- Listed below are the commonly used abbreviations on TeamBHP -

4WD / 4x4- Four Wheel Drive

4x2- Two Wheel Drive

A.S.S- After Sales Service

A/C- Air Conditioning

ABS- Anti-Lock Braking System

ACC- Automatic Climate Control

AFAIK- As Far As I Know

AFR- Air to Fuel Ratio

AMP- Amplifier (Car Audio)

ASAP- As Soon As Possible

ASC- Authorised Service Center

AT- Automatic Transmission OR All Terrain (Tyres)

AWD- All Wheel Drive

BA- Brake Assist

BHP- Brake Horse Power

BOV- Blow Off Valve

BTW- By The Way

CAI- Cold Air Intake

CARB- Carburetor

CBU- Completely Built Unit (Import)

CC- Cubic Capacity

CKD- Completely Knocked-Down Kit (Imported car assembled in India)

CNG- Compressed Natural Gas

COMPS- Component Speakers

CRDI / CDI- Common Rail Direct Injection

CVT- Continuously Variable Transmission

DI- Direct Injection

DIY- Do It Yourself

DOHC- Double Over Head Camshafts

DRL- Daytime Running Lights

DUI- Driving Under Influence (of Alcohol / Drugs)

EBD- Electronic Brake (Force) Distribution

ECM- Engine Control Module

ECU- Engine Control Unit

EGT- Exhaust Gas Temperature

EMI- Equated Monthly Installments

EPS- Electronic Power Steering

ESC- Electronic Stability Control

ESP- Electronic Stability Program

FE- Fuel Efficiency

FFE- Free Flow Exhaust

FI- Fuel Injection

FNG- Friendly Neighbourhood Garage

FTD- Fun To Drive

FWD- Front Wheel Drive

FYI- For Your Information

GC- Ground Clearance

GPS- Global Positioning System

GT- Grand Tourer

GVW- Gross Vehicle Weight

HMIL- Hyundai Motor India Limited

HMSL- High Mounted Stop Lamp

HP- Horse Power

HU- Head Unit (Car Audio)

HVAC- Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

ICE- In-Car Entertainment OR Internal Combustion Engine

IDI- Indirect Injection

IFS- Independent Front Suspension

IIRC- If I Recall Correctly

IMHO- In My Humble Opinion

IMO- In My Opinion

ITB- Individual Throttle Bodies

KM- Kilometers

KPH- Kilometers Per Hour

KPL- Kilometers Per Liter

LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

LED- Light Emitting Diode

LHD- Left Hand Drive

LOL- Laugh Out Loud

LPG- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LSD- Limited Slip Differential OR Low Sulphur Diesel

LWB- Long Wheel Base

MAF- Mass Air Flow (Sensor)

MJD- Multi-Jet Diesel (Engine)

MM- Millimeters

MODS- Modifications OR Moderators

MPFI- Multi-Port Fuel Injection

MPV- Multi-Purpose Vehicle

MSIL- Maruti Suzuki India Limited

MT- Manual Transmission

MUL- Maruti Udyog Limited

MUV- Multi-Utility Vehicle

NA (N/A)- Naturally Aspirated (Engine) OR Not Applicable

NCB- No Claim Bonus (Insurance)

NGCS- New Generation Chassis System

NM- Newton Meters (Torque)

NVH- Noise, Vibration & Harshness

O2 Sensor- Oxygen Sensor

OBD- Onboard Diagnostics

OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer

OP- Original Poster (Thread Starter) / Opening Post

ORVM- Outside Rear View Mirror

OT- Off Topic

OTR- Off The Road

PCD- Pitch Circle Diameter (Wheels)

PDI- Pre-Delivery Inspection

PM- Private Message

PMPO- Peak Music Power Output

POV- Point Of View

PS- Power Steering OR Pferdestarke (Unit Of Power) OR Post-Script

PSI- Pounds Per Square Inch

RFT- Runflat Tyres

RHD- Right Hand Drive

RMS- Root Mean Square (Audio)

RON- Research Octane Number (Method Of Measuring Fuel Octane Rating)

RPM- Revolutions Per Minute (also called Revs)

RSA- Road Side Assistance

RVM- Rear View Mirror

RWD- Rear Wheel Drive

SA- Service Advisor

SC- Super Charger

SKD- Semi-Knocked Down (Import)

SOHC- Single Overhead Camshaft

SPL- Sound Pressure Level

SPOA- Spring Perched Over Axle

SQ- Sound Quality

SRS- Supplementary Restraint System

SUA- Spring Under Axle

SUB- Subwoofer

SUV- Sports Utility Vehicle

SWB- Short Wheel Base

TB- Throttle Body


TC- Traction Control OR Turbo-Charger

TD- Test Drive OR Turbo Diesel

TPMS- Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

ULSD- Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

VFM- Value For Money

VGT- Variable Geometry Turbo

VTEC- Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control

WHP- Wheel Horse Power

WIP- Work in Progress

WOT- Wide Open Throttle

WRT- With Respect To

WTB- Want To Buy

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