Mahindra First Choice dealer fraud; Customer cars seized!


The Times of India, Delhi edition has reported on a shocking incident of fraud from an authorized Mahindra First Choice Dealer. According to the story, customers who picked up Skodas, BMWs, Hondas, Volkswagens and other cars from J K Motor Corps, a Mahindra First Choice franchisee, have had to surrender their cars to the police. 

In a complete breach of customer faith, it was found that the financier who provided J K Motor Corps with the money to purchase these vehicles hadn’t been paid. As a result, those who put down their money at the dealer are now in trouble as the original Registration Certificates (RC) are still with the financier. The vehicles are being seized by the Delhi Police. The Director of JK Motors has been arrested for cheating and criminal breach of trust, after a complaint by the financier who had lent him Rs 2.5 crore. 

Our sympathies with customers who had to surrender their cars. Shockingly, this isn't the first time that J K Motor Corps is in the news for shoddy business practices. BHPian Mayankk was also cheated by this dealer in a matter that was brought to the attention of Mahindra (More Details). 

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