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Ibrahim with his Safari, both he and his Safari did not fail to impress. The safari with low ground did not dampen his spirits he was trying everything that was done by the jeeps. Ibrahim has good control on his safari and the way he handled it, was very opposite to the way he handles his gypsy. he was slowly crawling the safari over the obstacles with good control of the throttle, but he did have to sacrifice a little by ripping of his fender cladding. But no one could handle the safari better hats off to you Ibrahim.
Attached Thumbnails
Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110257.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110258.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110259.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110260.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110262.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110263.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110264.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110265c.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110265cc.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110269.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110270.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110271.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110271c.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110275.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110276.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110277.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110278.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110279.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110280.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110282.jpg  

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Some nice axle bending sessions! Liked safari flexing its suspension.
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Guys, it looks like a wonderful OTR spot and you guys sure seem to have had fun. Do PM me if you guys have any plans this coming weekend, I would love to join you guys. Ibrahim has my number too.


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Man, that's some seriously amazing stuff with the Safari - hats off to man & machine
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LOL Fender cladding. I presume he would need to spend around 90 rupees or so in getting in fixed again. Each of the broken locks can be had for 15rs from TASS or 6-7rs in the open market.
I lost mine once, but in my case it fell off after most of the OTR was over.
The bug problem is that the fender cladding doubles up as "mudflap" for the front wheel. So it extends quite low, and if the front wheel comes down a rut or something, it can easily get ripped off.

Other than that another achillis heel of the safari is the brake booster(I heard its fixed in newer models). It sits quite low at the level of the skid plate, and is quite prone to grounding esp in ruts.

Last but not the least, the skid plate side wall sometimes flexes in a way that it start touching the front tires. But nothing that cannot be fixed with some hammering!
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That's great show there.
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Some more pics of Ibrahim and his Safari.
Attached Thumbnails
Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110300.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110302.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110310.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110314.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110319.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110320.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110322.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110324.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110325.jpg  

Saturday morning OTR - Pune-p3110326.jpg  

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Wow !

The Safari pix are impressive.
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The machine being tested to its extremes awesome pictures.

Understood that many a times, some of the wheels were in the air. How was the taking off from this position? I'm sure the 4 x 4 would have done it; but what was the feeling inside the cabin?
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