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Default Re: Office close to home, Uber/Ola for everything else - Should I buy a car?

I am simply overwhelmed for the great support.
A Big Thank You all for the valuable inputs.

I am able to grab the gist as reclaiming the life albeit practically.

My financial scene is like this
1. I can afford to buy a used hatchback or even A segment new car without Loan.
2. Right now, I save 20% of my salary which is enough to take care of petrol for 600kms, insurance and maintenance.

My only concern is saving a bit too to manage other big expenses like shopping and flight tickets back home.

I have started looking for cars (Brio, Swift) with low odo readings and less age on OLX in Pune and hope to find one soon.
I hope to start a thread on new acquisition soon.

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Originally Posted by procrastinator View Post
I am ----snip---.

So this thread was for, er, how to put it, procrastinating!!
Couldn't resist that.

Anyway, happy hunting, and let us know the budget. Wider horizons, you see.
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Head vs heart. Should always let the heart win but take your brains along. Go for it and buy yourself a car. A segment if it is now don't worry , the Cs and Ds will follow.
Try finding a low mileage Ford Fiesta. It should tick all the right boxes. I have seen good examples of these for 2-2.5 lakhs.
Happy hunting.
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Default Re: Office close to home, Uber/Ola for everything else - Should I buy a car?

Lots of reasons you can think of while debating renting vs owning. Expenditure, convenience, dependence, etc are for you to decide as lots of advice has already been given. I cannot even imagine not having my own car if i can afford one and move around a lot for 2 reasons:
First, I love to drive myself and Second, most taxis stink! Most of the cabs are always in use and they are full of peculiar smells. The driver might sit and smoke inside or eat gutkha. Many of the passengers are no better. The only time I have not been assaulted by smells is in the taxis operated by good hotels. I don't know about the condition of self-drive rentals.
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Default Re: Office close to home, Uber/Ola for everything else - Should I buy a car?

Originally Posted by swiftnfurious View Post
I suggest against that. Instead of taking Uber/Ola, book a zoomcar or myles self drive car for the intercity runs. The good thing that is, you can try out different cars and not be stuck with one. Plus, it saves all the monthly EMIs, service cost, insurance and everything since your daily running wouldn't justify. You could instead look at a good bike for any quick commutes at your comfort.

Edit: Rather than splurging all the money, please start investing at least 20% of your earnings in a monthly SIP. 10 years down the line when you look at your savings, you'll love this one step. Go for a good mutual fund if you believe in it. Check our threads to get a good hang of it.
Totally agree with swiftnfurious. Life seems easy when you finish college and just start earning. Huge salary but very few commitments. But, trust me, things will be different when you get married and have a family of your own. When I got my job, I listened to my heart and bought an expensive car. But now I wish I hadn't done that. Invest now and enjoy later. Best of luck..
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Default Re: Office close to home, Uber/Ola for everything else - Should I buy a car?

Nothing can beat the joy of owning a car! One can not go the the roadside chai-wala to have chai samosa sitting in the car with ones wife in a cab or rent a self driven car for this. I love my midnight small drives to have Maggi with my kids. But yes the need for a second car has gone out of the window. When my wife needs the car, I use Ola share.
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Default Re: Office close to home, Uber/Ola for everything else - Should I buy a car?


Lots of good, relevant advice has already been shared, and I do agree that it is the middle path - a balance between the head and heart that is the best option.

Just to add my 2 paisa....
1. The suggestion to buy a second hand car is a good one. There are some great deals available in you look hard, and is a good way to save money on your first car
2. As much as possible, try and not take a loan for a car. A car is a depreciating asset, and paying EMIs on a depreciating asset is bad financial sense. So if you can afford to 'pay in full' for a car (new or second-hand), please go ahead and buy.
3. Do save a little bit at least every month. You will be surprised, how after many years, the compounding effect of this adds up. I just wound up my first PPF account (after 15 years of working - had started a PPF account in my first year of work) - and was amazed at the amount of balance I had!

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