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" A new friend is like new wine. When it is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure ".

And so someone said. Tell those guys it's like that. The car may be a century old, may not be able to run at half the speed of a current car - like an old man. But that old man is one who's shared much more with you than someone who you met more recently.
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My friend has this sticker on his low bonnet jeep. 'Nuff said i feel!
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How Do You Keep Off Old Car Critics?-04022009281.jpg  

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Here is a funny story about how the layman perceives "older" cars.

Time: Late 2008

I was at this uncle's place to pick up a 74 Buick Lesabre.

We were waiting downstairs by the car with the towing guys and this one young guy asks me "Aap parsi hain?"
Me: "Nahin"
Him: "Kya uncle parsi hai?"
Me: "Nahin"
Him: "Toh gaadi kyu le rahe hain?"
Me: "Restore karne ko, mujhe purani american gaadiyon ka bahut shauk hai"
Him: "Isme diesel engine daalenge?"
Me: "Nahin"
Him: "Toh kya fayda hai, average toh nahi degi"

I tried to explain what the point of the whole thing was and why I was doing it. He still didnt get it. He suggested that i should not waste money and buy a hyundai accent instead!!!!

Same day when we were squeezing the car into the mechanic's place, there were 2 kids around and they said in Marathi "Kai jhabri gaadi aahe, ekdum bolero sarkhi" Which means "what a stong/great car, just like a bolero". I suppose he meant its a cool car, apparently to him a bolero is a great car !!!

When we were towing the car to the mechanic's almost everyone stared at it, many people actually stopped and asked about it and were very interested!!! I think overall people appreciate these cars when they are fully restored, its just when they are restorable they don't get much love.
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How do You Keep Off Old Car Critics?

Learn from the Bawas. Most of them will resort to no holds barred verbal abuse extravaganza . Case in point, Firoz Uncle of FCCCI-Mumbai.
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My bike never fails to elicit this question 9 out of 1o times:
"Ena average kudukudhu? meaning, what average does it give.

Before the hero honda's coming such questions were never
asked. Post hero honda CD100, almost everyone has become
mileage conscious and that spelt doom to the yezdies, 'doots
and other two strokes, not to speak of the brit bikes.

My reply usually is that I dont ride my bike so that i can get
a good mileage. If I was concerned with mileage i would ride
a tvs50, i tell them. This reply always leaves the questioner baffled
Isnt everyone concerned with mileage when hebuys a bike?
I can read their mind: " Does he own a petrol bunk or is he crazy"

Once when a petrol filler asked me why i ride a gas
guzzler I retorted: If you suddenly came by money
would you choose to buy a pulsar or a tvs50. He admitted that he would
buy the former. Why, does not the latter give better mileage?
then he saw my point.

I have also come across some whose first question is "what year?
Such questions tell me that this chap is not the usual hero honda fan
and i warm up to him. When he says the bike looks original,
that is a nice compliment to hear. Such chaps are rare but
usually they come from families where a father or uncle owned
an old brit bike which they remember seeing as a boy.

I think, it is old memories that determine whether you become
a old bike or car lover. Those who have never travelled in a morris
minor or seen an old bsa or matchless on the road as a kid, it is they who
grow up into cynical "mileage kya dheti" types
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arielguy enjoyed reading that piece-average chaps (those with average appreciation of automobiles) look out for average I feel!
The availability of spares giving us nightmares and goose pimples every other day, eclipses all other factors like average and all that stuff.
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I hate it when people make fun of the Fiats. And Yes, We Bawas WILL most certainly resot to a ton and more of verbal abuse when someone messes with our pride and joys. I have bee called a Taxi Driver, guy who has a meter on his car, etc. My friends make fun of my car every single day.. I quietly say nothing. They know not of the sweat and blood that goes into each car. But when time comes for them to get a ride in the car, they are first to hop in. MAybe I should lock them out next time onwards.
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I am wondering what is there to discuss about our eccentricities.
All the uninitiated will always discuss something which they feel is someone else's eccentricity of which they have no idea. But instead of keeping quiet, they will comment. Just like I do on this forum.. Or they stare at you.

It is not that one only receives negative comments. Yes, some people do ask about the milage a big cars gives, or suggest to convert it to diesel, but others keep quiet and think that here there is either a fool, a rich man, or an eccentric. So when I now drive my Amby in this heat without aircon, that makes me an eccentric too, and when people talk to me, I talk to them. In fact more people tend to approach and communicate when you drive such cars. And many do appreciate them.

We are car nuts, and eccentric about that, there are others into modern art, fashions etc., and all these can be commented on. Different tastes, different personalities, different takes, and we have conversations, +ve or -ve. So do not be bothered by comments, just enjoy the moment, or not and move on.

Cheers harit

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Default Yes I do use the Wheel Spanner If my Head gets Over Heated!

The most common question I get from the critics is “What will you do with all the cars” (when more than half of cars looks junk!). My answer always is “I have parking space for couple more of them, if you see any old junk somewhere, please inform me.” Then they think that I am a gone case and never bother me with comments on my cars. But as everybody else on this forum when your oldie brings smiles to the onlookers, all sweat, blood & $$$ that goes on your car becomes worthwhile.

One such occasion for me was Dharwad Vintage Rally ( hardly few cars participated) this Dussera. This rally was witnessed by tens of thousands of people of all walks of life and the the appreciation for all the cars was overwhelming. On such redeeming moment captured on my camera

How Do You Keep Off Old Car Critics?-dsc04871.jpg
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I think this photo by invinci sums up everything. There's a very small number of critics, probably they are very self centered and hard to find. Majority we'll find appreciating, so best it is to forget the critics and enjoy such precious moments.
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It was nice topic you raised. There are many even who don,t appreciate old cars.
Firstly they don,t know the real good qualties of old cars also the way of looking
at cars has changed since a decade atleast. Earlier cars were treated by their
owners with love and passion. I rememer whenever my father used to write
to his brother he will always ask How is fiat car, like a member of family.Also
the modern gereration is too busy to spend time with cars. I for one treat my
FIAT car like member of family I relate to it in my own way.

FIAT - 1995
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Old 15th May 2010, 07:23   #27
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This is what happens when I get any of my Fiats home from my parking complex!

NO time these kids even look at me. But when my Fiat is around they just hang around with me for a round in my Fiat!

These pics are just before I was leaving for the FCB rally.

Cheer kids!
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How Do You Keep Off Old Car Critics?-dsc01594.jpg  

How Do You Keep Off Old Car Critics?-dsc01598.jpg  

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At one end,there are a few who are cynical about others cars since they feel they have the best cars. At the other end, we have guys asking us"why cannot I put in a Diesel Engine in the car instead of paying for petrol. Another common question- What mileage the car gives. There is an obsession with this "Mileage", though not many drive their new cars with any eye on fuel economy.
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Most of the people don't know about such cars/bikes and they are stunned by seeing one on road.
Many people ask about mileage, year, diesel, etc, most of them appreciated and some drove away laughing.

So I got this T-Shirt printed for last year vintage rally in Mangalore.....

If any one asks me about the mileage, I just turn around...
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Originally Posted by Prabal View Post
I don't have to, since I look worse than my cars (or bikes) they keep off me!
+1 to what Prabal has said ! However, a lot of people do admire my old vehicles too, they know a good thing when they see one !

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