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Default 80 years young!!

Kudos to the sprit of your mother!! People 1/4th her age dont dare to venture under hot sun for offroad even for fun.
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Originally Posted by vinod_nookala View Post
Kudos to the sprit of your mother!! People 1/4th her age dont dare to venture under hot sun for offroad even for fun.
You know Vinod the interesting thing is for the past 50 years automobiles has been a major part of her life first thanks to Dad and now to me. And she's been one of the few lady drivers in Hyderbad since the late 40's. She used to drive big Jeep Cherokees when she worked for the USIS. People on the road used to loudly exclaim "Dekho dekho aurat Jeep chala rahi hai"

So over a hot and sumptous butter/pepper chicken meal mother and son had at a roadside dhaba she casually tells me, " now add bucket seats to the car, it will make the ride more enjoyable"

I couldn't help smiling, here was a lady who obviously knew a thing or two about cars and comfort !! BTW she's driven our white Packard a lot more than I ever did
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Wow, you are the second guy I know who took his mother offroading, the first one was GTO.

That's a fantastic trail Deepak.
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Past two Sundays, first my GPS couldn't catch the satellites on account of heavy overcast, and on Saturday I couldn't log into the net to get the coordinates for this Sunday's trip. So while I could navigate correctly to the forest once in it was a case of your guess is as good as mine. Which meant often we had to stop and walk around to figure out the trail.

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0168.jpg

At one point in time we thought we'd encounter a thundershower but it sadly passed

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0178.jpg

Shams and Bharat. Now in this hobby you meet all kinds of people. But rarely do you come across guys like Bharat. The man is simply amazing. Before I bought my Jeep I visited him and spent sometime with him consulting him on many issues. He runs a garage and while there I noticed a CJ5 all stripped bare, the body was in pieces being painted. The rolling chassis was ready but everything else still lay in pieces. I met him last on a Friday and when I met him again on Monday the entire Jeep was fully assembled. Bharat completed the job in two days flat with just one helper. I was flabberghasted.

I can dismantle and reassemble an entire car. But putting it back in 2 days? Wow unbelievable. In the following pictures you will see his immaculately restored CJ3B to know the man does NOT cut corners. His eye for detailing is faultless.

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0169.jpg

Bharat tackling a bund

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0182.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0183.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0185.jpg

Its a gorgeous sight to see these Jeeps almost camouflaged in foliage

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0186.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0190.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0192.jpg

Just look at the finish of this car. Amazing. Loved that green

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0195.jpg

others easing through

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0198.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0206.jpg

You encountered these kind of rocks all along the trail

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0211.jpg

one had to do this to avoid it

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0217.jpg

Shams seems to have missed all the nasty action shots and has done more super model photography

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0221.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0222.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0223.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0232.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0236.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0239.jpg

Helpful village lads, they knew the trails like the back of their hand. Piercing eyes, literally drilling right through and through. I think he needed to know if we were friends of the forest. Having ascertained that he helped us find our way out. Maybe a friendly forest spirit sent to guide us?

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0244.jpg

We finally managed to come out of the forest

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0246.jpg

it was such a lovely feeling driving through these narrows paths

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0247.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0248.jpg

The journey ended by this lake

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0252.jpg

In all this adventure the elusive shepard of Mathpally stood on a hilltop silently watching over us !

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0253.jpg

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Wow lovely jeeps there again and DKG seem to be finding some of the best off roading heavens in/around hyderabad. Nice pics, you guys seemed closest to nature there. Bet the fresh air, the greenery does so much good to you all.

DKG, there is however one thing that scores above everything else and that is the spirit of your mom. Hats off to her spirit even in this age. No wonder why you are like this.

Can I please join you guys someday on one such drive please?
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@ DKG - Hats off to your mom. At her age most of the people cant or wont even sit in a jeep.

and the idea of spotting such trails using wikimapia is great... hope to join you in many more OTRs like these.

@Yaser - Shams told me that you were going to join us this time... not sure how we missed you.
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Guys in Hyderabad interested in 4X4 please see this thread -

I posted it here since many of you may not visit the motor sport section regularly!
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A wonderful experience and moments shared by you in pictures and writeup.

The Jeeps, terrain and the event: 50%
Your mothers participation: 50%

which has made this event a full, 100%

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Wow i have no words to explain how excited i am.The way you have put across the pics and the explanation !!

Superb man , you are tempting me to buy 4x4 and explore these forests.

Trust me i never had any idea about off roading except for my love on the gypsy's ,now i started loving the off roading too
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Default Narsapur Forest - Simply Divine

Enjoy the Jeeps and the gorgeous Narsapur forest trails

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0017.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0018.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0019.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0020.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0021.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0022.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0023.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0024.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0025.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0026.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0027.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0028.jpg

Attachment 182880

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0030.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0031.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0032.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0033.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0034.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0035.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0036.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0037.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0038.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0039.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0040.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0041.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0042.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0043.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0044.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0045.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0046.jpg
Attached Thumbnails
Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0047.jpg  

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Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0048.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0049.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0050.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0051.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0052.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0053.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0054.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0055.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0056.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0057.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0058.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0059.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0060.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0062.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0063.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0064.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0065.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0066.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0067.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0068.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0069.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0070.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0071.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0072.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0073.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0074.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0075.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0076.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0078.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0079.jpg
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Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0080.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0081.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0082.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0084.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0089.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0090.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0100.jpg

Attachment 183048

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0103.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0094.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0095.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0104.jpg

Offroad around Hyderabad-img_0105.jpg
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I do go off roading with emirates 4x4. But all we have here is just sand ! It is fun ofcourse but off roading in the forest is just awesome!!!. The terrain changes & every corner is a new story!! Did u guys camp out for a whole night? I would love do that !!.
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Oh Man! These terrains are as tough as tough can be !!
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Originally Posted by zeemmee View Post
Did u guys camp out for a whole night?
Not this time around as we were exploring the place for the first time. Now that we know this is one helluva offroad paradise we will work toward spending Saturday nights there and explore the region more. Also this place is so close to Hyd that even after a full day's work on Saturday you can reach the place within an hour, so you don't waste too much time commuting.
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