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Old 4th August 2008, 10:39   #91
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Alph kilo you up for some offroading this thursday to rajmachi? the met department predicts heavy rain this week.should be intresting.

Saturday nights drive to the firing range was pretty cool,should be better with more rain.
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I am game for it. I hope it rains, as it has been bone dry over here for a couple of days.
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Originally Posted by motocamp View Post
i think i passed you guys at around 3 pm at the start of rajmachi , we were in a sand coloured mm540 and we had a enfield scrambler in front of us.The terrain is just starting to get intresting, should be better with some more heavy rain.

yeah dude i think i met you there at the entrance and asked that are you guys going in or coming out.. you remember??
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Originally Posted by danlalan View Post
This Sunday we had THE MOST STONKING OFFROADING MEET EVER. This by far was the best experience for the 4 x 4 Gypsies. THE MOTHER OF ALL RAJMAJI TRIPS.

Ive just got back from the drive. Bruised, Battered, Exhausted, Drained but Smiling.




Will post pictures Videos and writeups later.


To be contd..

belive me guys it was the best one.. for those who could not make it like Mihir, Anku, Straight6, Neville, Amit and the others.. YOU MISSED IT.

List of Members.

+ the gang of 25 to 30 non members.

@Cyrus, dude you should have joined us..

will be contd with loads of pics and videos.

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hey guyz where are the pics and the videos
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Old 5th August 2008, 18:47   #96
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i am waiting too.
would love to join in for the next one
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We all are at work today,let us reach home we have alot pics/videos to share and thrilling experience too....

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Old 5th August 2008, 19:35   #98
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DEVANG. PDEV its your responsibility to get the pictures from nirmal so i can upload them. The longer you take, the longer its going to take to upload pics. Your choice buddy!

@ Ramie please upload what you haVE.
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Old 6th August 2008, 00:59   #99
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Hello Guys,Never thought I would ever get a chance to experience what 4x4 is unitil i was lucky enough to get a chance.Saturday night we all were chilling partying till 5:00am in the morning,when everyone decided that we will leave for off-roading by 8:30 am which literallt postponded to 10:30am.

Members who left:

1)Pdev a.k.a Devang with his gypsy
4)Nitroxx (unfortunately he had to leave while we reached chembur)
5)Ramie2400 (myself)
6)Amar (my brother)

It was a superb weather everything was just purrrfect..Enjoy the pics guys.

Look at the wheels..!!
Name:  DSC04644.jpg
Views: 2294
Size:  105.4 KB
Name:  DSC04645.jpg
Views: 2259
Size:  101.2 KB
This is the best place of all
Name:  DSC04649.jpg
Views: 2269
Size:  92.5 KB
Ohh those were some lovely girls there cheering "me" i mean the rides
Name:  DSC04650.jpg
Views: 2628
Size:  106.6 KB

MM64 i think
Name:  DSC04651.jpg
Views: 2365
Size:  111.5 KB

Chalo chalo saaf karo..!! "Ji Shaabji"
Name:  DSC04652.jpg
Views: 2160
Size:  92.4 KB

This ride was just awesome
Name:  DSC04653.jpg
Views: 2099
Size:  98.2 KB

Amazing wheels again
Name:  DSC04665.jpg
Views: 2125
Size:  144.4 KB

"Jeep ho toh aaisi"
Name:  DSC04666.jpg
Views: 2333
Size:  106.9 KB

The Dangerous Hill
Name:  DSC04670.jpg
Views: 2057
Size:  112.2 KB

To be contd.....
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Old 6th August 2008, 01:13   #100
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The next lot of Rajmachi off-roading.
Name:  DSC04673.jpg
Views: 2167
Size:  113.6 KB
Sajids pRIDE
Name:  DSC04676.jpg
Views: 2018
Size:  134.3 KB
Name:  DSC04677.jpg
Views: 1959
Size:  117.3 KB
TEAM-BHP rocks
Name:  DSC04685.jpg
Views: 1967
Size:  75.4 KB
Rides In-Actions
Name:  DSC04686.jpg
Views: 1970
Size:  127.0 KB
Name:  DSC04687.jpg
Views: 1924
Size:  92.5 KB
The roads i mean no roads errr... make your own Roads
Name:  DSC04688.jpg
Views: 1915
Size:  122.7 KB
Name:  DSC04690.jpg
Views: 1906
Size:  128.8 KB
Name:  DSC04691.jpg
Views: 1891
Size:  127.7 KB
Name:  DSC04693.jpg
Views: 1877
Size:  131.4 KB
Name:  DSC04694.jpg
Views: 1847
Size:  122.8 KB
Name:  DSC04695.jpg
Views: 1838
Size:  126.9 KB
pdev's Gypsy trying to get burried..lolz
Name:  DSC04706.jpg
Views: 1835
Size:  72.3 KB
Wheel spining
Name:  DSC04707.jpg
Views: 1793
Size:  92.8 KB
Make your own roads
Name:  DSC04709.jpg
Views: 1760
Size:  105.3 KB
Name:  DSC04710.jpg
Views: 1760
Size:  96.2 KB

