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About Team-BHP Testdrives
Team-BHP test-drive reports are the output of several million kms of real-world automotive ownership in Indian driving conditions. Actual owners from varied parts of India have provided reviews with up to 10 years of owning their cars. We aren’t limited to test-driving a car for only 500 – 1000 kilometers (like most other media), but instead review the entire ownership experience of the car! Our reviews are displayed in the most simple format and language possible, in order to provide value to the most varied audience.

What you will find here are real-world reviews with real-world ownership comments. The Team-BHP test-drives include all sorts of Indian driving conditions : city driving, highway driving, high-speed bursts, short runabouts, over-loading, commercial usage and driving by other family members. Therefore, we cover actual ownership experiences which include an overview on repair & servicing costs, resale values and long-term problems. Each review is accompanied by the “smaller yet significant things” section which highlights certain advantages / disadvantages, known only by living with the car on a daily basis. The fuel efficiency figures are derived from real-world averages which our owners have recorded in Indian driving conditions.

This is relevant to us as potential buyers of a car since our automotive ownership lasts several years and thousands of kilometers. We do hope that you find our real-world reviews valuable. Please do write in with any comments.

If you would like to submit a review of your car, please do click here. Thousands of potential owners would benefit from your contribution. Thanks!
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