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Congratz to all the winning teams and individuals. 2 teams that blew me off, Allen's and our BLR Eve-Reddy 99%'s team.

A big shout out to all the organizers and marshals, TPC is indeed the toughest OTR from an organizing view point.

@GS: It was Khan's umbrella and it was in the gypsy, i think you got someone else's fallen bit. Khan checked and confirmed also.

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Kudos to organizers of palar challenge 2010. I don't need to suppress my emotions, I missed it. Blue team congratulations on winning trophy.

Look forward to hear more stories and pictures, ofcourse videos to cherish.
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Sounds like the event was a blast.

Vikram congrats on another TCP win. Looks like you need to move on to different events and give others a change to take some trophies home. Great going to your entire Team.

What about individual category/SS winners?

Looking forward to the pics and videos to do more of the 'talking'.

O-Team I hear you guys did an amazing job. Respect!!
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Congratulations Vikram and team!! All your preparation for the event seems to have paid!!

Vikarm i think leaving drivers alone- Gypsy, 3B and MM540 combo is working wonders as a team. Remember our 2008 win?? Also if i had participated i would have been in your team...would have been a hatric to me:-))) lol

Good show guys...i know what it takes!

p.s- What did you win as a prize?
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What an awesome show, superbly executed event. Kudos to all those who were behind the scenes and to all the participants who braved the sweltering sun and went along the long trail and several SSs.

It was great to meet the chennai team again - arka, pat, bala, venky, latif.
New friends made - Senthil, Mahendran, Deep, Hemdutt and many more.

I was with GS at SS5 on day1 and SS3 on day2. Day1 was horribly hot with me heading towards GSs gypsy and sitting it out for the next 30 - 40 mins with him yelling at me to get out to assist him. Sorry Da, no way i couldve walked then.

One confession though - when you plan your stages and when some vehicle gets stuck, you do get some sort of happiness that your stage is a toughie but then when the rest of the gang 'Crawl the Slush', you think, 'Oh, what the!!!, How could he?"
I say this as on Day2, Allan didnt go through the Slush (poor guy was the lab rat as he was the 1st one, Sorry Allan ), however later on every damn vehicle just went through with ease.

Overall, it was a 10/10, very nice with the sand terrain. Accomodation and the overall arrangement was excellent.

and finally a big thanks to GS for making me come here. Thoroughly enjoyed planning the SSs with him, sipping the 'mix' sitting in his Gypsy and waiting for the 1st team to arrive. The drive back to mumbai was superb, no sweat, literally with the pleasant weather and some thrilling moves on the highway by GS [lol], i'll never forget that.

UBS Sir - You are simply great and thanks for explaining and sharing your knowledge while fixing GSs gypsy.

Bang Boys - Real 'Spirited' bunch you guys are. Liked the way you chilled out at the camp every evening.

GS - Please upload the videos da.

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Wow feel so bad for missing the entire event. I had a Family Emergency . Anyways congrats to Vikram and the team.
And a big sorry to Arka for promising so much and not doing anything...

Waiting for individual Results.
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Originally Posted by headers View Post
TPC 10 was fantastic. Our team Blue4 [Vikram / Ranjit, Dr. Jones/ Boopalan, Rajmohan / Lokesh] won the FIRST place.
Congrats sir.

Originally Posted by bottle View Post
congrats again guys, especially need to mention the margin of over 100 over points over the runner ups
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Originally Posted by nitrous View Post
Eagerly waiting for the full results including the individual winners.
Originally Posted by arjunrudra View Post
... Waiting for individual Results.
Originally Posted by IronWolf View Post
....What about individual category/SS winners?
While the O-team does their number crunching & comes up with the detailed score sheets, here is a summary of what I remember (*may have errors, so please correct accordingly):

Best Team
- 2nd Prize: Team from Kerala
- 3rd Prize: Team Bangalore, (Vijay Reddy, Blue 5)

Best Technical Team
- Team Bangalore, (Vijay Reddy, Blue 5)

Best 1st timers/new-comers (or something like that...)
- 1st: Jose (Kerala)
- 2nd: Prabhu AV (Team Bangalore, Blue 3)
- 3rd: Sunil (Mumbai)

Best Individual Drivers
- 1st: Md Ali (Chennai)
- 2nd: Prithvi (Team Bangalore - Red 3)
- 3rd: Can't Remember.....

I hope the O-Team will put in the detailed score sheets with points, times, attempts, etc details.

Originally Posted by xtreme power View Post
...khan bhai, the drive is still pending
I know.. Sorry mate, couldn't help as I was literally on 2WD/Limp mode.
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WOW the Blore boys have made it through within the top 3 in all forms

Congratulations guys, awesome show!!!

Congratulations to all the other winners, participants and definitely a big one to the Organizing team
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My TPC began with a vehicle breakdown!

Left front Kingpin bearing was shattered on my MG413W. Thanks to UBS, Vivek and Ali I was back up and running late into the night. Without their help we may have had to reduce by one SS!

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Guys - Official Event report is up here

Mods - suggest closing this Thread
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