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  • Early mornings & a village

    In life, we happen to chase certain things and think that they would make us happy. Well, agreed that they would definitely make us happy, but for how long? Ok, if we ask ourselves a question, "Haven't…
  • My pre-owned i10 Automatic

    It has been a fantastic 1.5 years with our Honda City V-AT. Enjoyed driving every bit of it, having already done 22000 kms is a testimony of it. Slowly and steadily, even my wify had picked up driving,…
  • Indian automotive traits

    Generally speaking it's not a good thing to generalize. Especially when it comes to behaviors associated with nationalities.
  • Mobius Dash Cam review

    The SJ1000 is an amazing camera, except one caveat. The dashcam mount. The mount is flimsy, and you need to re-tighten it, and also sometimes use some jugaad to make it stable.
  • With my Punto to Hatu

    Anyone that has read my past travelogues, must be aware about Crusoe and Neil. Crusoe is my Linea T-jet, and Neil is a Punto MJD owned by my wife (and fellow BHPian) Bhavi.
  • Rajasthan: Land of the Royals

    Well, India has been ruled by kings all over for most part of its history. In other words, the whole of India can be technically called the Land of the Royals then.
  • My Toyota Etios Xclusive Ed

    I consider myself a novice when it comes to automobiles. It has just been one year that I developed an interest in cars. Slowly one thing led to another and before I know it I was browsing the internet…
  • 3 Trophies with my Skoda Rapid

    I missed the Aamby Valley run in March 2013. I was pissed that I hadn't kept my eyes open. It would've been a golden opportunity to run my car on the 1/4 mile strip, and participate in the Diesel…
  • LEDs flashing too fast?

    I recently installed LED turn signals at the rear however they are blinking too fast at turns. Hazard light blinking is still at the standard speed.
  • Trivia on the Indian Car Scene

    The Tata Sumo was developed in a record 18 months! It was the best-selling utility vehicle in India for the longest time. Tata Motors' car division then was fast & aggressive.
Redlining the Indian Automotive Scene