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Welcome to the most comprehensive and only unbiased information resource on the Indian automotive scene! Team-BHP is a way to eulogize one of the most majestic human creations, the Automobile. All of us enamoured of cars come together to form a bohemian clan; it is a community of, by and for Indian petrol-heads. Team-BHP does NOT accept any ad revenue or funding from the automotive industry. Our content is, therefore, kept indisputably unbiased and authentic. Here, you will find impeccably honest reviews, news and opinions on cars. Team-BHP is the ONLY Indian automotive community that has wrested its position in the Global Big Boards Registry. Also, we rely exclusively on the best software and hosting solutions available.

Team-BHP began as an inchoate dream of a handful of gearheads who live by their passion for Indian cars. Today, Team-BHP is undeniably the largest Indian automotive community with a knowledge base of over 2 million content-rich posts, tens of thousands of members and over 10 million annual visitors from all across the globe. Our forum is home to a wide gamut of discussions; be it about tuning and turbo-charging engines, upgraded suspensions, in-car-entertainment systems, dealership / finance company reviews, road-trip preparations and even car sickness solutions. In fact, some of our members endearingly refer to Team-BHP as "The Baap of Horse Power"! Our distinctive and impartial car reviews have helped lakhs of car enthusiasts to take a prudent automotive decision, save money on ownership, get the most out of their cars and become better drivers. It is this love for cars that has brought us together as a well-knit society. A society that has given each member a cornucopia of close friends. 

The Forum is inimitably the most sought after section on this portal, where the entire spectrum of the Indian automotive world is discussed. A panel, consisting of venerated and extremely diligent moderators, presides over the forum. They scrupulously moderate content to ensure a standard of unparalleled quality. Team-BHP is the portal for Indian car enthusiasts.

Key Features
  • We are a sacrosanct community of, by and for Indian car enthusiasts
  • Unbiased and indubitably honest content; Team-BHP has absolutely no funding from the automotive industry
  • The most explicit information resource on the Indian car scene
  • A team of seasoned moderators who constantly endeavour to ensure that only the sublime content finds its way to the portal. Immaculate behavior, language and etiquette are enforced
  • Automotive reviews submitted by actual owners of the car
  • An Advice section that offers the most indepth information on various facets of Indian car ownership
  • We emphasize on road safety and make its significance communicated
  • No paid memberships. All the features of Team-BHP are gratis!
  • We are burgeoning at a pace of about 50,000 posts and 3,000 new members each month
  • The facility to view and search within the entire archive. Even without registration
  • A private messaging facility is available to all the members
Member Profile

We have an eclectic list of members. They:

  • Are from diverse backgrounds (students, corporates, bankers, engineers, software pros, doctors, designers, media personnel, businessmen, entrepreneurs etc.)
  • Have been associated with the automotive manufacturers such as Tata, Mahindra, Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota and Porsche amongst others
  • Have been proud owners of cars as exotic and rare as the Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lotus Esprit, BMW M3 / M5, Mercedes SL55 AMG, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, Dodge Charger, Ford Escort Cosworth, the 600 BHP Toyota Supra et al
  • Own modified cars like the 300 BHP Skoda Octavia vRS, 400+ BHP turbo-charged Honda Citys, nitrous-injected Zens with 1.6 litre engines, MIVEC-powered AWD Lancers, rebuilt Contessas with Webber twin-carbs, 1.8 liter bored-out drag-prepared Balenos, Turbocharged Opel Vectras, garage-made off-road karts and more
  • Have well-established automotive dealerships and businesses in modifying Indian cars
  • Are veterans and have been fortunate enough to work for Formula Racing teams
  • Have organised copious of Indian motorsport events and rallies

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