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Default What was your car's actual resale?

Hey TBHPians,

I searched a lot in active threads as well as archives of TBHP but couldn't find a single dedicated thread for resale values. I read a good write-up by Amjat titled 'Resale Value - The Silent Killer' as well but that's useful in different scenario. One idea stroke my mind while reading thread by Prince about selling his Esteem VX.

Actual resale value is sort of mysterious thing in India. You really don't know what should be your car's actual sell price. Used car dealers have sort of monopoly over market. They quote nuts for our cars and eye-widening prices for their cars. They are making money like hell in every deal. A 5L+ car earn them 50k+ (at least) deducting all the expenses.

In Mumbai and maybe Delhi, some kind of transparency is coming. Thanks to sites like Carwale and JMDCars, they are at least providing some means of evaluating your car in Mumbai. But in south and rest of the India, there is no clue at all. If you are planning to sell your car and visit a used car dealer directly, you will be literally looted. I have got an example of Mumbai itself. One of my friend's uncle wanted to sell his car (Sonata Gold, 50k Kms, 2003, very good condition), visited a dealer. Quote was 3.5L! The dealer had a similar car (of 2003, 60k kms run) in his showroom, when asked, he offered the car for 6L. Asked why this disparity? Answer, our car is far superior to yours. Your car needs work! Hell!!! Was his car imported from heaven?

Now in this scenario why don't we tell one another selling price of our car? We are in thousands and are from across India and many of us must have sold more than one cars till date. If we gather this information anyhow, it would be great for a seller seeking some actual selling price of his/her.

Answer should contain:

1. Car (with version)
2. Approx Kms run while selling
3. Car's overall condition as per you (it may be Excellent, Good, Ok and Poor)
4. No. of Owners while selling (can be skipped but dominates a much in resale value)
5. City of Selling
6. Sell Price
7. Sold to dealer or third party.

PS: If moderators find this thread unnecessary or redundant, they can delete it. I tried my level best to find similar thread but couldn't find one.

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yeis I second your idea of starting this thread .

I've sold 2 cars uptill now

Fiat Uno 1.2 ELX AC (petrol), 2000 model; 13,700 kms; excellent condition;1 owner (myself); sold to a reputed new & used car dealer in 2003 for Rs. 1,42,000

M800; 1994; 62,000 kms; excellent condition; 2 owners; sold to an individual in 2004 for Rs. 58,000.

Well ppl, join in with your experiences.
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Originally Posted by autozealot
yeis I second your idea of starting this thread .
Thanks autozealot for joining in.

PS: Moderators, I forgot to ask City of selling while creating thread, now I have exceeded the time limit of 20 mins too, so I can't edit it. Will you please edit my post and add 'City of selling' at 5th position and shift Selling price at 6th? I would be grateful to you.
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I too think this would be a good thread.

I sold my Maruti Omni in 2004 (1999 model) in Bangalore. Kms run was 55,000, condition was good (1 accident, repaired at authorised dealer), 1st owner, sold to True value for 145,000 (including loyalty bonus).

I know I got cheated but still went ahead with the deal coz.

1. Dealer can adjust the price against the new car. Individuals will make payment in parts, checks will bounce, all sorts of problems might arise.

2. Transfer of papers taken care of by dealer.

3. No hassle of 10 people coming in everyday looking at your car , taking test drives etc.

In fact the dealer himself told me...if you want a better price you will have to find a buyer yourself...of course he knew what a pain that would be
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hey guys i sold my esteem vx , close to 90 k 2001 model in 2006 for 2.05 lacs, i was the 1st owner and the car condition was good.

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Late model Indica V1 Diesel - DLS [changes were there, but not badged as V2]

Used for 4 yrs
Running - 83K
No accidents. FE was good - abt 16-17 in city.
Purchase price - 4.15L incl accessories and bumper painting.
Sold for 1.7L in Dec 2004
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Default 1999 Santro

1999 Santro LS Base Model
Condition Very Good
50K km Odo
1st Owner
Purchased for 3.3 lakh
Sold for 1.7 lakh in Year 2003
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2003 March Omini 5 seatr
Condition Very Good
19K km Odo
1st Owner, 1 minor accident..
Purchased for 2.7 lakhs including accesrs
Sold for 2 lakh in Year 2004 sep.


2004 Sep. Santro XS
Condition Very Good
10K km Odo
1st Owner
Purchased for 4.6 lakhs including accesrs
Sold for 3.35 lakh in Year 2006 Feb.



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here goes the resale of my car which i got when i sold it(in cochin)

hyundai accent crdi(2003 model,sold 2 months back)
30-32k kms
i am the first owner
excellent condition
4.35 lakhs
sold to individual

the main problem i faced was my car was registered in mangalore,so i did lose out in resale value.some were willing to offer 4.5l had it been a kerala registered car,but cannot trust them completely.

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Sold my dec 2004 Scorpio SLX ..

Done 40000 Kms
Single owner
Insurance valid for 7 months ( comprehensive )
Entire Service History
Sold for 5.70 Lacs
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1) 1985 M800 (non-A/c)
2) 52000 kms
3) Excellent condition (for a 19+ year old car).
4) 1st Owner (was bought in Assam and re-registered in TN)
5) Chennai
6) Sold for 40K in Dec-2004 (was purchased for 60K in '85)
7) Sold to 3rd party (placed an advt in Free Ads).
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A Nice move from yeis for starting this thread.

Nowadays, used car dealers are making more money than the new ones. In order to stop this money laundering, prospective buyers should be aware of the market trends & prices.

Although I had never sold any of vehicles so far, I bought a 2004 Omni(5 Seater) from Maruti TrueValue on Feb 06

Vehicle Condition : Excellant

KMS : 38,000

Price : 1.9 lakhs

Ownership : 1st owner(I'm the 2nd owner)

Location : Cochin

Mods should make this sticky so that it can be utilised as a ready reckoner for used car prices.
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1999 Hyundai Santro (GX or whatever the fully loaded model was called) in 2005 - 45000km for Rs 1.9 lakhs -was very lucky - an aquaintance of my mother wanted it and made me this offer which I grabbed. As a goodwill gesture, I bore the transfer fees etc. Normal price would have been 1.5

2000 Maruti 800 DX White 30000 km + dented door to Maruti True value for Rs 1.3 L (1.2 + 10k off the new swift)
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think a theard exists( i remember posting on that one). CAn mods merge the threads and make this one sticky?

@ ajmat; Mine was teh third booking at Tvm, but 72nd car due to some DD lose etc. Teh fully loaded one. Drove 1.1lac; sold @ 1.7lac

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2000 Dec Alto Vxi (First Batch so no Power Steering)
80000 kms
Condition: Very Good ( Few scratches here an there that's it, New set tyres, 1st set lasted 70,000/- KMS)
Single Owner
1.65 L in May-2006 at Hyundai adjusted against new Santro

One suggestion if possible. Can the description also include the increase/decrease in resale price due to any modifications done on the car if any.

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