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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

Beautiful arrangements and wonderful track. I really repent for not able to make it for last two years, but will certainly be there for the coming event. Ayub bhai you have been doing a great job.
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

Serious track & Serious Machines !! it looks almost all the vehicles are modified for competitions. Congrats to the Organizers . I really interested to attend next year event.
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

wonderful Shuben Bhai. Some how I am against to rock climbing because of the damage that it does to the vehicle.

The way of organizing this event definable is top notch. Great to see some real value for money events showing up. It more over looks like a holiday destination. Sorry I missed this time, next time my train tickets are booked

Hats off of the organizers and the participants.
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

Originally Posted by sreejeshmp View Post
Serious track & Serious Machines !! it looks almost all the vehicles are modified for competitions.
Sreejesh Ji,
its more than driver than vehicle. Soumya cleared few obstacles with his stock hurricane powered jeep which HIGHLY modified jeep couldnt do.....

Originally Posted by Twinn View Post
wonderful Shuben Bhai. Some how I am against to rock climbing because of the damage that it does to the vehicle.
though my personal opinion, but if done correctly, rock crawling is most enjoyable part of offroading. Where each and every maneuver of vehicle counts unlike slush etc..
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Simply awesome, love the way the trail was set. Not for the faint hearted. Rock crawling is one of my favorite part of off roading. Missed all the events of this year but the only one i feel most hurt about not attending is this one. Will make it for sure next year. Hats off to Ayub khan and his team for taking the sport of Offroading to the next level. Cheers and all the best for the next year. 👍
Subhendra thanks for the coverage and the feedback of the event. 👍
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

A superb well organized event by the look of it. Different types of terrains, great bunch of 4x4's and with the service's offered at the event it would be definitely hard to miss this one out next time. The camp site, man made stages all show that a lot of effort has been put by the O team - hats off. Thank you Subhendra for the detailed report of the event.
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

Bhai Wah !!!

What an excellent report written by Shubhendra. Great delivery ji, well done and very fitting to a grand OTR laid out by Ayub bhai

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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

Thanks Shubendra for the excellent coverage on the event. It was very relaxing to go through the entire thread. I missed this event because of some unplanned official commitments and missed meeting you all and Ayub sir. Hope to meet you all for the Banglore OTR.

Ayub sir, I guess I have to take a private trip to your place to experience some of what I am seeing on these posts . No patience to wait till the next event.

Cheers Shuben and Ayub sir and the entire O team
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Default Re: The Gokak Challenge - November 2013

I feel 500-700 kms one way journey is manageable and worth coming. Genesis traveled 500 kms one way in his petrol, 3 geared Jeep and was happy overall.

Thumbs - up
1) Technical event: unlike deep water, deep mud events. Effort put in by O team to make sure we have as much natural trails as possible but at the same time keeping them within safe limits. Whenever participants used to get into dangerous situation, Ayub bhai and his team used to manage such situations so effectively without losing their cool. I was being told by many locals that O team were doing recce from almost a year !

2) All tracks were clearly demarcated and manned by marshals. During river crossing marshals were there standing in west deep water making a human chain to create temporary lines to follow. During hill climbing on day 1, O team must have demarcated more than 10 kms in rough terrain till connecting tar road. Marshals were everywhere all the time.

3) Enthusiasm of locals: Moment you clear an obstacle, viewers used to rush to click your picture, shake hand and congratulate. On day 1, track D (optional track), I was the first one to reach till the last (many vehicles before either couldn’t reach there or simply declined to attempt), and as soon as I reached there, people rushed towards me to congratulate. Same happened with Genesis, when he completed track A in shortest time (till then), everyone rushed to shake hands and congratulate him.
Few locals even bet on me on day 2 for clearing certain obstacles. And yes, I didn’t disappoint them 

4) Marshal team: backbone of event, they worked selflessly literally 24x7, walking kilometers. Helping each and every participant even adjusting with various tantrums of participants. Kudos to you guys ! they were from all walks of life (doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, policemen, govt officials), took few days off to realize the dream of another flawless event

5) Gokak police: you might have seen many pictures of policemen. Majority of policemen from Gokak police station were deployed for this event to maintain law and order (it was actually required as entire population of Gokak flocked the event). Mr DCP personally were looking after arrangements, and taking lift from Jeeps to reach almost all obstacles beforehand. On day 1, when there was a big lineup of vehicles on hill resulting long queue of vehicle, he walked up to point (2-3 kms steep rocky incline) to see what is happening

6) Ayub bhai: mastermind behind this event and avid offroader with down to earth personality. He (but obvious with the help of marshals) crafted an awesome track. After end of day 2, I got to know that we couldn’t complete 50%-60% of what he had planned. As usual he was everywhere, welcoming participants, answering questions, overlooking arrangements/logistics, pulling stuck vehicles/towing/rescue etc… special thanks to him for answering my call at 3 AM and helping me to reach hospital in few minutes due to a medical emergency of fellow offroader

7) Mechanic team: Men Friday! first day 39 breakdowns and all were attended to and all those vehicles were back on track within few minutes. Just to give you an example, I lost clutch rod (which connects to chassis) on day 1, obstacle 1. My Jeep was back in action after 7 minutes flat. I faced the same problem in AKC and had to abandon my jeep in Jungle for entire day and had to tow it to 60 kms ghat road, stay at a hotel and get it repaired next day. Even team Mahindra couldn’t help. It’s a BIG assurance to people coming from far attending this event knowing their vehicles would be taken care. Local spare parts dealer stocked required parts and supplied then 24x7 without charging a single penny extra and providing VAT bill on your name

8) Snake training: value addition of this event. We got to know/learn something new related to environment. It was also an opportunity shed off your fear about snakes. I saw few ladies were really shaking before touching python but after holding python for few minutes, they all were smiling. Also got to know more about role of a snake in eco-system.

9) Emphasize on safety: to start with we were gifted one brand new Vega offroad helmet per vehicle. At every obstacle marshals made sure that driver and co-driver wear seat belts. All obstacle were attempted previously by organizers to ensure its doable and safe

10) Participation cost: at the time when many events are charging 5000 plus rupees per person for not so good organized, this event was value for money. They charged 4000 rupees per person which included three nights stay in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. Unlimited and 24x7 availability of water, tea and biscuit at camp. Delicious food at base camp throughout three days and unlimited beverages on day 2 gala dinner. One Vega offroad helmet per vehicle for drivers. Free of cost mechanic support, t-shirt, cap, key ring etc.

Scope of improvement
1) Over dependency on Aybu bhai: I mentioned this same point in my last year’s feedback as well. Though there is no doubt about organizing/offroading skill of Ayub bhai, decentralization of decision making could have made event much better. For every question asked to marshal, they used to call Ayub bhai before making any decision, resulting time loss and leading queue of vehicles. Though it was better than previous year as there were SPOC for mechanics, stay, registration, food etc, but I still feel it could have been better.

2) Crowd control: I am not sure whether local police/marshals could have managed the crowd better, as there were thousands of people scattered at every obstacle, track, parking etc. but there is still scope of improvement.

Closing picture of 'O' team

The Gokak Challenge - November 2013-545973_608057845927421_1837870819_n.jpg

Event report completed !

Shubhendra Singh
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