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Old 17th September 2009, 18:23   #16
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Self drive or Chauffer..

The Vista and Wagon R seem to suit the requirements.

I did a TD of the Ritz a few days back and somehow the rear seat was too cramped for my liking.

I'd go for the Wagon R (in fact will be doing that in December) for my parents. Even if there's a constant rattle from the Vista or the Wagon R, am sure MY Dad would be bugged. But then the A.S.S of Maruti can be expected to have better answers ( no personal opinion on the TATA A.S.S though)
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From the list : Ritz
Out of the list: Vista/Indica no doubt.
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Old 18th September 2009, 11:34   #18
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Ritz petrol is the best option. As aaggoswami suggested diesel might require an extra class for the chauffeur on handling the ride.

Petrol milage is good and i think these are coming with the K-series engine.

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Old 24th September 2009, 14:47   #19
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Thanks a lot for your responses.

Now the choice is between the VISTA quadrajet, Spark LPG, Santro LPG or Ritz Diesel.
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Old 24th September 2009, 14:57   #20
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Of these, since you've narrowed down the choices yourself, I would suggest you drop the Spark LPG and Santro LPG straightaway - Spark is a GM car and hence may not get you much of a residual value. Santro is old news nowadays. Frankly there are far better choices available in the market when compared with these two above.

The Vista Quadrajet can be considered if one of the pre-requirements is "space" and a slightly "big car" feel in terms of rear seat etc.

The Ritz is probably the best of the lot. The Diesel will be inexpensive to run and reliable plus a good performer too. The Ritz, on account of its proportions is easy to drive, park and use on a day to day basis.

Originally Posted by Gautam Misra View Post
Thanks a lot for your responses.

Now the choice is between the VISTA quadrajet, Spark LPG, Santro LPG or Ritz Diesel.
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Out of the choices that you have mentioned go for the Ritz Diesel vxi or higher (simply as they have rear head restraints) for its frugal diesel engine and is definitely the most comfortable of the lot. Apart from the other choices mentioned by the forum members, for almost the cost of a high end Ritz Diesel, try the Ikon diesel for an excellent diesel engine and for one of the best rear seats in this price range. Moreover the petrol Ikon is even cheaper.
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Old 25th September 2009, 11:46   #22
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I would suggest a vista Quadrajet, its spacious, parents will feel easy to get in and out, diesel economy will be there. Though you might need to hire a chauffeur in the later case but still it has got biggest room in hatches available in market today.
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At 30-40km per day I will definitely not look at a diesel. Look for a good petrol car (unless that particular car does not have a petrol or has a lousy petrol).
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Leave Spark and Santro LPG, lot of people generally missed the point that the running cost would be less only in case of CNG and not LPG. Running cost of LPG would be greater than diesel and slightly less than petrol, and as you have mentioned filling station is at quite a distance it doesn't make sense at all.

From the rest of your choices, if driven by yourself go for Ritz and if driven by chauffeur nothing else can beat the comfort of Vista and with your kind of running petrol Vista would be very cost effective and comfortable solution.

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Old 28th September 2009, 01:16   #25
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Default The WagonR was a revelation

I was recently looking for a car for my wife. city usage, mix of chauffeur/self-driven <20 km per day. Went to Maruti showroom looking for a Ritz petrol, but ended up buying a wagon R instead even though the budget was comfortable for the Ritz.

She found the wagonR rear seat more comfortable than the Ritz. The wagon R driving position and visibility are superb it's easy to drive around the city and the boot is bigger (this wasn't even a requirement to begin with). Ritz has a much better engine and gearbox, but both these were not major differences for her in actually using the car.

I suspect your parents will have very similar needs -a good, reliable, comfortable car that's easy to drive. For occasional long trips, the boot size become somewhat important. I am surprised but this old warhorse of a car - the Wagon R - is still tough competition to small cars in the 3-4.5L bracket!
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Having bought a Spark petrol for precisely such an application, I would still recommend it after 2 months of use. As long as neither parent is more than 5 feet 8, given that they have to sit at the rear for a couple of hours a day. The Wagon R is good too, but the Spark outclasses it in a much better feel inside the car. The Wagon R feels too much like an Omni, to my tastes. End of the day, all the cars referred are good cars, I agree that diesel/LPG is not worth it for this application, and choosing from the rest is a matter of personal preference that only a test drive can provide.
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Old 28th September 2009, 08:13   #27
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I have seen, driven a spark. For this price at which it is offered, i am sure smart spark is the way to go. Please do test drive spark and then decide. A friend of mine got a spark for 3.4Lakhs on-road. This was the LT model which looks great in crimson red & white.

I have seen Sawyer's car alongside i20 in white. Sawyer, I would say it is every man's dream to have such a combination of luxury (i20 - to certain extent) combined with utility (spark).
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I am under the same thought process, as I was hunting a new one to replace my dad's 12 year old 800. After all the logical wars the options turned out to be Santro, Spark and Ritz.

Requirements are also the same. Pretty much chauffeur driven with good back seat comfort. i10 is ruled out as there already one in the family.

Tata was ruled out due to service.

Spark service/parts I am not sure and hence mostly unlikely. It is also quite far from our place. Though I have no doubts about its performance.

Finally its the Hyundai vs Maruti.

Santro seems to be the logical choice, but I am turning in for the Ritz VXi petrol.

Another thread on the same topic, where my initial thoughts are documented:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/hatchb...-petrol-2.html (New zen Estilo or Wagon R or Ritz Petrol?)
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Gautam, I would like to ask you couple of more questions before answering your question.
1. Do your parents live with you?
2. If so, do you have a petrol / diesel now? [assuming you have a car and you need a different car for your parents]
3. if you have a petrol car, go for a diesel [ my vote goes for Vista Quadrajet].
4. If you buy Vista, you can take the car for long drives [if you do long drives on car] - will not burn your pockets and Vista has EXCELLENT space and comfort for long journeys.
5. Your running requirements otherwise dont call for a diesel.
6. I will rule out spark on account of space [its cramped and head the mileage hovers around 13 in city - my friend gets that much in Bangalore traffic] and the car being chauffer driven.
7. I have not driven Ritz -- so cant comment on it.
8. Though Wagon R is ruled out, my +1 to it -- tall seats, easy for ingress. [My dad has a Wagon R -- the tall seating is the only aspect i like]
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Default !

Indigo CS (D). Nothing more. Nothing less. Safer than a Hatch back. Ample space, fuel efficient and not complicated. Since your parents are not going to drive I guess its the best!

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