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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

Rain made things worse...actually better!! Wasnt there on Mud drag day but our entire team enjoyed pulling guys out of some thick muck.Good show guys!!
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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

The event sure was good! I wasn't there for EXAMM.2010, so being part of the O team was a new experience for me. Devang, I enjoyed every bit of it, and after the event, taalking to the participants and knowing that they enjoyed it so much, was even better!

Thank you for coming guys!

Vinod, I'm so sorry I couldn't stay n chat properly - I was on my way to help someone out when you said hi, and then I couldn't find you again!
Hope all's well with you!
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Default EXAMM 2011 - A report.

As last year, 2011 bought fresh and new expectations. Its great that two of the biggest off road events in Maharashtra happen back to back, the EXAMM and the AKC. Kudos to both the organismic teams for coming together for the sake of off road enthusiasts from all over who now are able to attend two OTR events, with in close distance of each other, making their drive worth it. Its almost like they are attending one single even spread over two, three days. Full marls for both teams for thinking, organizing and holding these events, especially because they are doing it purely out of the love of the sport, not for the money and i hope it remains like this.

Now, coming to the EXAMM report card.
What started as a group of enthusiastic group of young (and not so young like me), basically crazy people who had a thing for outdoors and building vehicles for getting there, has now grown (and how) into a full blown epidemic. This was seen by the number of participants this year which has swelled to almost double that of last year, that too when the event had a cut off registration date. The level of preparedness amongst the participants, the equipment used and in general the rise in maturity of the participants....well, almost all of the participants, as there will always be that truant percentage but lets not get there.

Participants had gathered in Lonavala for a two day treat. The first day was for systematic registrations where each one was handed a kit containing a Extreme Offroaders T shirt, a coveted possession amongst off roaders now, a can of deodorant ( i would presume, very much needed in an event like this, at least for the sake of your co passenger ro driver, as the case may be), a copy of Stuff magazine with a pretty lady staring out at you from the cover to keep you company, had your spouse not accompanied you, a participation certificate, your name tag with your details and photograph (which also served as your id card) to hang around your neck and your breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons for the time you would be there.

The mud drag was at a huge field with a viewing pandal from where people could sit and watch the event. The rain Gods had 'showered' their blessings on the day as it had poured non stop since morning, thus turning out the muddy field into a huge slush pit.

The event was very successful and the veicles took part in the Drag euphemistically. Will not post a lot of pics as there were many who did take pics. I was busy helping others getting vehicles out of the slush, which the over zealous drivers had got into. Some not knowing the terrain and some just grossly over estimating the off road capabilities of their vehicles. One point i noted was that people still dont realize the importance of tyres. Its like, " i have a Land Rover so ill be able to cross this obstacle". Hello??!! What about the highway tyres you have on your vehicles? Dont just notice the tractor which can plough the muddy field, please also notice that without "those" tyres, it could not have either got that far into the field nor could it get out. I guess that must have dawned on some after they saw that two rescue tractors also had to be rescued.......with a JCB. Well thats a brief picture of the event, now let some pics do the talking.


Name:  DSC00906 800x600.jpg
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......More to come.......
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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.


Nice narration. Keep it coming. How did your MM do?

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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.

Gogi Bhai Thanks for the update. Was waiting for the update and your post once again confirms that you should write for a movie. Ek baar tho try karlo

The mud drag strip looks amazing. Hope we get some awesome videos of the same.
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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

Great Event!! Well Organised!! Well Executed!!

Thanks a lot to all you guys who made it happen!! Looking forward for more!!
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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

Tejas & Team at Extreme Offroaders, great job, had fun at the mud drag

Shams Ahmed
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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

come on guys we need more pics asap, cant wait to see them.
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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

Originally Posted by Twinn View Post
He he he...where is TEJAS in the list?

Nice pics and really feels bad for not making it to the event. Devang how many SPOA'd zuki's were there? Pics of them please, if you have any...

i dont count tejas, allan and my self in the list, My O team deserves more than 3 of us and how can i forget Abhishek and his thar in the list of O team.. i am sorry brother

there were 3 spoaed gypsies.

guys where are the pics???

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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.

Oh man, the pictures and the narration are like rubbing salt into the wound -- for me having to miss the event this year :-(

It is obvious that all folks had great fun in this superb event and the O team has done a great job.

So, where are the results of the drag race, who all competed, who all won, timings etc. The fun aspects, juicy tid-bits??
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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly the 2 days at EXXAM, meeting many friends who were handles till the previous day, thanks to the organisers for the social meet too!

The photo of the event would be Nishant's Gypsy face down in the nullah on the banks of the Pawna Dam reservoir? And still lived to see the rest of the event? Anyone got that shot?

Or should it be Imran's Gypsy bogged down halfway down the slope?

Or the AP MM550 sliding down the 45 degree slope and controlling himself very well without toppling over?

Must have been some record having something like 20 cars - or more - bogged down and being recovered - simultaneously?

I think we should have the most graphic shots of the Gypsies and Mahindras is such postures!!! Truly a test of both man and machine!
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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.

Wonderful to know this year's event was a grand success. The fog and the rain must have made it so much more enjoyable. Would love to hear more tales from participants
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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.


Tejas, Devang, Allan and team.

Day 1
, was more fun off the drag race track than on it, you only needed to to be there to know why.

Day 2
, was a wonderful one, the events that were open, also opened our adrenaline valves. The ones that had to be closed due to an over doze of Chocolate Mousse, was something we would have loved to complete as they would be real fun.

We were lucky to be in the first batch (1-22) than in the second or third, all participants would know the reason, why?

The location was what our movies are made of and meeting so many BHP'ians and other people was a pleasure.

Thank you for the hospitality, effort and having us there.

It was definitely worth every bit, driving about 800 kms to participate and meet many friends I had never had.

Missed the Chennai and Bangalore brothers.

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Default Re: Examm is back! 16th & 17th July, 2011

Cant Comprehend, what i missed out on
next year and the next and next. please do count me in
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Default Re: EXAMM 2011 - A report.


The event was wonderful, i thoroughly enjoyed both the days. It was an amazing site to see so many monstrous looking jeeps and off roading enthusiasts. The drag race was wonderful, i cleared it easily, thanks to my NDMS. Few didnt enjoy this event owing to a bad situation where their jeeps were stuck in the slush for a very long time. Day two started off well, everyone on time, and lined up to face the challenging trails. The first obstacle made me think twice whether to attempt or not but the presence of senior offroaders and Tejas as a guide, boosted my confidence and i cleared it without any damage to my vehicle. The rest of the obstacles were challenging too.

The 'O' team had given in their best to see that the event is a great success but my personal opinion is that they were helpless to some extent against the nature's fury as it rained cats and dogs on both the days. The event could have been a great great success if it had not rained as some of the trails caught the monsters off guard and it took a long time to winch them out. i would give 8 points on a scale of ten to this event. Great job Extreme Offroaders.. Looking forward to join you again next year. Other participants please post photos.
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