Rumour: Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel to get an automatic gearbox?


Diesel cars and automatic gearboxes don't go together, at least in the sub-15 lakh rupee segments, where there's a solitary diesel engined car offered with an automatic gearbox in the form of the Hyundai Verna diesel automatic. With diesel cars already priced higher than petrol engined variants, adding an automatic gearbox drives up costs even further, risking overpricing of the diesel-automatic cars. Hyundai India could raise the bar in the B+ segment hatchback space with the automatic variant of the Grand i10. 

According to BSMotoring, Hyundai India is readying up a diesel-automatic version of the Grand i10 for the Indian car market. This car could be launched as early as late November. The diesel-automatic version of the Grand i10 will accompany or follow a petrol-automatic variant of the car. Both diesel and petrol engined versions of the Grand i10 are likely to use a 4 speed automatic gearbox that's found on other Hyundai hatchbacks such as the i10 and the i20. 

The Hyundai Grand i10's current line up of petrol and turbo diesel engines will remain unchanged while accommodating the new transmission options. The Grand i10's petrol engine is a 1.2 liter Kappa unit that outputs 81 Bhp-114Nm while the turbo diesel engine is a 1.1 liter-3 cylinder unit that outputs 69 Bhp-160 Nm. Both engines are currently available with five speed manual transmissions. Presently, the Grand i10 sits between the i10 and the i20 hatchbacks in terms of price and positioning. 

However, the addition of an automatic gearbox to the diesel engined variant of the Grand i10 could make the car more expensive than many variants of the decidedly more premium i20 B+ segmenter. This is a risk that Hyundai seems willing to take as a diesel engined automatic car is something that is capable of delivering decent volumes through a combination of convenience and fuel economy, the latter aspect being a weak point of most petrol-engined automatic cars. 

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