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Originally Posted by kristalsoldier View Post
@ Rohan...

Thanks for your views. Just a few clarifications.

(1) Budget, as I mentioned above, is fixed Rs. 4.33 (4.50 max).

(2) New Car or Old: A few lowest variants are within my budget to buy new. But I would have to spend money to fit out with ICE (very average quality) and maybe some other stuff. But I do get a warranty for at least a year. Old car - I most likely will get the add-ons included in the price. The price - on an average - will be lower. But I will not get the warranty coverage I would like (min. one year). So, there are tradeoffs. Since I am really a novice at buying and selling cars, I was looking to benefit from the advice of more experienced and knowledgeable folks like yourself.

(3) About Car Loan: I do have a good job. But it has been a policy of ours (my wife and myself, that is) to be as debt-free as possible. I agree that buying a car is a big deal and that I (or, more accurately, we) should not regret the purchase. But, as I also mentioned above it is very likely that I am idiotic and old-fashioned and would do my best to be free of any obligations - primarily, financial.

(4) Ex Showroom prices: Thanks.

(5) Bangalore Traffic: Yup! I am seeing it every morning and evening now!!!

(6) Recommendations: Thanks. Interesting that you pick the Getz 1.3 used, but not new. Any particular reason why? And no recommendation for the Swift - neither new or used?

@ rg_chn

Thanks for the link. I checked it out. Strange looking car! I like the 'cockpit', but I don't like the stubby front! Also, the rear seat looks very claustrophobic! BTW, is the situation similar in the Swift?

Warranty on a new car will be for 4 years ( with Extended Warranty) or 2 Years Standard. I know of guys who have changed parts on their cars in warranty after 75k and 3.5 yrs under warranty. So please remember that it is an unparalleled saving against any future exigency.

Now I would like to ask you, how are you commuting to work right now and how long can you live without a vehicle? If you can then please wait for some more models realizing in the near future (Check the Auto Expo thread for more info). If you don't like any of them, please go ahead and buy before the end of the month as car prices are going to rise then.

Believe me you'll not regret buying a new vehicle. I'm saying this because I have the following vintages in my garage:
  1. 6 month old
  2. 6 year old
  3. 9.5 yr old
  4. 12 yr old.
May you make the best choice.

P.s.: Even if you have to by any chance take a loan, I would suggest taking a loan from a PSU Bank
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@ Milecruncher:

Thanks. As mentioned earlier, I have to wait for March-end/ April-beginning. Currently, I am taking an auto to work and its very inconvenient and expensive. The concept of meter-based travel does not seem to be very common in the part of B'lore that we live in - especially in the evening. Moreoever, we also need to move around a bit and taking an auto all the time ain't fun!

Like you, we are predisposed to buying a new vehicle for, among other things, the warranty issue. But budgets also need to be considered. Naturally, if I can get a new car in that price range, then great - though I worry that maybe its not possible particularly in B'lore (because of the high costs of buying - registration, taxes etc.).

As for the loan, we are resisting with all our willpower - though I have been offered what seems like a reasonable loan from SBI where I have an account. But the thought of EMIs is not comforting.

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Hi kristalsoldier,

Would suggest you to go for a new car instead of a used car.
The warranty you get for new cars is unmatchable.

You can consider the Beat as an option since it fits your budget.

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There are several pros and cons of buying a new car vs used car. I suggest you go through the detailed article written by GTO on this topic.

In short, the biggest advantage of buying a used car is that you get a bigger and better car for the same money.

The disadvantage is that you do not know the past history of the vehicle. You can never be sure that the previous owner has maintained it properly. The vehicle may look good on the outside, but unless you are well versed with cars, you won't be able to make out the condition of the internal components of the car in a short test-drive.

Since you are a novice at buying cars, there is a good chance that the salesmen at used car dealerships would take you for a ride (pun intended).

Also, used car may save you money in the beginning, but it will require you to shell out more money towards fuel and maintenance bills, as compared to a brand new car. A bigger (used) car will generally have less fuel efficiency and more costly spares/service as compared to the smaller (new) car which you can purchase with the same money.

On the other hand, a new car comes with 2 year warranty and peace of mind. You could also opt for extended warranty for a new car. A new car goes through proper quality checks and you are (generally) assured of a good quality product. (New car can also have a manufacturing defect, but the chances are very less)

Personally, I would not spend 4-5 lakhs of my hard earned money on a used car. This is just my personal opinion, all people don't think this way.

My suggestion to you would be not to go for a used car unless you know the owner and are aware of the past history of the car or you are so well versed with cars that you can make out the condition of a used car by seeing/driving it.

I would again stress that you should consider taking a car loan. You don't necessarily have a take a loan of the full amount. You can make partial downpayment and take a loan of the balance amount. For example, you could make a downpayment of 4 lakhs and take a loan of 1 lakh. Taking a partial car loan would help you to increase your budget marginally so that you don't have to make a compromise on choosing the model or variant. You could also purchase the accessories with the balance amount.

Regarding my recommendations, Santro and Getz are aging models. Hence it makes more sense to go for these if only you are considering used cars. Maruti cars are generally overpriced in the used car market, hence I have not suggested any.

If you decide to buy a new car, I would suggest that you choose from models which are fresh in the market - Ritz, i10, Estilo and Beat are some of the newest models in this price range. Again, I have suggested i10 1.1 only, since I consider Ritz to be more value for money than i10 1.2.

Swift has not been suggested by anyone since Swift is due for an engine change. In the used car market, Swift is not that readily available. And if at all it is available, it is generally overpriced.

Also, in my opinion, Swift is not easy to drive and park in Bangalore's chaotic traffic.

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Originally Posted by kristalsoldier View Post
Hyundai does not have an exchange system like Maruti? And, if I buy a used car from them directly, won't they as a standard practice provide a warranty of at least 6 months to a year?
Hey Hyundai too have some thing like Maruti True value. I know pre-owned cars were available at their service station (sorrry I forgot the name) on Koramangala Inner Ring Road (just opposite to Dell) near Domlur, as I went there with my friend who wanted to buy Santro. I liked the cars there but they were at bit higher range. Pls. do check there.

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OK...we had a chance to sit and ride a Swift ZXI. I drove it too. It belongs to a friend. Not a bad ride. But we found the rear seats to be terribly claustrophobic. I personally would not like to sit in the back seat and nor would my wife. I think that puts an end to my queries about the Swift.

Was speaking to a colleague of mine who drives a Chevy UVA. He seems to like the car. He told me that now there are 3 or 4 service centers in B'lore, but that earlier this was a major problem. He has had the car for about 2 years and he has had no problem with it. When he was buying the car (new) he was also considering the Getz. Did not say why he did not pick the Getz though.

So, my wife and I had a chat. We decided that what is important to us can be listed in order of importance like this:

(1) Space
(2) FE
(3) Sturdy
(4) Low Maintenance
(5) Should look reasonably good and not some odd shape or colour (boring, I know!)

We would like it if the car has ABS. Airbags are not yet a priority...not yet!

So, this leads me to ask: What cars are comparable to the Getz/ UVA, but which is new or relatively new (to the market).

@rohan: Thanks. Damn! You are tempting me to actually opt for a small loan. Still resisting....looking for ways to scape together the cash as an alternative though!

@ Pradipk: Thanks. I will check them out. More importantly, Hyundai then may have the same service in Bhopal and/or in Mumbai, which would be really cool.

(Question: Is it to be expected that such exchange centers (Maruti. Hyundai etc.) may not give me a 'fair value' for my Accent?)

@Arun: Thanks. I did check out the Beat, but I think it will be more claustrophobic than the Swift!

Thanks folks!
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