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Old 20th March 2010, 13:07   #46
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Hi Guys,

nice meeting arka and arjunrudra. Have a good fun session tomorrow, sorry i had to leave urgently. attaching some pictures from the garage session.

Arjun rudra s jeep

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-51300333.jpg

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-51300334.jpg

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-51300335.jpg

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-51300336.jpg

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-51300337.jpg

Arjuns ride

I am not familiar with others rides, please let me know
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Sad I had to give the tech session a miss

Whats the Headcount for tomorrow?

1. Ram.West & Self
2. Vijay Sekhar ??
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Went for the Jeep Thrills fifth anniversary event named "know your jeep". It was total fun meeting up Arka and others. Learned so much about the jeep and again was amazed by the immense knowledge Arka has on jeeps and his patience to explain everything in detail and also with diagrams if necessary.

I had planned to go for the offroad event today but unfortunately sprained an ankle last evening .
Feeling miserable not being able to make it to the event.
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Old 21st March 2010, 17:47   #49
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Default A Small Report from a Newbie

Just came back from the JT 5A celebrations and OTR and boy what an activity packed weekend.

I wanted to come for the event but was in two minds due to other professional commitments. Thursday morning, a call from Vikram and a quick no-non sense call to Arka sealed the deal and I was destined for my first proper OTR. The morning tech session at Pudupet on Saturday was an intense knowledge sharing (Most of it one way from Arka & Pat ) and I was richer in my knowledge about various suspension systems and terms. Lunch at Ponnusamy and drive to Adventure Zone later was a fun in the truest sense of the term for me.

Seeing the Bosch FI Pump diagram at the end of the hard day made me a little apprehensive about what was to unfold but the lucid explaination in depth by Manoj Sir was awesome and the first time in my life I actually understood the real working mechanism inside. Thanks Manoj Sir!

The RFC Video post dinner was great and rekindled flames of doing RDH and Paris- Dakar .

Sunday morning at the clay pits made me actually realise the abilities of a 4x4 especially seeing the pros doing the stuff what they were did with ease. I wanted to have a go at the circuits myself but was unsure of asking anyone for the fear of screwing their vehicle, but the command from Arkadeep to have a go on Arka's MM540 sealed it for me. I definitely wanted to have a go and wanted to do it to the best of my abilities (wishlist: take every obstacle in the first go). Even though my wish of taking the obstacles in the first go didn't materialise but Vijay as my spotter and guide did an awesome job of teaching me what to do when. And was it fun or what! I did all the obstacles without beaching the vehicle and I heaved a sigh of relief. Further on driving and trying to do a drift on the Nissan1T was sheer adrenaline rush!

Driving back in Arka's CJ3B made me realise what I wanted to fill up the parking space just made vacant in my garage.

All in all a weekend very well spend and the learning curve was very high.

Thanks to Arka, Arkadeep, Vikram, Vinod, Vijay, Bala, Karthi, Major Roy, Manoj, ramesh, Prassana, Pat and others for making it such an enjoyable weekend. Sorry if I have missed anyone's name here but believe me that was unintentional.

Thanks Arka & JT for having me for the JT-5A.

P.S.: The low bonnet jeep of Dr. and the MM550 of Raghav were definitely a looker and effective as well.

P.P.S: While speaking to Arka's mom, it turned out that my in-laws and they have known each other for the last 40 years. Really a small world!!!

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Default Random Pictures

Some Ramdom pictures - details would be given by Petrol Head
Attached Thumbnails
JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00520.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00521.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00522.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00523.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00524.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00525.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00526.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00527.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00528.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00529.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00530.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00531.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00532.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00533.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00534.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00535.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00536.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00537.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00538.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00539.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00540.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00541.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00542.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00543.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00544.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dsc00545.jpg  

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Hi Anirudh,

The Chennai JEEPers, appreciate you for being a part of the anniversary event. Do drop in more often.
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some online gyan pls.
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Default Jt 5a

Some teaser pics.. Will post the rest of the pics tomorrow!!
Attached Thumbnails
JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4512.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4519.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4608.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4518.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4615.jpg  

JeepThrills 5th Anniversary Event - 5A-dscn4612.jpg  

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That friggin one ton looks a lot like Arka...they say after living with your dogs or cats, you begin to resemble them...that kind of applies to Arka and this monster!
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Originally Posted by Red Liner View Post
That friggin one ton looks a lot like Arka...they say after living with your dogs or cats, you begin to resemble them...that kind of applies to Arka and this monster!

Hey Venkat, you left out his multi colored vehicle as well
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Hmm definitely missed this event, can anyone tell me what all was discussed during the "Know your Jeep" session? nice to see those diagrams on board

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I couldn't make it to the second day of the event. Missed Gurkha (vehicle) there. Garage session was interesting and lot of learning on semi floating, full floating, pinion angles, differentials etc etc.

Headers where were you on the first day? Missed your storm 4wd:-P

P.S- Propeller your vehicle is looking much better without those endless tow ropes and MM540 front bumper apron.
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looks like i missed everything. and with purupet moving to oragadam - looks like the friendly neighbourhood is also moving.
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Excellent, we need more reporting and pictures ASAP!
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For some weird reason none of the pics we took yesterday got saved in my phone, does anyone have any pics of the Gurkha left?

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