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Default NIOC goes for a recce on 13th Jun 2009

Hey guys
We at NIOC went for a recce to explore new tracks last saturday. I was as usual away clicking pictures
I am copying and pasting recce accounts written on NIOC by RB sir, Amit Bajaj, Harjeev Chadha and Pushkin Ahuja

by Amit Bajaj's


We went in the jungle on the faridabad gurgaon road after turning left towards delhi about 3 km after TERI golf course. We entered the jungle from a pir on the rightside of the road

The track was great It was full of rocks and shrubs. We had to negotiate through. The boulders and rocks trying to move forward keeping the position of deferential and the possibility of Jeeps can climb or not.

This needed lots of direction from RBjee. The pace of movement was very slow because of the terrain. Infact we all bear the trophies (damages, scratches) of the track all through the Jeeps. Infact my snorkel contraption has been riped out. Besides the broken indicators and dented bumpers.

The track did not have the climbs and declines like the other tracks but it had the difficulty of trying to negotiate the rocks and boulders.

We need to explore the track more and put markers so that a track can be defined. On our way back we had got lost with persitent effort by MOD RBS, sanjeev and pushkin we made are way back.

On the whole a very promising track. Only thing is that this track will leave its trophies on the Jeep.

Harjeev has clicked few photos and would request other recce participants to share their views


by Harjeev Singh Chadha

Hi all
In all aspects it was a great recce. the performance of all the vehicles was great and it wouldn't have been possible without the expert guidance of RB sir.

As Amit has already mentioned the track was actually in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere and i was even having problems in getting mobile signals.
The track also required alot of skill and paitience from the drivers to negotiate through the thick shrubs, trees, rocks and boulders and wouldn't have at all been possible without the navigation help from our senior and experiences members.

The performance of my 3B was great I am happy that I got to test it at such a challenging terrain. Now I can say that it actually is a decent performer.
I also agree with Amit that we should put markers next time when we are exploring new tracks as this will help us when finding our way back.

I am currently on my way to Chandigarh and will return late tomorrow night. So will be able to upload pictures when I get back.
Eagerly waiting for the next time when we visit this track.
By Pushkin Ahuja

Hi Guys,

As you have learnt from Amit's account of the recce, the 'THORNY TRAIL' actually is a tough track, I'd like to put across a few parameters as to why its so challenging :
  • * There is only a very small bend off the pir baba's shrine which leads onto the woods beyond (very easy to miss), once we enter and go a few meters all signs of a track vanish. One can venture into the desolate shrubs, teeming with babool with spikes as long as 4 -5 inches. Myself and Sanjeev scouted into the wilderness and decided on a direction which could be traversed by the machines. It did take us half an hour of a trek to come upon a plan and the tentative direction the vehicles could take to reach what seems to be a track of trucks that may have ferried the stones while the area was still being mined. There seems to be no activity of any kind at this point in time.
  • * There is very little margin for error / oversight as one can find himself and his machine with either - a face off with the babool trees or rubbing its belly on the boulders below.
  • * There are very little signs of any activity that may have happened in the past few years OR any village except the noise of big dumper trucks (the GGN - FBD link road is close by) making their back breaking journey to the construction sites which we left at least 10 kms behind ourselves. Over here, the best that we could see were the tracks left by grazing livestock and the herdsmen. With an occasional glimpse of a Blue bull (we happen to chance upon one in slumber only to be woken up by our voices while we were walking ahead to see if the machines could be brought further on the track.
  • * The trail's hallmark is dense thorny shrubs which make it quite difficult to drive through and every team member & vehicle has received its share of scratches and bumps on the recce. I am thankful to all attending members for being ever patient & absorbing every bit of knowledge that was being displayed / imparted by RBS mod in order to tackle the track which became increasingly difficult every 10 meters of progress. Recce is serious business which requires precision in terms of driving skills, foresight and most of all discipline. The above traits were amply displayed by all recce team members.
  • * The track is riddled with all sizes of boulders and many a times, Jeeps were on only 3 wheels. There were mild inclines all strewn with thick thorny bushes and boulders which made it rather difficult to negotiate the proposed direction of advancement. At a particular place we encountered an obstacle where the ground was nothing but a mother of a gash in the earth almost 3 ft deep, it had boulders on each side (sides were almost 4 ft high). Here Pranshu and Arjun picked up one mega sized boulder and placed it amidst the gash so the Jeep's tyre would get traction and not get stuck. Once done, Pranshu's Jeep was the first to crawl through followed by Harjeev, Sanjeev and Amit.
  • * The next thing we came upon was an embankment which couldn't have been cut through as the terrain is not entire mud / sand but hard baked soil with deeply gorged in rock. We had to turn right and take the Jeeps through a sharp descent and immediately a sharp left, climbing up and keeping on track. Here we set camp for breakfast. We found a spot in the shade, with a mild breeze and feasted on aloo puri, Tomato sandwiches and yummy cheese omlette sandwiches. These were chased down along with cold coffee which Sanjeev was kind to bring along.
  • * The next hour was the same back breaking, bone jarring exploration into the wilderness and we reached a spot where we saw a water body amongst what looked to be a mining quarry, the rock face was running almost 50 feet down and the marks on the rocks suggested that it would fill up almost to the height of 30 odd feet during the monsoon.
  • * It was almost half past 1 when we turned around and made the great journey back on the lovely 'Thorny trail'. Due to the nature of the terrain, we could hardly find our tracks and had to be careful on every spot which could be misleading. On one occasion we did ovxershoot a turn but quickly realised the same and a foot scout party of myself and Arjun got the others to drive back to the turn at the right spot. RBS mod who is a seasoned player of the bush helped the vehicles back through the thorniest part of the track and ensured that all members of the recce team and their vehicles made it back to the road.
This trail is all about CRAWLING, PRECISION MANEUVERS, SAFETY and a lot of patience. There are many places where you can only hear the Jeep ahead or the member on a foot scout. At places we had to shut the engines in order to hear the next command from the scouting team.

