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Originally Posted by harit View Post
Just out of curiosity. You cannot dieselise a car, RTO will not enter a diesel engine changed into an originally petrol driven car. But what is the rule for a conversion the other way round?
Not many would do that, but curious.

Cheers harit
You have jokers like me who do !! I just went back to petrol for my Jeep
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Thanks for bumping this thread, I was in a dilemma about my motorcycle's engine swap. I bought a 91 Rx100 in 2001 & during the course of time & non availability of RX parts, the motorcycle is completely different from what's endorsed in RC. The motorcycle now runs on RX135 4 speed (132CC) cylinder with 5 speed gearbox (RX135 5 speed) with RX100 silencer. I know this is illegal to have something on the RC & ride something else & would like to get this legalized. My thought is to approach a driving school & get this legalized rather than running behind RTO.

My questions are
1. Has anyone done this before? If yes, pls share the details or point me out to the right thread in TBHP.
2. I intend to ride & enjoy the ride as much as possible for long time. Is it worth endorsing in the RC?
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Not clear what is meant by Manufacturer and RTO clearance for swapping engine or larger engines i.e putting larger diesel engine in petrol cars:

Say I wanted to convert an Indian registered small (2 liter) petrol 1990 Land Rover vehicle to diesel? landrover has larger (3 liter) diesel engines in the vehicle else where in the world so will they give clearance or the fact that they have these engines else where will be accepted = what needs to be shown. What does the RTO clearance process entail? DKG some light would help as I want convert to larger diesel. Also does it have to be a new engine and of the same make?

In Canada friend bought a brand new ISUZU 3 liter diesel engine from Australia and shipped it to Canada and fixed it in his Petrol Land Rover and physically took the car to DMV (RTO) and got the transfer done.
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Default Engine Swaps and Legal procedures

I see a lot of discussion on and off line about people doing legal engine swaps.

I would like to dedicate the thread to help people who wish to do kosher swaps the legal way with legit RC endorsement. Also some local state level intelligence .

As a start I have one:

How can one swap a larger diesel engine into say a Land Rover defender i.e mid 80's to 90's model with a small petrol heart in Maharashtra?

What are the options?
Can one put a larger diesel engine? if so can the engine be any make new or old?

In other countries I see people have transplanted several engine i.e Isuzu 2.8 TDI, Toyota 2.5 & 3 liter TDI's into LR's, mostly the engines have been brand new surplus old inventory or just new engines available for the after market. Anyone who has done so successfully do share your experience's and process
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Originally Posted by honeybee View Post
On checking Google for any material regarding engine/vehicle mods, this is what I found:

Forbes India - There's No Car Like My Car


Anyone know if clear lens tail lamps are allowed? I read on a thread on the Motor Vehicles Act that a vehicle may have a reversing light, which must be diffused and not very bright. Clear lens tail lamps essentially act as blinders to the drivers in the rear when driving in night, and are next to useless in daylight because it's hard to see the lamp lit in harsh sunlight. The older cars with diffused tail lamps give off a soft glow, whereas the modern stock/modded cars with clear lens tail lamps give out a very harsh light. Made worse by LEDs which are directional.
Spot on regarding the engine swaps and tail lamps. I am speculating the law is not as specific as it needs to be regarding this, and so the manufacturers are either trying to exploit some loopholes in the law, or frankly nobody bothers about it at all.
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Default Re: Engine Change in Vintage cars - LEGAL ?

Hi Guys
I own a 1969 Ambassador and it was fitted with a matador engine and the endorsement was made in the RC book.Recently i wanted to restore it and luckily I found the original petrol engine that came with the car.I fitted the original petrol engine and only then it struck me about the endorsement and when i approached the local RTO i was informed that engine change was not allowed and that it was an act passed by the Central Government.I may mentoin that i have tried every way possible.
Even though it is only an ambassador i have been trying my best to bring it to as original as possible ,the most difficult was the pop up fuel tank cap and the ashtray that was on the rear of the front seat .After a lot of searching i managed to get them from Kolkata.But i am yet to find the rear tail lamp assembly even though i managed the tail lamp lenses,any help in locating the assembly would be highly appreciated.
After having gone through so much of difficulty,it is really depressing to know the RTO is not willing to endorse the engine change in the RC book.Luckily the RC is in my name and the life tax has already been paid but i really dont know what to do at the time of the FC.
I have been even thinking about buying another ambassador car for the RC book. I wonder what you people think of the idea, or in the alternate any suggestions would be most welcome.
Venkat Kumar
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Default Re: Engine Change in Vintage cars - LEGAL ?

How DOES one go about an engine change? Lately I am fancying a vintage but Body only. I dont really want to be driving a 3/4 gear engine that screams at 80. Saw, if I were to fish out a morris minor form somewhere, could I have it running on something like a i10 Grand engine?
I hear in Dabwali and Moga, 2000-3000 cc toyota engines are fitted in old Willys jeep (apparently a big market) and they ride pretty 'modern', so could I get something on similar lines for a petrol vintage (like i10 grand engine for a morris minor). Of course, it doesnt make any sense to me to buy a i10 for its engine only, so are there modern engines available to be bought separately?
Basically, I would like the car to 'look' vintage but be modern in terms of engine and creature comforts.
So, is that possible? If yes, how to go about it?
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