Unique: Pay $1500 & drive Cadillacs all month long


General Motors has launched a unique service called Book by Cadillac in the United States. As part of this service, users need to pay a monthly fee of $1500 to keep any Cadillac car for a month. Additionally, users can also swap their cars at any point of time and request for a new model. The service is currently being run as a pilot project in New York City.

The said $1500 monthly fee also includes insurance and regular maintenance of the car, thus relieving the customer from any ownership-related responsibilities. Users opting for the service will also need to pay a one-time fee of $500 to sign-up for the service.

The biggest talking point of the Book by Cadillac service is the ability to swap cars. A user can switch cars 18 times per year, without paying any extra charge. Request for a car swap or any other services can be made through a dedicated smartphone app. General Motors also claims that every time a new car is delivered to a customer, all settings (seat position, saved radio stations, etc.) will be set-up as per the customer's requirements. All cars engaged in the Book by Cadillac program will be top-end variants of the latest model year.

If the pilot project turns out to be successful, General Motors might expand the service to other brands in its portfolio.

Source: CNN

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