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amit kumar 9th November 2009 17:00

Mahindra Major 4x4 jeep- A/C & Power Steering, Diff. locks, Snorkel
Hi my friends, I need to install a Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Differencial
Locks (Front & Rear axels) and Intake Snorkel on my Mahindra Major 550 4x4
2009, I am taking delivery on this Friday the 13 th, November09 . I live in
Ahmedabad, I am new here and I need all kinds of help, what make and model,
from where to buy , how to install them or who can do a good job proffessionally.Help.

GTO 10th November 2009 10:56

Congrats on the Major 4x4! It's a terrific off roader.

1. Power Steering : Don't bother. All of us manage just as well in our non-PS Jeeps. Its too complicated an install, will void your warranty and can potentially affect reliability.

2. Airconditioner : Absolutely possible. Go through this thread in detail. Lotsa pictures + information.

3. Diff locks : Do you intend to do serious offroading in the Major? I am not aware of your 4x4 experience. If just starting off, first learn the basics of offroading (10 - 20 offroad trips should do :)). Then, get better tyres (very imp) and if you want to modify further, get a rear limited slip differential. Leave the diff locks aside for now.

4. Snorkel : Very simple modification. Look up the many pictures in our 4x4 forum and have one fabricated locally.

amit kumar 10th November 2009 16:24

GTO thaks, I already have Hydrolic winch 10500 lbs, and need bigger tires, me serious.
Have a treat and go to MILE MARKER.COM , they have videos and comparissions of Electric v/s hydrolic. US Marines use only Mile Marker Hydo winches because they can
work under water ! I desperately need PS, warranty I don't care, this is pure OFF RD right? I am going to built it with all my friends help and will join you in the mud & water ! I believe in as they say either Pregnant or Not Pregnant, NO MIDDLE WAY,
I don't want to drive fast on the road and do Off Rding with the same Vehicle. Pl.Help.

amit kumar 10th November 2009 21:09

Hey friends, I went for a pre inspection and test drive! Wow SHE was very silent as compared to earlier diesels, 5 forward and one reverse gear with Di terbo engine, the color could not be better, light Khakhi ! just like our little desert a very good camo there,
SHE was as fast as a wild wistle !I could pass every thing in sight on the new highway!
The rear sits are very large and equally tall back rests so now there is very little room in the center. Who cares, the rear sits are both going!!! So much less weight, correct?
One thing I could NOT understand is USA from 1980 till 2009 I always had 4x4s all A/T(auto transmission) and to use 4 wd I had to put the regular gear to neutral but
here today I could put HER into 4wd while SHE was still in 1 st gear ! is this normal ?
Good I did not buy the ugly Gurkha with a box like body,I asked them for a soft top and factory refused, they said not now. The only Gurkha in Gujarat was right in Ahmedabad, 5 km from where I live, the dealer asked me to TD,I refused cos to me it
was just like the postman's Jeep in USA.I would not call it an Off rd Babe.I love my new Jeep.

sen2009 23rd December 2009 18:53

No updates on this thread?
How are the modifications coming out. Post details and pictures please. We love Major 4x4.

amit kumar 24th December 2009 10:22

busy with family sickness, God willing, will get on 4x4 project soon and then be on the thread.

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