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Default EXAMM Report Card

the trail was unbelievable, had loads of fun.
will post pictures tomorrow,dont have the energy to type more,very exhausted.
this was one of the best otr's ever.

crashing for now !
cheers !
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Waiting for the pictures and video ...
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Back after 3 days of rampant oversteer, destructive descents and asphyxiating ascents. Pics and Videos to follow with a report.
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Pictures please everybody who had givern their EXAMMs
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I attended only one day of EXAMM, and was absent for the second day in Savarsi. But I heard it was a great one too, thanks to rain and fog.

The first EXAMM trail was not Rajamachi as expected, but something else around lake Pawna. The views were to kill for, my camera enjoyed the visual treat. The trail was created by going off the regular trail and the paper setters and done a great job by picking challenges at regular intervals. If any newbie wanted to avoid a crazy looking challenge, they could always continue in regular trail and avoid it. The offroading continued beyond 9PM and we finally got back on road by 10PM and back to hotel by 11PM. A highly satisfying day, I even got do some offroading myself in Thar and a MM540.

There was apparently a hair-raising incident involving me , but I didn't know it until I got out of it, I was too busy at that time. Somebody post video/photo to show me what really happened.

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@ All Extreme Offroaders, Waiting for lots of pics & videos to be uploaded. Do it asap !!!! Can't wait more to see them.
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Pics pics pics , waiting for it . Curiosity is growing .
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@sharath, it was more of a Leg raising event rather than a hair raising event. Although it was very scary!! Sadly no pics. will post the others soon.
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Hey guys, where are the 3D Pictures?

Sadly, we guys did NOT appear for the EXAMM
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Just back from EXAMM. I think the paper was good and mix of easy and hard questions mixed well. Only thing it was to long. Good to see so many people clearing it with FLYING COLOURS!

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So, will the paper be put up here for others benefit?
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I am tired of refreshing the page again and again. Can anyone please post pics and a proper report. I could not attend both the events as my F.I.L was admitted in the hospital due to low hemoglobin count. Missed a great opportunity to meet folks.
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First of all i would like to thank all the participants of EXAMM on behalf of Extreme Offroaders. because of you guys it was a HUGE success.

I would like to apologise on behalf of Extreme Offroaders if anyone of you have faced any problems, it was our first event and turnout was huge so i hope you all will understand. we will make it better next year for sure.

its officially the BIGGES,TOUGHEST,CRAZIEST OTR event which might have happened so far.

I would like to thank Dr. Mohan, Rahul and team to help us through out the event.

and not to forget,


now about the trail and the event and some inside story..

Extreme Offroaders team and Dr Mohan were out since Monday morning and trying to get the best trail, all of us ended up with some cuts and brusies while making the trail.

Last minute entries were big pain, we always ended up changing food orders, Tshirts etc.

Some issues we faced too but lets not get into all that.

all i need to say is " THANK YOU ALL, IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS"

now guys please start posting pics. dont resist your self

get out of 4l 1st gear crawl mode

guys share pics on Facebook my ID is Devang Panchamatiya

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3 days of madness, steep climbs, super slippery slopy descents, slush bath, mud pits, sudden drifts etc etc etc...

braved the sun enjoyed the rains, met quite a few and now can place the faces alongside their TBhp Handles.

The vehicle line up was awesome, a visual treat.

Exhausted? Yes. Would i do it again? Yes, Of Course.

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also a special thanks to alok, manan and ,misal for all the help
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