To Be contd....
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Name:  DSC04711.jpg
Views: 1756
Size:  100.5 KB
Dan looking what pdev did for fun..burried the MONSTAR
Name:  DSC04715.jpg
Views: 1753
Size:  108.7 KB
I want to go down deep inside
Name:  DSC04716.jpg
Views: 1749
Size:  76.7 KB
We all scrapped some of the mud with hands to get the MONSTAR out.
Name:  DSC04717.jpg
Views: 1751
Size:  93.1 KB
Team-Bhp rocks again,Dan specially cleaned with his hands
Name:  DSC04719.jpg
Views: 1737
Size:  106.4 KB
The chassis touched the floor
Name:  DSC04720.jpg
Views: 1737
Size:  128.8 KB
Nirmal posing..!!confused what to do now
Name:  DSC04724.jpg
Views: 1724
Size:  112.0 KB
Pdev's MONSTAR awesome graphics
Name:  DSC04724.jpg
Views: 1724
Size:  112.0 KB
Nice works devang..Me likes
Name:  DSC04725.jpg
Views: 1675
Size:  106.0 KB

To be contd...
Attached Images
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Old 6th August 2008, 01:59   #102
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Finally off-roading happened,many rides got stuck,ride show off's happened..worst is about to come:
After removing Pdev's MONSTAR with alot of efforts from 20-25guys pushing from behind lifting his ride and 2 Gypsys pulling it out with chains and towing clip,one of the gypsy clutch plate burnt and gave up the car stalled,Pdev removed the towing hook and we started towing this with his car,after a lot of efforts and difficult slopes we managed to tow the gypsy,at one point all decided that we must divide the load from one gypsy and move to the other so me and nirmal went to imran's gypsy,i was sitting in front and nirmal at the back,it started drizzling and we also switched on out Headlights,which devang suggested that we switch off the lights of our car as he could not see the road ahead and it was already getting darker and long way to go,everone was exhausted by then,and only 6-7of us left rest all went way ahead to remove the other 2 trapped cars,As we switched off the lights we did not see a slight turn and our gypsy took off a small hill at the side hit the tree hard and toppled..we all were stunned for a second that what happened,suddenly the gypsy rested all 3 of us on the ground shakey,everone shouting at eachother,weather they are ok,hope their hands legs or anything is not trapped under the car,Thanks to GOD everything was normal,except for some bruises and a swollen left shoulder and ruptured left elbow of mine,we came out every buddy was shocked seeing it live from the gypsy ahead.We figured out what exactly happened and saw that the toppled gypsy was resting on the tree and the massive tyres at the side,and below was a deep fall.... here are some pics.

Name:  toppled1.jpg
Views: 1676
Size:  48.0 KB
Dan rushed up and shut of all the electricals/ignition of the car
Name:  toppled2.jpg
Views: 1669
Size:  256.0 KB
Dan confused what happened (worst case scenario)
Name:  toppled3.jpg
Views: 1670
Size:  227.8 KB
See the Towing hook attached
Name:  toppled4.jpg
Views: 1657
Size:  133.1 KB
Ok show-time my bro Amar was happy that no-one was hurt
Name:  toppled5.jpg
Views: 1630
Size:  203.1 KB
part 2
Name:  toppled6.jpg
Views: 1652
Size:  238.5 KB
Me too happy that everything was ok
Name:  toppled7.jpg
Views: 1633
Size:  187.7 KB
Dan bhai checking out if everything was ok
Name:  toppled8.jpg
Views: 1628
Size:  225.2 KB

This completes my set of pics,I experienced each and everything including what it feels to get toppled while off-roading,but it rocks,I am looking forward to go next time Last but not the least:

Hope the swelling and the bruises heal fast,i am not able to ride my bike or drive my car,it pains like hell......
Name:  hand.jpg
Views: 1609
Size:  114.7 KB

Ramie (now an off-roading enthusiast)

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I hope you guys would be more careful the next time. Its just not worth the risk trying to return on mountain trails in the night and that too during monsoon. Glad you got off with minor bruises. Do please agree on a general rule that no one drives at night on trails.

BTW what brand and size are these mud terrain tyres?

Name:  DSC04645.jpg
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Size:  195.8 KB
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Old 6th August 2008, 10:25   #104
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Mumbai Gang: Pleaseeeeeeeeeee be careful and take precautions. No fun in doing 4x4 when life is at risk.

I do hope that you all will NOT do off-roading at night.

You all are seasoned 4x4'ers and should eb setting examples for others to emulate.
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That was you guys? Heck I was there at the PRG event myself. Silly me
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