Ahmedabad cops gift 1L petrol to people obeying traffic rules


The Ahmedabad Police have come up with a new initiative to promote road safety in the city. Vehicle users found following traffic rules on a regular basis are rewarded with one litre of petrol.

58 people in the Ramol area were rewarded with one litre of petrol each for following traffic rules. The police confirmed that they were carrying all the necessary documents such as Vehicle Registration Certificate and Driving Licence. They also check that those driving cars were wearing seatbelts and those riding two-wheelers were wearing helmets. This initiative has received good response from the people and the police plan to carry it out at least 3 times a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Rakhial Police Station had launched a similar drive in the city gifting coupons of local eateries to those obeying traffic rules.

These are great initiatives to get the people to follow traffic rules. However, why is it that such measures need to be taken to get people to obey rules? Is it not everyone's responsibility?

Source: IBN

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