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Nice pix. He has a website? He sure would have lot of pix.

And a 4x4 Sumo? Hearing for the first time.
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Amazing snaps!! Thanks for sharing Sat. Haven't seen too many 4x4 Sumos around.
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Hi Jk,

> And a 4x4 Sumo? Hearing for the first time.

I test drove one (coincidentally white) in 1999 when I was shifting from Sumo to Safari. But had already decided on Safari.

Did a couple of round in the Benz (now Focuz) yard. It was indeed muddy and in 4x4 it was a piece of cake. It had the same electric / electronic 4WD system as in Safari.

The 4x4 then was offered in the basic, non power steering, non AC version. It was about 6L ex showroom then. The base safari was 7.53L.
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Greatest ever writeup ever and one of the best pics seen in my life.

And to add TATA Sumo, Jai ho TATA and INDIA.

My standing ovation for those wonderful pics...

Hats off.......
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Default Soul Stirring Photos....thanks


Those are soal-stirring photos.... thanks a lot.

My resolve to do this this trail in August just got harder, the full monty. Srinagar, Kargil, leh, Zanskar, Pangong, Tsomoriri, Saarchu, Tabo, Delhi. These photos just about flipped the green button.

Pl. post more photos if you have and an account of the road conditions would be also useful.

Happy Driving,


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Great Images, the location helps, but the composition is brilliant. Need to read that book when it gets published.

Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
Greatest ever writeup ever and one of the best pics seen in my life.
Where is the writeup, do you have link to his website?
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Default write up

from Robert Huber...

"They're sitting like monkeys on our horses, often 2 or 3 of them on one to save money", said the old Bakarwat Shepard pointing down the meadow to some distant dots in the valley approaching the higher reaches at Sonamarg to feel the snow which actually is ice at this fast dwindling glacier. I became quite friendly with this gentle old man, after I gave him a lift in the 'White Elephant' up to their summer grounds, where his kin is dwelling in a very, very basic settlement just below the famous glacier catering to the much disliked tourists during the season rather than taking care of their animals, an idea which the old man simply hated.
Our animals get sick from the plastic and alu waste and the river gets polluted’, he pointed out to me, 'but nobody seems to be bothered as it's easy money earned compared to what our lives were. After one month in the valley I could well understand his sentiments because I saw the destructive influence of the rising number of visitors to this pristine environment, turning once beautiful hill stations like Pahalgam into a second Manali, with a horrible, but well visited amusement park at the banks of the Lidder, a free flowing river at my last visit in '91 and a canalized, degraded stream, suffocated by a hydro project now, making it impossible to recognize familiar places again.
After spending two weeks very leisurely on a houseboat I decided to get acclimatized at some higher places in the valley, before starting my journey to the remote Suru valley, where at altitudes around 4000m the air gets really thin and I didn't want to take any risk to suffer from the dreaded mountain disease that can hit you out of the blue any time over 3500m.
During my journey to the South of the subcontinent and back to the hills I met many people, all Indians, who were keen to join me traveling up to the 'roof' of their country but eventually as expected nobody showed up to exchange a chair in an office for a seat in an Elephant, trading a cool breeze for hot, steely air and driving the 5 highest motor able passes in the world, none of them below 5000m of altitude. It's not a trip for the fainthearted anyway, this 'road' from Sonamarg to Kargil clings so precariously to the side of the mountain, with sheer drops to the river below and allows only one-way traffic over the most treacherous Zoji Lapass which is a real watershed with the Kashmir side lush and fertile and once you've crossed the eastern side it immediately becomes dry and barren with greenery only along the river down in the valley. With 3529m, the Zoji La is not among the high passes but due to the horrible road conditions and the unpredictable weather it has proofed fatal to so many travelers in the long history, dating back to medieval times, when Yak caravans where the means of transport and Elephants were never seen up there. The Zoji La was really a tough challenge for him, but he brought me well over it and through to Kargil, where I met Rasool Lal, a young Shia muslim who was working for J&K tourism and accompanied me the next day on my trip into the Suru valley. He turned out to be a real gem of a person and I enjoyed his company very much as he did enjoy the possibility to visit Zanskar for the first time in his life, despite growing up so close to it. Our first night halt was at an alpine hut in Purtikchey with a fabulous view of the beautiful 7087m high Kun, the guarding deity of the Suru valley. On the way up there we visited a beautiful 7m tall Maitrerya sculpture carved out of a rock near the picturesque Kartse Khar village, a reminder of the once predominately Buddhist culture in this nowadays muslim dominated valley. After Purtikchey the road was very bad, it was slow, very slow progress up to Rangdum, a settlement at 3657m in a stunning valley, that is cut of this world for 8 month every winter!! The meadows around Rangdum were abound with Edelweiss, a very rare, protected flower in the Alps but only Yak fodder in the Himalayas. The Lamas at Rangdum gompa welcomed us very warmly, as we were the first visitors this year and we got an idea of their unbelievable basic lifestyle and one can't imagine how it is in winters there with temperatures constantly below minus 20 degrees C. What a setting that embraced this monastery. Unbelievable colors and shades changed the surrounding mountains during the course of the day and the red robes of the monks traveling on foot contrasted with gray, brownish hills with white snow clad peaks and a strong blue sky always dotted with pretty Cumulus clouds. The little visited Suru valley was definitely one of the highlights of this trip but we had to proceed the next day towards Zanskar with the marmot infested Pensi Lapass (4450m) being the main obstacle on our way. We left Rangdum early next morning, in good spirits, not knowing what fate had in hand for us that very day.

Robert A. Huber
Indian Image Service
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Awesome photos, like many here, hoping to drive out there someday!!
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Absolutely amazing pics.!!!

Thanks for sharing.
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They say pictures speak louder than words and holds oh so true in this case. Fabulous pictures and beautiful landscapes. To read his book would be really interesting. Do post more pictures if you have them.
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Beautiful photography! Nothing parallel to these photos by the enthusiast.

Posting two photos of More Plains right at its' begining clicked by me with a small pocket camera.
Attached Thumbnails
Sumo 4x4, landscape pics, ladakh to Manali..-misc-10512.jpg  

Sumo 4x4, landscape pics, ladakh to Manali..-misc-11012.jpg  

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Simply awesome photography. Looks like the man is passionate about driving and photography. Thanks for the link. Really made my day.
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Some photos of our Delhi-Leh-kargil-Jammu-delhi trip. We are planning another himalayan drive this year somewhere in sikkim side.Can anyone suggest some nice adventurous route in that area, please.Is it possible to drive across the border to Nepal??
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Originally Posted by neoranjit View Post
awesome pics.. waiting to go sometime
Am game ranjit, maybe we should plan a journey there sometime!
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Absolutely no doubt about the pictures - magnificent is the word! Yes, yes, yes...have to be on that road some day!
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