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Tejas@perioimpl 31st March 2015 12:28

Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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A lot of people used to tell us that we should not only organise hard core 4x4 drives and give chances to newbies and SUV owners to have fun with their vehicles and understand offroading. Also, this would let families experience offroading in relative comfort.

Thus, we decided to organise a small SUV based mild offroad trail.

We even let in newbies with jeep get an experience.

Date: 28 March 2015

Venue: At the 19 North Venue, opposite Sahara Aamby Valley in Lonavala.

Pics of the venue (The restaurant, activities, etc)

Attachment 1355733

Attachment 1355734

Attachment 1355735

Attachment 1355736

Attachment 1355737

Attachment 1355738

Attachment 1355739

Some pics during the recce:

Attachment 1355740

Attachment 1355741

Attachment 1355742

Attachment 1355743

Attachment 1355744

Attachment 1355745

Tejas@perioimpl 31st March 2015 13:58

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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Most mumbai drives have a meeting point at McDonald's at Panvel which is the start of the expressway.

After morning introductions and breakfast, we head out towards lonavala:

Attachment 1355746

We meet at the parking lot of Hotel Sancheti in Lonavala to rendezvous with the vehicles coming in from Pune.

People start introductions and acquaint themselves to each other:

Attachment 1355751

Attachment 1355750

Attachment 1355752

Attachment 1355753

Attachment 1355793

Attachment 1355794

Some people spend time by posing while waiting for the others to join

Attachment 1355769

Attachment 1355770

Attachment 1355768

Attachment 1355796

Time to leave. We start lining up the vehicles:

Attachment 1355758

Attachment 1355760

Attachment 1355761

Attachment 1355766

Attachment 1355767

Soon we head out towards the mountains:

Attachment 1355747

After a 30 minute drive we come to the main gates and enter:

Attachment 1355795

Attachment 1355748

Attachment 1355749

Attachment 1357989

Attachment 1357990

Attachment 1357991

Attachment 1357992

Tejas@perioimpl 31st March 2015 14:48

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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Once we reach the venue, participants are told to park their vehicles and enter for finishing the registration formalities:

Attachment 1355821

Attachment 1355822

Attachment 1355823

Attachment 1355824

Attachment 1355825

Attachment 1355826

People assemble in the restaurant for registration, signing the indemnity forms, etc:

Attachment 1355820

Registration in progress. Every participant is given stickers, water bottles and snacks to munch on.

Attachment 1357993

Attachment 1357994

Attachment 1357995

Attachment 1357996

Finally word is out that our celebrity guest has arrived and people look out to see:

Attachment 1355827

Tejas@perioimpl 31st March 2015 14:49

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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The 3 offroad junkies of the team.

Amol, Allan and Me (Tejas)

Attachment 1355830

Tejas@perioimpl 31st March 2015 15:17

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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Who's the celebrity?

If we flash back a bit, a in September 2014, a friend asked if i would be an offroad consultant for a Ladakh Drive for the Discovery channel.

Offcourse i jumped at it.

It was for the recent show on Discovery, Offroad with Gul Panag:

Attachment 1355845

A bit discussion of the show happening here:

My role in the show was to be the offroad consultant as well as the team medic.

Over the course of the show, we became very good friends as well.

Here's the show schedule:

Attachment 1355857

Here's Gul talking about me in the press conference:

Few random pics from the trip:

Attachment 1355846

Attachment 1355847

Attachment 1355851

Attachment 1355852

Attachment 1355853

Attachment 1355854

It's always nice to see your name in the end credits. And twice! :D

Attachment 1355848

Attachment 1355849

Coming back to the topic, i invited Gul to be a part of the drive. She readily agreed and participants were also happy to meet her and check out here modified getaway "Super Milo" in person.

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:04

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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Gul arrives with her husband and 2 pet beagles:

Attachment 1358004

Here you can see here husband:

Attachment 1358006

That's me with her:

Attachment 1358012

Lots of people posed and got snaps clicked:

Attachment 1358010

Some checked out the Super Milo:

Attachment 1358007

While some clicked their own snaps:

Attachment 1358009

Group Snap:

Attachment 1358008

Was quite happy that she wore the Offroad Junkie Tshirt:

Attachment 1358005

She had some urgent work that had come up and couldn't hit the trail with us. But was very happy that she kept to her commitment and came all the way to Aamby to meet everyone. On her way back she tweeted this photo:

Attachment 1358011

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:24

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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We finally hit the trail.

