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Default Re: AC for MM550 (and Jeeps in general)

Originally Posted by ronk View Post
I just got into jeeps this year with an old MM5404WD. I am keen on getting an AC fitted. I don't want to affect the overall reliability of the vehicle.
Dear Seshadri (Ronk) - hello after a very long time! How are you? Do you still have your 1968 fiat? For your MM540, as you are located in Bangalore, just touch base with Rajith, I am sure he will know somebody who can help you out by doing a good job.

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
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Default Re: AC for MM550 (and Jeeps in general)

Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear Seshadri (Ronk) - hello after a very long time! How are you? Do you still have your 1968 fiat?
DB Sir, what a pleasure to know that you still remember me and my fiat! Unfortunately my Fiat and I parted ways long back. Rather stupid decision looking back, but at the time it seemed like the only option.
Little bit of fiddling around with family owned '98 M800, then '01 vtec and then i moved onto a 'modern' vehicle and concentrated on work/family(marriage) for a few years.

Now, finally am back to cars/jeeps with a '90 MM540 4WD. It will be slow restoration due to funds, but should be fun (Detailed thread in assembly line). Single owner vehicle, and seems fairly stock and not very abused. Don't want to alter much, but would like to make it more comfy so I use it more often. Hence, the AC. However, seems like i should work on the cooling and interiors first before the AC.

I will get in touch with Rajith, would you know which part of Bangalore he is in?
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Default Re: AC for MM550 (and Jeeps in general)

I own 1996 model MM540 ,I have done the engine overhaul and complete body work.Now I am planning to go for the ac installation .I am planning to procure the parts needed for the ac and go for the installation.
praveen singh
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Default Re: AC for MM550 (and Jeeps in general)

Just a thought... can a 12/6 volt electric motor run the compressor instead of hooking on to the engine ? Would be interested to know more details of this in action if any one we know tried it already. Reva should be doing this, but not sure of the voltage/wattage of the motor driving its compressor. May be it runs on bigger batteries.

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Default Re: AC for MM550 (and Jeeps in general)

Situation : 38deg C, grid lock traffic, summer, Jeep A/C turned on, engine idle RPMs drop, corresponding drop in oil pressure (bad karma for engine)

While retrofitting an A/C to a Jeep, has anyone considered using/used a fast-idle solenoid,hooked up to the alternator for engine RPM drops when the A/C is switched on?

The alternator hookup would be to primarily sense a drop in rpms beyond a certain level and trigger the solenoid to bump up the engine RPMs.

Here's a possible set-up:

I'd like to know how this was being done in early ~90s Indian vehicles that came with A/Cs (Contessa etc..)

Any pointers?
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Default Bolero 4WD AC installation

Most Bolero engines have the AC compressor installed on the bottom right of the engine block. It goes without saying that this is the best location to install the compressor for few reasons 1. The company designed these mounting points to take the load 2. The Centre of Gravity remains close to the engine so better balance 3. Short belt so less chances of getting slack. The problem with the Bolero 4WD is because there is a differential on the front axle the compressor has no space on the original mounts. Most installers make a huge 15kg bracket which they install over the timing chain assembly on the left side of the engine. THIS IS A BAD DESIGN AND UNRELIABLE. The obvious problems with this method are 1. The enormous weight of this bracket and compressor is bad for engine balance and puts undue pressure on the weak mounting points 2. The belt is very long and develops slack 3. The belt under exteme vibration is known to cut the water hoses so plumbing on the OE equipment is needed. The following steps is how I got it done and I think it's strongly advised: 1. Alter the alternator bracket and move it up by 2.5" close to the EGR 2. Make an AC bracket to install on the original mounts and place the compressor just beneath the Alternator 3. Remove the crankshaft pulley and add an extra pulley the same size as the existing outer groove 4. Install a 16mm aluminium shim between the fan and water pump to make place for the new belt 5. Install the Belts and tighten the brackets. That's it. Absolutely clean and simple.
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