Delhi Police Cars get Dashcams


Delhi Traffic Police will now take the help of dashboard cameras to penalize traffic offenders. This device will be installed on the windscreen of the patrol vehicles to capture traffic violators.

The camera captures footage of all the vehicles driving ahead of the patrol vehicle. It can also be manually focused on any specific vehicle. The software is connected with GPS so that it provides details such as location, date, time as well as speed of the car. The camera also gets an audio-recording facility which helps to recall the details later. A team analyses the footage later on and sends notices to the offenders, on the basis of their registration numbers.

Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) - Muktesh Chander, has installed this equipment in his vehicle and managed to fine over 500 people already.

This device costs between Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 15,000 and will soon be installed in more police vehicles.


Source: india today

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