I would request RBS mod to give his account of the recce and Harjeev to upload the pictures for all members of the Jeeping Clan to enjoy. I would like to add that at least at this point in time the THORNY TRAIL is something we can / should attempt with a maximum of 5 - 6 Jeeps. The progress on the track is painstakingly slow and track extremely narrow. Once this is attempted 2 - 3 times more with different batch of NIOC members, we can explore the idea of a bigger OTR. A word of caution: the track at no point in time should be attempted in the dark as its very easy to lose direction and get stuck amongst the brush.

A token of thanks to the recce team: RBS mod, Arjun, Sanjeev, Pranshu & Naveen. You all made it possible and this was ONE HELL OF AN ADVENTURE. I ma sure that an account from RBS mod and pictures from Harjeev will do justice to yesterday's recce.



By RB Sir

Dear Jeepers,

As described the new track has a lot of new obstacles and the difficulty level is high. This track can be negotiated only by a small group (5-6 jeeps) as the progess is slow. The undergrowth is very dense and the shrubbery is repete with thorns of verious lengths. Not suitable for a large group like the 15th August OTR. Also not recommended for newbies.Certainly not for an evening OTR as finding ones way back will be difficult in the dark. Small groups must go on this track to hone skills.


Now for the pictures...
Attached Images

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NIOC recce on the 13th of June 2009

Second and final part
Attached Images
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These thorny bushes of Keekar ( Acacia ) can take a heavy toll on the tyres, one could have multiple punctures in this terrain.

How about a nice long winding forest track with puddles and slush which can be a daytime family affair. Lets explore for that.

This terrain is not for everyone, one has to be prepared for leaving the jeeps sidesteps behind, break a shocker, worst case crash the front differential and break it, and that will be hell of a job rescueing a Jeep from there.

This is the reason why I like an OTR where there is more distance and countryside to be covered.

If they are planning one then this is the ideal ground to shoot the next ''Kaanta Laga" video!

At 5.30 in the morning, half asleep, mind not on high alert, driving on this terrain where utmost attention is required along with physical effort to control a crude Jeep steering and 4WD transfer case, well one can't do it too often.

My best wishes to those who manage it with aplomb!

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Wow man, this looks like a good OTR trail find for you guys. A narrow rocky/boulder ridden trail is very exciting and challenging. I personally love such trails and such trails are great to learn & explore your skills & vehicles capabilities.

However, due to the narrow trail path, it can become a challenge to take too many vehicles in there and if breakdown happens -- it can be nasty.

Looks like you guys are going great guns -- it's always nice to find new challenging trails that's are of different kind.
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Hi Harjeev

How about the 21st June Recce?

Great Pics! any damage?

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