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hisunil 9th September 2010 21:28

Masinagudi @ Ooty foothills and Kukke Subramanya
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Hi Guys,

I am combining two travel logs in to one thread, I know I am lazy ;)

Right after Somwarpet OTR had been to Kukke via BisalGhat road, its about 40kms the first 15 is smooth tight Twists the later 15 odd kms is no roads just path way to be driven in 2nd gear, the route is spotted by many many streams all the way, lots of mist & provably the first tie I felt worried about the destination coming close & the journey ending !! Green Green Green everywhere just a couple of vehicles in the entire route took 4 hours for 40 kms, lots of stops for pics Birds etc.

Me My Wife & Tejas did the trip, We stayed at SRS residency, lovely place for a price for 550 Rs !!! The next day, took the same route back to Somwarpet & then to Bangalore, I cannot think of another vehicle that can do a OTR like Somwarpet, and can be trusted to take the family in to a lonely jungle the next day without even a water wash, the following day to back track via ghats broken road & BLR about 300 kms. I am loving it.

The Masanagudi trip was 4h to 6th sept, Bangalore-Mysore-Gundelpet-Bandipur-Mudamlai-Masanagudi, Our family, My Bro's Family, Cousin & his Family, Mom made it in Gurkha & Sonata V6 AT, We sa a heard of elephants 30+ of them very very close to road, some Indian Gaur, lots of peacock's a pack of 8 to 10 Fox or Dogs?

We did some offroading at Masanagudi forest, first for Mom @ 55 & now she has a Hip pain :(

Let the pics say more..

Kukke Trip:
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Attachment 421154

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Masanagudi Trip:

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Attachment 421159

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Attachment 421143

Attachment 421163

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Attachment 421161

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Video's :

YouTube - Trax Gurkha Crosses Moyar River
YouTube - Tilt Climb & aun on the Spair wheel
YouTube - Rock Climbing
YouTube - Gurkha Crosses & Honks
YouTube - Gurkha Comming Down hill
YouTube - Gurkha Climbs a steep mud
YouTube - FarFox
YouTube - Elephant with Baby cub
YouTube - Trax Gurkha Climb's a Hill on its Own

Cheers Sunil

hvkumar 9th September 2010 22:55

Spectacular and very plucky, but wasn't it a big risk doing OTR driving without support vehicles, and that too in wildlife-infested jungles?

hisunil 10th September 2010 06:56

HvKumar WoW What Vocabulary !! I had to goggle to know what Plucky means ;)

Ye you are right it was a wee bit risky to take entire family in to the jungle, especially after seeing so many wildlife the pervious night. but trust me it was Irresistible and we played it safe, I actually wanted to drive in the rive for a couple of kms, trace the jungle & wander in it for sometime but MoM's presence was a strict NO to any of that, she constantly kept saying we might get lost & not be able to find our way back out, guess what, it actually happened, we crossed the stream while returning back, as no path way or track was present missed a turn & were very frightened for a moment. Also did a drill to see how fast people to get in to the Jeep if need be & found an elephant could easily rampage us 4 times by the time we all can get into the Jeep, so in a nut shell, it was calculated (fortunately nothing happened) Risk, & really resisted many temptations inside the jungle for fear of me getting stuck, the other vehicle we had was a sonata & it couldn't make it to the OTR, BRo's Gypsy was back home @ BLR.


svsantosh 10th September 2010 09:02

Hi Sunil, see how good the Gurkha looks in a video... very nice vids. You seem to be having a blast on the new vehicle... njoy.

Kandisa 10th September 2010 09:42

Amazing setting to drive your 4wd with family. Fantastic pictures & videos.clap:

rahultomahawk 10th September 2010 09:51

hi sunil, nice pictures , btw what was the mercedes doing in the otr.did you use diff-lock during your trails in the jungle

fazalaliadil 10th September 2010 10:05

Thats a great place to be in perfect vehicle in a awesome weather.
Reminds me of my 09 trip to these very places when the forest had started to turn lush green in June at Nagarahole more than in Masinagudi and Ooty.
Looking forward to more.

hisunil 10th September 2010 11:44

Hey thanks guys,

Yes I had a great time & did use the diff locks couple of times, my tyre are worn out, so need hem more often than would actually require.


The Wolf 10th September 2010 12:22

Hey Sunil, each time I browse through Tbhp I see a new travelogue from you. good going mate! Loved the pic and vids, very nice locations. One question, do you ascertain the locations you wana venture prior to the trip or is it impromptu?

p.s: Be sure to extra caution when you dont have a backup/rescue vehicle especially when you have the women folk around. Nature can bite back without warning on a warm sunny day!!!

hisunil 10th September 2010 20:09

Hi Wolf Thanks, Ye I have been traveling quite a bit off late, natural as I bought A Gurkha & Sonata recently.

No I had rough Idea to venture in to the forest, but not exactly how or where, always found that talking to the cattle grazing cow boys/grandpa's about Jeep tracks in the vicinity & also about the safety of location always helps. Do fully listen to there recommendations, DO NOT take the route part & Ignore ANY warnings they list.

Yes Have to be very careful with, have to team-up with more 4wd families that have similar interests, I am sure to find many out here.


madhkris 11th September 2010 07:52

Great place, excellent pics and Video Sunil. How's Mom now? :-)
Your Gurkha looks stunning especially near the water!!

hisunil 11th September 2010 17:57

Mom's fine now, Had requested & insisted her to have a Imol+ or eazypiren the same night, she declined saying she was fine, I don't know if its just me or its common to have extensive body pain after each OTR, of-course I am 34 too :(

OT: I saw a heavily modified MM550 with 2 seater Bucket seats, Over sized MT Tyre & A Winch right in Masanagudi it had AP regn & was driven by one who looked like a local.


hisunil 16th December 2010 12:01

Re: Masinagudi @ Ooty foothills and Kukke Subramanya
Second round Exactly same place more info & video\'s here:


B-2R 25th December 2010 20:14

Re: Masinagudi @ Ooty foothills and Kukke Subramanya
good going...great to see you and the family using the vehicle for getting out into nature. Agree with the comments on the need to be safe...but had to say, its great to see someone using a vehicle the way its meant to be. if you ever need company and a backup vehicle - drop a note ! i\'m going to try and emulate the no of trips you seem to be able to manage and the places you are getting to with the Gurkha!!
- Bhaskar

hisunil 26th December 2010 16:26

Re: Masinagudi @ Ooty foothills and Kukke Subramanya
Hi Bhaskar,

We met in Avalakonda right? Trooper Bhaskar, yes you are right, need to be careful especially without a winch.
You are welcome to join sir, in fact did try to call you about a week ago, but cell was not reachable, sent you a sms too.


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