Must-have Accessories for your new car

With a plethora of accessory options available at dealerships (authorised and after-market), choosing the right add-ons can get confusing. Team-BHP lists the “must-have” accessories for your new car.

Do keep in mind that car dealerships make a killing on their high-priced accessory fittings alone. We recommend buying most of your add-ons from the after-market. However, quality (of product and installation) is very crucial to some accessories, especially the electronic variety. 

Interior Enhancement:

  1. Mats: Floor mats and a Dicky mat.
  2. High quality Sun film: This helps to protect the interiors and occupants from the extreme climatic conditions.
  3. Seat Covers: We recommend art leather for its value. 
  4. Audio System installation / upgrade: If required. 
  5. Air-freshener: Keeps the interiors smelling fresh. Scroll-type fresheners which fit on the air-con louvers are very popular and effective.

Safety / Security:

  1. Remote-locking security system: Not only for the added security, but also for convenience.
  2. Steering Grip lock / Gear Lock: Great way of theft prevention.
  3. Headlight bulb upgrade: Only if stock bulbs are inadequate. Upgrade headlight bulbs to more powerful ones with the appropriate relay and wiring.
  4. Mirror Lock: Some cars require this to prevent theft of standard wing mirrors.

Precautionary Measures:

  1. Fire Extinguisher: Can save you and your car in the event of an electrical short-circuit etc.
  2. Tyre / Puncture repair kit: A must for highway travelers. 
  3. Fog lights: They aid driving in foggy conditions, and provide a life-saving backup if the headlights malfunction.
  4. Comprehensive Tool Kit: Standard tool kits are always minimalistic, so get one that is as comprehensive as a swiss army knife. 
  5. Extra fuses: For crucial parts such as the headlight, starter etc.  

Tyres / Alloys:

  1. Tyre Upgrade: Some models of cars come severely under-tyred from the factory. We would highly recommend you to upgrade your tyres to a more appropriate size. You can do this straight from the showroom to get the best exchange price. Link
  2. Alloy Wheels: If the budget permits.  


  1. High quality cleaning cloth
  2. Branded wax polish
  3. Car Cover
  4. Parking Sensors
  5. Child Seat


  • There may be some accessories which are car specific. For e.g. quarter glass security grilles in a Maruti 800. 
  • Team-BHP does NOT recommend Teflon coating for several reasons.
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