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Question Unusual choice: CR-V, Jazz or Cedia Sports!

So I am trying to decide among three choices after an exhaustive search for the right car. I can spend any amount I wish but I live in Delhi and have a specific (and perhaps unique!) sense of value.

Important criteria for me are: refinement and a feel-good experience, safety (have seen some nasty crashes on Delhi roads), rear seat space (since I am chauffeured in the daytime). I like the Japanese manufacturers because of the hassle-free ownership experience and better value. Also I want a car that will take some amount of wear and tear from regular contact with insane Delhi drivers and motorcyclists (hence no to the BMW 325i for instance!).

Here are my choices:
(1) The new Cedia Sports: A fantastic driver's car with class-leading handling; good ride on Delhi roads (if harsher than Civic/Corolla on normal tarmac - much better over potholes however), good value at Rs10.6L with various bells and whistles; comfortable rear seat; Japanese quality; a decent three-year warranty. Most importantly, it really grows on you despite being a generation behind its main Japanese competitors and mixed quality interiors (cool sporty features offset by boring gauges and a climate control panel looks like it was made in a gram panchayat!).

I took my uncle's Civic AT for a spin after the Cedia test drive: it has that wow factor but you get much more body roll and inability to deal with poor roads for a price that is Rs 2-3L more. But what a driver's cockpit! I think of the Cedia Sports as the poor man's BMW 3 series.

(2) Honda Jazz: many people understandably find it overpriced but I was blown away by the refinement, interiors and sense of space. Great manouvrability in the city. The ideal city car really, best in class safety features (apart from the boring Hyundai i20). Four year warranty. Would get Jazz Mode in all likelihood for Rs 7.7L or thereabouts.

(3) Used Honda CR-V: a friend has a 2004 CR-V AT with only 9,000 km done (and it's not a fraud!). It's in good shape, excellent for Delhi roads, lots of storage space. I am thinking of offering Rs7.0-7.5L. The question mark is: are there any risks to a low mileage car that is five years old even if it is a Honda? Seems to be in good condition when I drive it although of course I will do a full check before I buy it.

I might seem schizophrenic but I see value in all of these in different ways. Reactions?
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Honda CRV it is with eyes closed!
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The HONDA CRV in this case. Plus, you save a lot on depreciation front. Car won't loose as much as a new car if you plan to sell it 5 years down the line.
Provided the car is in as good a shape and you are telling.
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Quite a tricky set of wheels to choose from .
If I was you, I'd go for the CR-V and keep it for atleast 3-4 years. It won't lose much value by then because it would not have run a lot by then (assuming you'd drive 10k kms/year, which means after 3-4 years, your total running would be approx. 40-50k kms.)
Only downside is the poor FE (I learn its 6-7 kpl in the city).
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Old 22nd September 2009, 10:55   #5
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Honda CR-V it is, no second thought. 9k kms is almost virgin for Honda car. Even the deal is too good to resist.
Just get a good service done & if possible a tyre change(5 year old tyres).
But be ready for the low mileage approx 6-7kmpl
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QUOTE: "(since I am chauffeured in the daytime)."
Question:And you drive only in the evenings and nights?

- Cedia Sports is a driver's car and no fun in sitting at the back. This is an eye-turner True Sports Car.
- CR-V is IMO not fit for any kind of Chauffeuring whatsoever. Its an SUV! You must drive it - day or night.
- That leaves Jazz which fits both Chaeuffeuring and driving options make sense.

My Two Paise.
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Easy. The CR-V. It can be used a chauffer driven car, nothing wrong there. It fits your requirements fine and most importantly, its the best deal of the lot. 9k is a Honda that's had its running in done for you. Take it with your eyes shut.
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Default CRV it is

well all three are excellent choices and do meet the criteria of excellent refinement and hassle free maintenance.
However my vote would go to CRV, but offer him between 6-6.5L if its a 2l AT and 50 grand more if its a 2.4l AT
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Old 23rd September 2009, 10:46   #9
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CR-V should be the choice.

Jazz is out of question because the rear seats are bech like (compared to the other two options) and not comfortable at all. Does not meet your requirement on that front.
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Old 23rd September 2009, 12:05   #10
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A clear consensus in favour of the CR-V! Now I just have to pry it from my friend's hands...

Even though I am chauffeured around in the daytime, I do enjoy driving myself in the evenings and nights - the later the better, given Delhi traffic! The Cedia is certainly more fun to drive than the CR-V - to the point that I would consider transferring my driver to my sister who might need him. No kidding. Something about that car really appeals to me even though I know I will feel like a fool a year from now if say they introduced a new Lancer Ralliart! But I need to get a car now; no point waiting around.
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The CR-V 2.4 Automatic is the most relaxing car to drive or be driven in under 30 lakhs. Period.
The fairly high yet car like driving position, the smooth autobox, the power, handling and decent ride, the space - hard to think of any vehicle that can match the CR-V. It's looks are not to my liking and it's rubbish off-road, but, I can let that slide.
It is my favourite Honda.
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Old 23rd September 2009, 12:58   #12
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CRV it should be !

And plus one to raj's post.

Would also suggest the Outlander.
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you just cant compare a mitsubishi to a Honda in terms of engine refinement and other aspects of the manufacturing a vehicle!

anyway coming back to the topic, like everyone else said and agreed on one thing:

Honda CR-V it is for you.

i just cant believe its drive only 9000kms in 5 years!

drive safe and happy driving
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Old 29th September 2009, 22:20   #14
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It should be Cedia sports for you. Why would you buy a 5 year old vehicle regardless it is CRV or Porsche or whatever? Even if it is driven only 9000 km and looks nice from the outside, it is an old model. You would shell out lot more over a period of time in the upkeep and maintenance of the car and the daily niggles.

Buy a new car and if it is Cedia Sports it would grow on you. Drive it hassle free for next 5 years.
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Sadly, my friend decided to keep the CR-V, calculating that it was worth more hanging on to it given the low mileage than to sell it.

So that leaves me with the Cedia Sports and Honda alternatives (Jazz and City). I have been offered the Cedia at Rs9.7L ex showroom, which is a Rs20,000 discount. Apparently there is one ready for delivery in the colour that I want. Is that a decent discount or have others received better ones?

Any advice is welcome!
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