and who have you - put together. So please get down from your armchairs of knowledge and appreciate the effort that people like Rajiv and Shri have taken.
You dont even know these guys you mention nor their capability. Just stick to appreciating or not their work or cars, and none of the above you mentioned have ever claimed to be restorers. As you said someone had pointed out, little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

We have all appreciated their work and have even requested them to show us more but somehow, a few of them have turned truant and are threatening to go off in their last few posts. As i said earlier, it takes nothing but your own will to leave or join this community and everyone is absolutely welcome to adhere to their wishes.

A note to the mods. You are welcome to delete this post and hand me whatever punishment you wish. But do remember that there are many amateur & professional vintage car enthusiasts who have joined TBHP in the hope of gathering some knowledge, then been snubbed by these high priests and left. If you wish to let TBHP remain a true open forum - where individual opinion, however immature - is entertained and not snubbed, I suggest you take a good reading of all the threads under the vintage car section and realize where the section is headed.

Otherwise, sit back and watch stalwarts like the Kanorias leave the community.

This community respects everyone. Dont go telling the mods what they may do.
This forum has stood the test of time and has survived much before you came in and joined it. If someone wishes to leave,it is their own free will. If one wishes to be away from this forum then it is their loss entirely. Stalwart or not, this forum has survived with its members and will continue to do so. No one person can hold this forum at ransom. Someone who wishes to wilfully be away from this forum cannot be termed a true car lover. We want only true lovers and enthusiasts.

If the mods find your post offensive they will take the appropriate action rest assured.

Originally Posted by predatorwheelz View Post
Dear Wasif,

Do you know what an oxymoron is? Its when you state 2 words/phrases one after another, and the 2 have an opposing meaning.

Stating that a restorer's ability is unquestioned, and confirming in the very next sentence that his standards seem to vary is, my friend, an oxymoron. It not only dilutes the authenticity of the original statement, but makes the whole comment look like mockery!

A similar case could be where Harit calls the Kanorias skilled craftsmen, then goes ahead to lambast everything they have done with the car.

Anyway, this is not a language session. Neither am I defending Shrivardhan (as already stated, I dont even know the guy). I'm just speaking out against the high-handed attitude that a few of you have adopted on the site. You guys seem to have a very simple, 2 step philosophy.

1) When an amateur posts something of worth, you ignore him. The poor guy waits and waits to be included in the discussion and finally leaves.

2) When a professional (like Rajiv or Shri) put up their achievements on the thread, you go into a fault-finding spree with him, until the guy (obviously all vintage enthusiasts have egos, ask Harit) gets fed up and quits.

Thank you for replying to my previous post. I shall cease with my argument here and go back to what I joined TBHP for - automobiles. And unlike Shrivardhan, I wont leave.

Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Sir!
Example of an Oxymoron. "You are stupidly clever" What you point out is nt an Oxymoron, but as you pointed out, this is not a grammar session.

Any person putting their view point in a civil way is accepted and show me one example of snubbing anyone who does not deserve it. And if you do not know anyone, how can you reach the conclusion that anyone is a professional, you have mentioned this in your post.

Originally Posted by IndrojitSircar View Post
I complretely agree with you DKG. Anyway let us not go into any furthur arguments and instead to do what we are here for i.e. help each other.
Very well said sir!!

Originally Posted by Shrivardhan View Post
Hello Friends,

At first I would like to apologise to hoever I have offended. But let me say that we are also not new kids in the block. Although I am a young chap, but our association with Vintage cars go far and wide. Im sorry the barfi and samosa bit was a typo, do to fast typing. If collectors very respected enough, I wuldnt have received critisisms like this. Positive criticisms are accepted but not mockeries. Am I not human? Is my tone only bad? What was the tone against me? Was it a love song? Was the tone very polite? Is this the kind of encouragement we youngsters look for? If people can give a direct negetive comment at me, am I supposed to sit back and clap? These two cars are on the post since months, but why is it now that these things are coming up? WE UNDERSTAND WHY... Moreover again I say Its my wish and my car. I do not need to justify here. This is a freindly forum. I hardly go into any thread commenting negetively, please check my posts. I have always tried to encourage. Once again I say, I CAN BE TARGETED DIRECTLY..AND THATS ALLOWED,,WOW,,WHY?JUST BECAUSE I HAVE FEW CARS..THIS IS NOT COOL. As i have repeated I am not a professional, and I do not need publicity. But I certainly would not accept anything negetively against my Dad who is more than sixty in age and enjoys his hobby by working personally by hand. Instead of being appreciated I gues people enjoy making fun off, AS A RESULT OF WHICH I AM WORKING HARD TO LEAVE THIS FORUM.

No one is commenting on your dad buddy. Your efforts are appreciated and please continue to do so. If you feel that any post is offensive, please, please report it. The mod team does take a very serious note of such posts.

Now let us get on with the thread instead of bickering and banting. We are all friends!!

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A post to end all posts that have deviated from the track.

Lets get back to Mr. Kanoria and his work
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Default Re: Calcutta-Collector/Restorers-Shashi Kanoria

Very sadly Mr. Shashi Kanoria passed away in March 2010. He was one of the oldest enthusiast in Calcutta and had the best of the cars always. A man from whom i would have liked to learn alot but sadly i couldn't. May his soul rest in peace.

His son, Shrivardhan who is an inactive member on this forum has restored 11 cars in the last 2 years. There is alot of media matter on that which i shall post later.

Here are some pics of the cars he has done.


Attached Thumbnails
Calcutta-Collector/Restorers-Shashi Kanoria-dsc01031.jpg  

Calcutta-Collector/Restorers-Shashi Kanoria-img_3786.jpg  

Calcutta-Collector/Restorers-Shashi Kanoria-sdc11184.jpg  

Attached Images
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