Newbies are briefed on driving techniques, gear selection and safety practices. Additionally before each obstacle, they are again told how to tackle it. If they are scared they have an option that one of us sits with them to give confidence or they can take a chicken route out.

Although it's an SUV drive, we did let in some newbies with their jeeps.

Random trail snaps:

Attachment 1358018

Attachment 1358019

Attachment 1358020

Attachment 1358021

Attachment 1358022

Attachment 1358023

Attachment 1358024

Attachment 1358025

Attachment 1358026

Attachment 1358027

Attachment 1358028

Attachment 1358029

Attachment 1358030

Attachment 1358031

Attachment 1358032

Attachment 1358033

Attachment 1358034

Attachment 1358035

Attachment 1358036

Attachment 1358037

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:33

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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More snaps from everyones DSLRs, Mobile phones, point and shoot cameras:

Attachment 1358038

Attachment 1358039

Attachment 1358040

Attachment 1358041

Attachment 1358042

Attachment 1358043

Attachment 1358044

Attachment 1358045

Attachment 1358046

Attachment 1358047

Attachment 1358048

Attachment 1358049

Attachment 1358050

Attachment 1358051

Attachment 1358052

Attachment 1358053

Attachment 1358054

Attachment 1358055

Attachment 1358056

Attachment 1358057

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:46

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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The only issue was that the heat was too much this time of the year:

Attachment 1358058

Attachment 1358059

Attachment 1358060

Attachment 1358061

Attachment 1358062

Attachment 1358063

Attachment 1358064

Attachment 1358065

Attachment 1358066

Attachment 1358067

Attachment 1358068

Attachment 1358069

Attachment 1358070

Attachment 1358071

Attachment 1358072

Attachment 1358073

Attachment 1358074

Attachment 1358075

Attachment 1358076

Attachment 1358077

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:51

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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More pictures of the drive:

Attachment 1358078

Attachment 1358079

Attachment 1358080

Attachment 1358081

Attachment 1358082

Attachment 1358083

Attachment 1358084

Attachment 1358085

Attachment 1358086

Attachment 1358087

Attachment 1358088

Attachment 1358089

Attachment 1358090

Attachment 1358091

Attachment 1358092

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:55

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
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A proper buffet lunch was served at the 19 North Restaurant:

Attachment 1358094

Attachment 1358095

Attachment 1358096

Attachment 1358097

Attachment 1358098

Attachment 1358099

Attachment 1358100

Attachment 1358101

Attachment 1358102

Attachment 1358103

Attachment 1358104

Tejas@perioimpl 7th April 2015 16:58

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
To sum it up, the overall feedback was great. People loved the trail and the food and the experience.

The newbies loved how the trail started easy and as their confidence grew, so did the level of difficulty.

No vehicles were damaged or scratched during the drive and we got no complaints whatsoever.

It was great to see that families including children had a super time in the comforts of the SUVs and the wives could understand the passion of their spouses. :D

Overall a great day.

A photographer from Autocar India also accompanied us and a feature of this drive will come in the next issue of the magazine.

Last but not the least, thanks to all the participants and specially Mr. Shyam Patel of 19 North for all his co-operation.

PIC COURTESY: DSLRs: Carmen and Milind. And all the mobile pics from everyone's camera assimilated via Whatsapp.

GTO 8th April 2015 09:27

re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the 4x4 Section. Thanks for sharing!

adtalwar 8th April 2015 11:34

Re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
Dr Tejas

This is a good initiative as most people dont really do hard core off roading but just need enough expertise to negotiate mildly tricky terrain. And you dont need a celebrity next time. You are famous enough! :D


SmartCat 8th April 2015 11:45

Re: Mild Offroading with SUVs in Lonavala
Among the men and the machines, Gul Panag & the Volvo XC60 are the Kelvinators (the coolest ones!).

Whose Volvo is that? (I see a Team-BHP sticker). Is it running on AT tyres? What kind of 4WD sytem does it have? Part time or full time? Does it have a 4WD LOCK like the Duster?

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